Comment: Osama’s ideology thrives despite his death

It is hard to overstate the impact Osama bin Laden has had on the world. Almost all major actions in international relations and warfare in the last decade were implemented either to further or to counter his ideology.

Al Qaeda’s attack on the United Stated on 11 September 2001 was driven by Osama’s belief that imperialist American foreign policies had created a world of injustice and equality for Muslims. He believed it was the duty of every Muslim to wage a holy war to correct those wrongs. His aim was to establish an Islamic Caliphate where Shari’a was the only system of law and Wahhabism or other purist forms of Islam the only forms of belief practised. In such a war, waged across the world to protect Islam and its believers, and to further its cause, Osama believed there were no innocents.

This thinking of Osama’s was what came to inform most Western definitions, policies and actions in the last decade about terrorism, Islam, and what it means to be a Muslim in the twenty first century.

Analysts have in recent years found Al Qaeda to have been virtually destroyed by the War on Terror, its network of secret cells across the world dismantled in ten years of aggressive counter-terrorism policies. It may also be the case that Osama’s death will reduce further the number of violent acts committed in the name of the Islam. It does not, however, mean that the large numbers of his followers across the world have stopped subscribing to his ideology or that they will stop doing so. Osama’s ultimate goal, the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate comprising of Islamic states that practise Shari’a and practise the form of Islam that he followed, remains alive and well. The Maldives is a case in point.

Osama in the Maldives

The Maldivian society has changed beyond all recognition in the last ten years. Some of the changes, like democracy, would have happened in due course – with or without the War on Terror. But it is difficult to accept that the other most fundamental change – manifest in the faith of the people – would not have been possible without the War on Terror and its validation of Osama as the most powerful representation of Islam.

Followers of Wahhabism, and other types of Islam, had existed in the Maldives years before the War on Terror. They had, however, been severely – sometimes violently – oppressed by former President Gayoom. They stayed on the fringes of society, widely seen as ‘odd’, often mocked. In the early 1990s when four women opted to wear the full buruqa, it was rare enough an occurrence to be newsworthy. Ten years later, it is the woman without some sort of a buruga that has become the oddity. The War on Terror, and its focus on Osama’s ideologies as representing Islam, made it possible for such groups to come out of the shadows. Whether the state recognised their beliefs as legitimate or not mattered no longer; their identities were not limited to the national anymore – there was the Ummah.

Emboldened by the mainstream position in Islam bestowed upon Wahhabism in the War on Terror, Maldivians who followed Osama’s ideologies and other strands of thought in Islam such as Salafism and Neo-Salafism began to come out in the open and loudly espouse their views. There were more tangible benefits such as increased funding and other forms of support from Islamic religious networks abroad – even as the War on Terror attacked the financial networks of Al-Qaeda more and more funds became available for Maldivian ‘fringe’ religious groups to increase their presence in society.

Educating minds

One of the most significant forms of such assistance came as educational scholarships. During the last ten years a large number of Maldivians were sent to various places of Islamic learning abroad from Madhrasaas in Pakistan to old bastions of Islamic knowledge such as the Azhar University in Egypt. A large number of them returned in the first half of the War on Terror to found religious organisations and parties. During the chaotic period of Maldivian transition to democracy in 2008, when the ruling government entered into politically opportune alliances with parties formed by such returning graduates, they gained a foothold within the structures of government that had previously been denied them.

This is not to say that every Maldivian who studied in an Islamic institute of learning is a follower of Osama’s ideologies – that would be as incorrect a generalisation as the assumption that every western educated Maldivian is a secularist, a liberal or even a democrat for that matter. What it does mean, however, is that it has put into positions of power a large number of graduates who believe in the superiority of Shari’a above all other systems of law, and are sympathetic to – if not actively engaged in – efforts to establish an Islamic state in the Maldives.

