Police send names of 108 persons involved in Thinadhoo arson attacks to PG

Police say they have concluded investigation into the arson attacks against government offices and the police station on Thinadhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll on February 8, a day which saw protests erupt across the country after a brutal police crackdown on a Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protest against the party’s controversial ousting from power the previous day.

According to a statement from police, the names of 108 people involved in the arson attacks were sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office, to be forwarded to the Criminal Court for prosecution.

The police station, island court and atoll council office were burnt to the ground by angry protesters in Thinadhoo. Similar scenes erupted in Addu Atoll, the second most populated area in the Maldives after the capital.

In March, spokesperson for new President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan, Abbas Adil Riza, said “the government will not negotiate in releasing those arrested and charged for terrorism, and will not let them be considered political prisoners,” in reference to MDP protesters held in custody following the riots.

In May the MDP claimed that the Prosecutor General (PG) had  filed charges against 60 MDP members for obstruction of police duty during the party’s three-month series of protests. If charges are proved, the accused may be jailed for six months or fined up to Rf 12,000 (US$800) each.

Some of the MDP supporters charged during that time have been summoned to the Criminal Court, and trials are ongoing.

Meanwhile, the MDP has been continuing its calls for the government to release  MDP supporters charged for their participation in MDP rallies.


6 thoughts on “Police send names of 108 persons involved in Thinadhoo arson attacks to PG”

  1. Reality ... MDP self defence .... and pre-self-defence....

  2. Jail is where rioters belong! I dont mind peaceful protests but when it turns violent and starts to destroy public property, they must be stopped. Do the crime and pay the time!

  3. Not so fast...a 54 member block, the Commonwealth have caste doubt on the constitutionality of the transfer of political power on 7 Feb 2012 and called for early elections, an international investigation and to lay off the deposed President Nasheed and his party's rank and file.

    The Coup Administration have since accepted the internationally backed investigation. Now, let's talk....

  4. JJ Robinson, Editor
    Neil Merrett, Media Consultant
    Ahmed Nazeer, Journalist

    Media consultant and Editor of this paper are foreign, Im assuming they are british as well. So much for unbiased, Am pro MDP but this is terrifying, your grip on our country and a large portion of our ways of independent dictator free thinking,

  5. Personally, I think that even though the MDP protests escalated into arson, and burning down of State buildings and vehicles by the protestors, it was minute compared to the loss of power of MDP. The change in leadership affected MDP members greatly, and they did what they did due to their trauma and deep sense of loss.

    In this situation, i do not believe the protestors must be criminally charged, as i believe even though they set fire to their islands state buildings, it was done in the heat of the moment, and i do believe that they are innocent. I strongly oppose the political charges against them.

  6. What's interesting is that Police officers who beat up protestors bloody, used undue force, and all of which was caught on camera, are free to roam free with impunity. Police Commissioner said that none of these incidences will be investigated.

    This is the idea of justice for the current regime.


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