Civil Court postpones MDP Raalhugandu trial until further notice from High Court

The Civil Court has decided to postpone the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s suit against police until further notice from the High Court, following the dismantling of the party’s protest campsite at ‘Raalhugandu’ on March 19.

The Civil Court’s decision followed a court order from High Court to postpone the trial until the Court had concluded a case lodged by the state challenging the legitimacy of MDP former President Dr Ibrahim Didi, according to local media outlets.

The State Attorney’s issue was that Dr Didi, who signed the form to file the case in the Civil Court, was elected as the president in accordance to an amended version of the MDP Charter which was not submitted to the Elections Commission (EC). That, the state contended, made the appointment illegitimate and Dr Didi ineligible to present the case to the court on behalf of MDP. As such, the state requested the trial be discontinued.

However, the Civil Court’s presiding judge decided that the laws did not state that the amended articles of the charter would be void if not presented to the Elections Commission, and decided to continue the trial.

The Attorney General (AG)’s Office then appealed the Civil Court’s decision to continue the trial. The High Court ordered the Civil Court to postpone the trial until it reached a conclusion.

A similar issue was raised by the State Attorney at the beginning of the trial of the case in which MDP Acting Chairperson and MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik signed the form to file the case in the Civil Court. The state at the time contended that Acting Chairpersons did not have the authority to file cases in court on behalf of MDP according to the MDP charter, and requested the court discontinue the trial.

The Civil Court then threw the case out of court. Then-President Dr Didi signed the form and resubmitted it to the Civil Court.

The MDP protest campsite at the ‘Raalhugandu’ area inside the Antenna Park, was granted to MDP by Male’ City Council, which  has a substantial MDP majority. The camp was dismantled by the police and military hours after President Dr Waheed Hassan Manik delivered his presidential address to parliament on March 19.

Many MDP supporters who had come to Male’ from the islands after the controversial transfer of power on February 7 had camped in the area.


7 thoughts on “Civil Court postpones MDP Raalhugandu trial until further notice from High Court”

  1. Quote from local folk tales ...
    "Mee kaaku rukeh? magey Rukeh. Dheynantha? nudheynan!. Dhinas nudhinas Kandaa kandaa bangalhees....."

  2. This is why City Council should not be involved in politics. They now do things in favor of a certain political party, which is not fair. If it had been DRP or PPM who had asked for to get Husfasgandu, they would have immediately denied it.

  3. Indeed, what a pathetic fiasco. Imagine if PPM or DRP or some other clowns occupied a part of Male on a long term basis? I'm sure MDP will get itself into a state of hysteria if that ever happens.

    This is the First Commandment of MDP, i.e:

    "It's the MDP way or the highway".

  4. @Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb

    It was MDP members who cleared the path for separation of powers, freedom of expression and democracy.

    The MDP way provided social security for our people through Asaandhaa free medical assistance support for the elderly, those with special needs and mothers raising their children on their own.

    The MDP way expanded higher education in 3 years that we never saw in 30 years of gayooms time.

    The MDP way brought in education reform taking the country out of the black hole of low grades, poor teacher support, and brought in curriculum reform to bring the Maldives into the 21st century

    The MDP way brought international attention to the plight of a country threatened by climate change. Baffling though the current Tourism Ministers comments are about climate change being a non –issue, one cannot dismiss the research that is about Climate Change.

    The MDP way brought in decentralisation with Councils taking responsibility for the day to day services of the communities we live in. to make things just a little easier for those living in the islands.

    The MDP way dramatically reduced travel costs in the country with its transport policy and made travel within the country affordable.

    The MDP brought in The Drug Court, established under the Drugs Bill approved by parliament in December 2011

    Just a few things to remind you what the MDP way has been about.

    I can remind you of more things that the MDP way did to make a difference n or country.

    But I won't. You know why? Because you do know. Everyone knows.

    Everyone knows too that the coup, was not about the MDP way not making a difference to our people.

    The coup was about the MDP way calling for a more equitable wealth distribution in our country.

  5. Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb on Thu, 24th May 2012 7:20 AM

    "Indeed, what a pathetic fiasco"

    Indeed, what will the MDP attempt next?

    Protest on public roads with loudspeakers, blocking busy intersections like say "Chandhanee Maidhan"?

    Perhaps openly call for mutiny, protesting in front of MMA for 22 consecutive nights? Oh wait that was permissible while the right to protest was respected, now it is baton to the head, no warnings.

  6. @[email protected] bin Suvadheeb... I enjoyed and found truth in both of your comments.

    What Fathun said is correct, I am deeply greatful to all those sacrifices of the MDP, the idealists within the MDP are the Salt of the Earth, I have met a few of them myself, I love them.

    Yet, what bin Suvadheeb said was also correct, there were a few who also stood up for justice who had some sort of disagreement with Anni, and were alienated by the party for some time, and by Anni.

    John Stuart Mill said something very enlightening about Anni as he observed Anni from his ability to see into the future. He said that it is rare that you like someone whom you also respect.

    Anni can be EXTREMELY charming and charismatic, he can make you love him.

    Yet, as JSM said, we respect people who are strong enough that they can stand up against injustice, they can endure suffering for a noble cause, get things done by taking control over anarchy to confront tyranny with a united force!

    Yet, did you ever stop to think of what type of character traits contribute to the ability to do this, and what there unwanted side effects are?

    Well, thats what I imagine anyway...


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