Despite outright denials by Islamic Minister Abdul Bari, evidence suggests that fringe religious movements in the Maldives did receive support from groups abroad – even if they were more organisational than financial. Many of the methods and means by which such movements flourished in the Maldives follow the same rulebook used by Al-Qaeda recruiters across the globe: targeting the most vulnerable, disaffected, and most curious in society. They gathered at mosques, recruiting young people seeking answers to questions of life, existence, and God; opened bookshops filled to the brim with their teachings in strategic locations near large schools; and actively sought out vulnerable young people feeling the most alienated and disaffected.

Winning hearts

In the Maldives, some of the richest such pickings were available in prisons where the shambles that is the criminal justice system locks up young drug addicts, homosexuals and apostates along with murderers and rapists. Maldivian religious movements that began and flourished during this period engaged in a policy that was often more organised and more humane than what the state had to offer such prisoners. Unlike government authorities, religious groups did not abandon their recruits once they left prison.

Reliable reports from ‘defectors’ reveal that recovering addicts recruited into the movement and given jobs within the business interests of the various religious groups were allowed to keep their jobs even if they relapsed and were caught with their hand in the till. In contrast to state policies, which force drug addicts to languish in prison without help, and are released into society without any efforts of re-integration or rehabilitation, the religious movements offered a lifeline that the alienated grabbed with both hands.

One of the most unique ‘opportunities’ available only to Maldivian recruiters is the geographic composition of the Maldives. Recruitment into the cause, research has shown, is less successful when the targeted segment of the population is exposed to other forms of thinking, and when individuals within the targeted community have an existing sense of identity, belonging and nationhood. Lack of education, religious or otherwise, and isolation from much of the rest of world and its many strains of thought and ideologies made it easy for recruiters to persuade whole populations that theirs was the only and the ‘right’ belief system.

From the fringes to the centre of society

The success of Osama’s ideologies in the Maldives and its impact cannot, however, be measured by the number of Maldivians who committed acts of violence in the name of a Holy War. With a population of 300,000, Maldivians are statistically incapable of making a significant contribution to the furthering of Osama’s violent ideals. The success of his ideologies are much clearer when we count the number of Maldivians who have become convinced that minority forms of Islam, like the Wahhabism followed by Osama, are the ‘right’ forms of Islam.

It is also  evident from the number of Maldivian Muslims who follow the same thoughts that now occupy positions of power within the newly democratic government. The Adhaalath Party, which distances itself publicly from the violence advocated by Osama, nonetheless, is pursuing many of the same goals – the establishment of a purist Islamic state in the Maldives that believes in gender inequality, practises Sharia, and contributes to Osama’s world vision of an Islamic Caliphate.

On Friday it galvanised thousands of Maldivians to march for the adoption of Shari’a as its only system of law, propagating death for death as the solution to the country’s burgeoning problem of gang violence. It has also advocated the view that any member of parliament that votes against a decision to implement Shari’a and the death penalty would be deemed apostates. Various prominent members of Adhaalath, and other Islamic parties and groups in the Maldives following the agenda, have displayed the same Anti-Semitism that drove Osama, equating Israel and Zionism with Judaism and placing the blame for the Palestinian situation solely and squarely on the shoulders of every follower of the religion.

‘Winning the hearts and minds of Muslims’ was a strategy employed by both sides of the War on Terror. Globally, despite the death of Osama, there is no clear winner. In the Maldives, the struggle appears more or less over: followers of Osama’s goal of an Islamic Caliphate are winning hands down; and are leading Maldivians, like Pied Piper, towards an Islamic state that would have made Osama proud.

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42 thoughts on “Comment: Osama’s ideology thrives despite his death”

  1. Nothing will change/terrorists and religious fanatics as clowns from Adaalath bearded club will use Osama Bin Laden name as icon to attract more idiots for dirty and stupid actions against peaceful peoples!

  2. Very well written article. We will witness the dire consequence of an Islamic state soon. By then it will be too late.

  3. "Various prominent members of Adhaalath, and other Islamic parties and groups in the Maldives following the agenda, have displayed the same Anti-Semitism that drove Osama, equating Israel and Zionism with Judaism and placing the blame for the Palestinian situation solely and squarely on the shoulders of every follower of the religion"

    Absolute lie.
    the one who wrote this article is just lying.

    Off course Adhaalath party protested against the visit by some Israeli medical personals. These people are not doctors per se as the Maldives Medical Association refused to grant them licensee to practice in maldives as they had no valid medical degrees. The members of the Medical Association were heavily pressured by the government and even president Nasheed met the association to demand them to give license to the Israelis. This was widely reported by the maldivian press. Maybe not by minivan news which is biased against islam, and will not cover anything like that.
    Ultimately, those medical personals were allowed to visit maldives. Maldivians did not welcome them as they were zionists ("eye from zion") who were accompanied by israeli government officials.
    The israelis keep on killing innocent muslims on a daily basis. Just see what happened in Gaza war and on board the Marwi marmara (aid ship). They are the people occupying the 3rd holiest place to us (masjidal Aqsa) and trying to demolish it by building tunnels underneath it. They keep on forcing Palestinians out of their homes and occupying more and more land which is illegal even under international law.

    Although these zionists were clearly not welcome, through the support of the government they held their medical camp. One patient who got operated by them got totally blind after the surgery and had to go to Lanka for treatment. The family of the patient complained to health ministry and to the president's office. Again this news was not covered by this site, but was covered by other maldivian press.

    Of course the tens of thousands who protested did so against zionism and this was repeatedly announced in the demonstration. we respect Judaism as a religion as they are considered 'people of the book'. There are thousands of jews who protest against the actions of israel. And people of maldives also did the same.

  4. maldivian,

    you are not correct. adhaalath sheikhs like illiyaas openly lecture about evilness of jews.. not israelis or zionists.. but all jews. these anti-semitic lectures are definitely hate mongering and are sold on dvds and can be seen on their website too

  5. @ curious
    when someone gives a talk about jews, it becomes a problem to you.
    i guess when muslim women and children are killed by the very same people there is no problem in that, to you.

  6. @ Maldivian

    Why the lies? When Maldivian sheikhs give sermons, they don't say "Zionists" or "Israelis". They say "Yahoodheen". Don't believe me? Go and listen to their sermons or the Al Qaeda news network, Radio Atoll. Go on to public internet forums. Go to haveeru website. Everywhere, the people with these "extreme" views blame everything happening in the Middle East on "Yahoodheen" or jews. Now I know a couple of jews in real, and believe me, they are not as evil as what Maldivian ilmuverin tend to describe them as.

    On the article, it's very well written and I have to say, the people who push Osama's ideology have infiltrated all the sectors of this country, small and big. And when we talk about these issues, these wahhabees have the nerves to call us "secularists" or "atheists" or whatever they can come up with, when they run out of things to say. Also, when did Adhaalath receive godly powers to decide if others are apostates or not? Are they claiming to be God or Prophets or something?

  7. @ curious
    can you give me the exact link to their website which pin points inaccurate view of jews? I also want the titles of the DVDs which you are talking about.

    simply talking of the war crimes committed by isreal does not make you "anti-semitic" or a hate monger.

    As muslims, we seek protection from all form of evilness be it from jews or christians or anyone else.

  8. @ balrog
    "All muslims are terrorists" so why cant we believe that all jews are evil.

  9. call me anti-semit or whatever, yes it is the yahoodheen who are killing the innocent men, women & children in palestine. It is the yahoodheen who are occupying another peoples land. It is the yahoodheen who are the real terrorists of the world. It is the yahoodheen who gained everything form the terrible attacks of 9/11. shame on you e-yahoodhee lovers!

  10. after reading that comment by "maldivian" my heart goes to the poor patient who lost his/her sight at the hands of those zionists. The government of Mohamed Nasheed has to take responsibility for that because they are the ones who brought those fake "doctors" here, when majority of maldivians were protesting. I wonder how much he received from the zionist lobby groups? Which international award is he seeking by selling the country? the nobel price?

  11. probing,

    Read the falrog's comment. I've seen anti-semitic lectures by Illiyaas myself, and have them on my hard disk right now.

    There's a difference between condemning a country's policies and spreading pseudo-religious diatribes against an entire community of people.

    There are plenty of Jews who are neither zionists, nor Israelis nor war-mongers nor with any evil intentions whatsoever.

    The beardie protestors weren't demanding 'Israelis' to go back, they were clearly outraged by the 'yahoodhee' presence - as every Male' resident with functioning eardrums learned over that week of jehadi public nuisance involving motorcades and megaphones.

    I wonder why apologists for fundies even try to claim they're peaceful or not racist/anti-semitic. It is clear they are.

    The Adhaalath and Islamic Foundation should just come out and say 'Listen, we just hate jews, all right?' But I guess this would contravene the central pillar of wahhabism, which is double-faced hypocrisy.

  12. mariyam,

    Which 'majority' are you talking about?

    For every irritable beardie on the street with a megaphone, there were 5 Maldivians lining up to get free healthcare that Israelis were providing.

    Your 'heart' doesn't go out to anybody. Stop living in a zionist conspiracy, or we might need to bring in Israeli psychoanalysts next 😉

  13. A simple talk of jews and the secularists come out barking "anti semite" anti-semite" All the while muslims are actively discriminated against in parts of the world. just see in france where a women wearing a simple headscarf cant accompany their children to school..

  14. I still don't get why they shot bin laden and not arrest him....maybe because a lot of truth would come out about the US involvement in things sinister.......

  15. Ahmed,

    With all due respect - I do not believe us Maldivians have the moral authority to comment on discrimnation.

    France has about ~300 veiled Muslim women out of a total of a few millions - who all have complete, total rights to practise and preach.

    One Maldivian man just expressed his doubts about faith to a visiting preacher, and he would have almost certainly been beaten to death but for police intervention.

    Oh, and the next day, there was a press release calling for his death.

    That does not happen in France. Or Israel for that matter.

    Hard to believe that even Israel is light years ahead of the Maldives when it comes to human rights and basic tolerance, eh? How does that make you feel?

  16. @ yaameen
    get yourself analyzed by the israeli psychoanalyst.
    The total number of people demonstrating in male alone is roughly around 17,000 to 10,000. lets take the lower value of 10,000 for arguments sake and do the math with your "5 maldivians". Are you claiming that 50,000 maldivians got free health care from the zionists? Doesn't that make majority of maldivians eye-disease sufferers? who is the double faced hypocrite now, eh?
    The statistics show that only a few people consulted the zionists and those that did were also greatly disappointed. After all these people were not proper ophthalmologists. These are people who has some basic medical education and whos certificates were turned down by the medical association.
    i'm really sad that an innocent maldivian had to pay with her sight because of all this.
    Those in the government has to take the responsibility for bringing the zionists, ignoring the large opposition. I wish the family of the patient pursue the matter in court & i wish her well.

  17. My question is still unanswered. Lets be more specific.
    I want to know which lectures which CDs and which link in Adhaalath website contains anti-semitic material.

  18. Ahmed,

    I also find amusing the way you try to deflect genuine, valid criticism by simply pointing fingers at others.

    Q. Why are Adhaalath and other Islamist parties spreading anti-semitism? Is this not creating a violent mindset in our country that is simply being used to recruit soldiers to fuel their war?

    A. They RAPED OUR WOMEN! Look at this link->(insert random Islamist propaganda link)

    It's the same for Sharia too.

    Q. If a woman gets raped, and cannot immediately find 4 witnesses on account of this being the 21st century, is it justice if the rapist walks free?

    A. Women are getting raped in America!

    Q. Can you name a single country where Sharia legal system has worked?


    Q. Really. Just name a single country in the last 200 years where Sharia has worked - or at least not resulted in a tyrannical dictatorship with garantuan human rights abuses against its own people?


    Kinda sad, isn't it? I often feel such rhetoric is spread by the Mullah just to perpetually distract people from thinking calmly and seeing the million and one flaws in the Islamist clerics and their thirst for power in our country and elsewhere.

  19. yaamyn
    "Read the falrog’s comment. I’ve seen anti-semitic lectures.."
    can you say anything to prove me wrong?
    Is that an alien which is doing the killings and occupation in palestine? If not who are they?

  20. Bin ladens last facebook status. " BRB. Someone at the door".

  21. This title is correct - Osama was a terrorist. Just like the Americans and secularists. I bet Anni works for Al Qaeda.

  22. @ observer

    Funny story there. Not all muslims are terrorists, and not all jews are evil, nor do all Maldivians love seafood. Just shows how ignorant you are.

    @ mariyam

    The video released by Adhaalath claiming to be an interview of some sort of the person who lost his's not all too different from the extremist christians who used a little girl to try and convince others how "dangerous" islam was in their very islamophobic video. Both of these videos had one similarity. They were horribly made, and were fake.

    Not all jews are zionists. Not all jews support the illegal israeli occupation of palestinian lands. Not all muslims are wahhabis. Not all muslims support Al Qaeda, or the 9/11 attacks. Simple as that. But then again, the Osama bin Laden supporters in the Maldives educated enough to read and write find the time to come on this site and express their views. Please, take your time 😀

  23. That's right Ahmed - that is why we must NEVER allow freedom for other religions in the Maldives. The infidels would discriminate against us.

  24. out of five million Muslims only 300 wearing veil in france? and "they have total rights" when they are even denied permission to accompany their children to school? (we are talking about a simple headscarf here)
    Israel is better in human rights than maldives?
    oh, i dont know why i bother replying to this.
    i rest my case.

  25. Not all jews are zionists. Not all jews support illegal israeli occupation of palestine. Not all muslims are wahhabis. Not all muslims support Al Qaeda...

    BUT anyone writing pro islamic comment in this site is a Osama bin Laden supporter, who has no time and is educated enough to read and write?
    funny isnt it?

  26. and anything the secularists say is 100% true. like when they say israel has better human rights than maldives we should belive that, no questions asked.

    but if it is something the secularists cant digest it is always "horribly made up, and fake".

    I guess we shouldnt believe the maldives medical association as well. It is also illiterate osama bin laden supporters lie.

  27. @falrog,

    Israel as a country allows its citizens to practice Islam. We do not, just on that point Maldives is much more intolerant.

    If you read the history of the Caliphate, the Jewish people held high positions then, there was even a Jewish Mayor of a Muslim city. You must congratulate yourself that you are even more intolerant than the people of the 7th Century, when access to facts and information was no doubt less than it is now.

    The Al Aqsa Mosque survives in Jerusalem but it's pretty clear that a Jewish Temple would be razed to the ground had you or your minions been in charge.

    Opposing Israeli policies of stealing land does not have to be anti-semitism. It is like opposing terrorism comitted in the name of Muslims by accusing every Muslim of being a terrorist.

    Then again you have arrived at your benighted conclusions, don't let good reasoning, morals, human decency or logic stop you from jumping in. Just leave me out of it. Just don't talk in my name. I'm a Muslim and you are an embarrassment to me.

  28. "We do not" - I meant we do not allow the practise of any other religion

  29. @ yaamyn
    i will try to answer your islamophobic questions
    Q1. Adhaalath is never spreading anti-semitism. The protest they held were against zionists and it was nicely explained by the "maldivian" comment. The reason why they protested against israelis is because it does rape our sisters, carry out massacres and it is an illegal state built up on an occupied land. The islamic scholars are not making things up in their sermons, whatever they tell, they back it up with valid hadhith of prophet (salahlaahu alaihi wasalam) or from the Qur'an.
    Q2.In a case like that, the judge will decide. Islamic shariya does allow forensic and medico legal evidence.
    and you are right, just see how many of the raped women in country like America get justice and how many rapists walk free due to "lack of evidence" or other factors like being labeled as psychologically unstable.
    Q3. yes shariya is the solution, it was sent by Almighty Allah who created humans. Allahs knows best the nature of humans and what kind of crimes they do and the best punishment for a particular crime. Man made laws on multiple occasions fail to serve justice as mans mental capacity is limited to a certain level. From time to time the man made laws need change. like in maldives, where the namoona constitution needed a complete overhaul after a few years of its creation and the current one is also having some inconsistencies.
    places like Saudi Arabia, where shariya is implemented is seeing much less crime rate. The shops are left open without any attendees, the people walk on street without fear of being stabbed or mugged. There are other places like some parts of nigeria and sudan which is having more social stability due to implementation of shariya.
    I'm sure you will enter some islamophobic website and copy and paste something as a reply. like, in this country this thing happend and its a shariya implemented place. the answer is that we are humans and humans make mistakes. Its because of this nature that thing happend, not because of anything else.
    for someone who claims that israel has better human rights than us, i dont know why i bother answering the questions. but i guess i have done something for my religion and i hope you are guided in the right path.

  30. "The Al Aqsa Mosque survives in Jerusalem but it’s pretty clear that a Jewish Temple would be razed to the ground had you or your minions been in charge."

    In 638 the Islamic Caliphate extended its dominion to Jerusalem. With the Arab conquest, Jews were allowed back into the city. The Kulhafaauh Rashidun caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab (ralhiallah anhu) signed a treaty with Monophysite Christian Patriarch Sophronius, assuring him that Jerusalem's Christian holy places and population would be protected under Muslim rule. When led to pray at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the holiest site for Christians, Umar ibn al-Khattab (ralhiallah anhu) refused to pray in the church so that Muslims would not request converting the church to a mosque. He prayed outside the church, where the Mosque of Umar stands to this day.

    Jerusalem was captured by the Crusaders in 1099, during the First Crusade. They used the Al aqsa mosque as a royal palace and as a stable for their horses.

  31. "Israel as a country allows its citizens to practice Islam"
    yes there are some arabs iraelis. They are there not by choice. They are the people who were not driven away from their homes when israel was created in 1948.
    They have been subjected to a fierce campaign of repression. Through racist laws and the demolition of their homes, the confiscation of their land and looting, the Arabs of Israel have seen their overwhelming majority ownership of the land pre-1948 reduced to just 2.5%, even though they make up more than 20% of Israel's population. This is not an accident, but a planned programme by successive Israeli governments, with several goals: Forcing Arab citizens who hold Israeli citizenship to migrate and leave and, in the process, stirring up Jewish Israeli public opinion against their Arab compatriots by calling them "enemies" and "traitors" who are "working to undermine the Zionist project".

  32. and finally at peasant: I am not talking in ur name.
    "I’m a Muslim and a true one at that."

  33. According to the American announcement, Osama bin Laden was not killed DURING the firefight but executed with a shot in the head AFTER he had been taken into custody. Like CIA kingpin K. Subrahmanyam's fake death, his death -- in preparation for a withdrawal from Afghanistan -- is a consequence of India having prepositioned five to six nuclear weapons in various cities/countries for the nuclear destruction of New Delhi and then the coast-to-coast destruction of the United states (see below) and may be similarly fake.

    I am India's expert in strategic defence and the father of India's strategic program, including the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program and in my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.', which can be found by a Yahoo search with the title, I have shown that all terrorism and insurgencies in the Indian subcontinent and in much of the rest of the world are sponsored by the C.I.A. Both Pakistan's ISI and India's RAW function as branches of the C.I.A. and participate in terrorism and insurgencies throughout the Subcontinent, under direction of the C.I.A. The goal of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and partial occupation of Pakistan is eventual occupation and overt colonial rule over the Subcontinent as a whole; India is already under covert CIA rule. To end this, India has said that five to six nuclear bombs have been prepositioned in various cities/countries such as New Delhi, Washington and New York -- see my blog -- for the nuclear destruction of New Delhi and then the coast-to-coast destruction of the United States.

    Indian media people have been covering the white man's wedding as if he is India's prince. How many stories have you carried about India's sovereign (see my blog above) who is also the most intelligent, most handsome man on Earth whose toe-nail clippings are worth more to India and the world than the rest of the billion-plus Indians combined? RAW has been putting out a breathless story on the white man's wedding, in the Times of India, NDTV, etc., about every five minutes just as it promotes the AIDS woman and her gang-rapist son. It is all part of maintaining white rule over India (see 'What You Should Know About RAW' in my blog above).

    India's emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, was kept in exile while the British ruled India just as India's sovereign is being kept in exile while the CIA rules India. Tens of millions of Indians killed by the British in just the ten years after 1857 -- depopulating entire regions so there weren't any men left to till the land -- and many more right up to 1947 is how you generate love and admiration for conquerors -- Americans doing the same in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. call it 'pacification' -- loved and admired by one Swapan Dasgupta who wrote a column admiring me as "Quick Gun Murugan" about twenty years ago at which he was recruited by CIA-RAW. India will depopulate enemies -- to hell with love and admiration -- with nuclear bombs.

    Satish Chandra

  34. Safed Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu yesterday boasted that his edict calling for people not to rent apartments to non-Jews was working, while a minster praised his efforts to maintain the Jewish nature of Israel.
    Haaretz, the leading Israeli newspaper, reports:
    “The Jewish law is clear,” Eliyahu said at a conference organized by the rightist religious movement Komemiyut. “In Safed the halakhic ruling worked, people don’t sell land or rent or sell apartments to non-Jews.”

  35. TOTALLY disgusting to hear all the "world leaders" delighted over the killing of Mr. Bin Laden - or any individual for that matter. I guess it's another relection of the screwed-up world that values GREED...... VIOLENCE.....&SEX as being the only operating internationally accepted currencies.............. j

  36. Extremists of whatever kind are dangerous, this is true of Zionists, Islamists, and Christians. The common factor you will note is religion.

    I doubt we will ever learn the true facts about the death of Bin Laden, certainly nothing any politician says can be believed!

  37. Yamyn,

    "There’s a difference between condemning a country’s policies and spreading pseudo-religious diatribes against an entire community of people."

    Its funny to hear that coming from you. Would I be wrong to label you a hypocrite? I know you've brilliant ways to counter & justify anything (even if whats said is correct). I know its wrong to think otherwise since you've made it clear that you "Loves and Hates everything". Can't complain, right?

  38. in 638, under islamic shariya, the islamic khalifa Umar bin Hathab (ralhiahlaahu anhu) allowed the jews back to jerusalem and protected them and their synagogues under muslim rule.
    from 1948, since the creation of israel, the jews have been forcing muslims out of jerusalem, demolishing homes & mosques and killing innocent muslims.
    this is just for a comparison.

  39. "spreading pseudo-religious diatribes against an entire community of people"

    well, if it is something done by a single muslim even, for these secularists, it is ok to blame every follower of that faith, with their attacks on the fundamentals of islam and with their awful name callings and labellings.
    let me give you an example, suppose if there is an attack somewhere, secularists, like Yameen, will write articles implicating any practicing muslim with a beard to that attack. similarly, the author of the article tried to equate all the religious parties, NGOs and any practicing muslim in maldives with Osama bin Laden.
    there is nothing wrong when the secularists do that. but we were immediately tagged as "anti-semitic" for protesting against the vist by some pseudo doctors and israel regeme officials to Maldives.
    hypocrisy, double standard and two facedness at its best.

  40. Don't argue with Yaamyn - the all knowing. He simply knows it all.

  41. All religious books contain the same thing; and all religions teach the same thing. The difference in them is becoz of their place of origin and socio- political conditions prevalent at the time of its origin.


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