MDP agrees conditional participation in “interim government”

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has agreed to join an interim government that would pave the way for an early presidential election on the condition that five senior officials of Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik’s government are removed from their posts.

At a press conference yesterday, Male’ City Councillor ‘Sarangu’ Adam Manik read out a statement from an advisory sub-committee of MDP’s national council outlining the party’s position, which holds that “a government installed in a coup d’etat does not have the constitutional authority to form a national unity government.”

The former ruling party’s national council had passed a resolution on February 8 declaring that it would not recognise the “illegal government” of Dr Waheed.

“As President Mohamed Nasheed always places public interest first, his advice was, given that this problem can only be resolved with the participation of the people, to call for an early election,” Manik explained.

In response to Dr Waheed’s invitation to join a national unity government, Manik said the party considered the formation of such a government unlawful.

“However as the party also believes that the national interest would not be upheld without the participation of the largest political party, the Maldivian Democratic Party, and because this party has also worked in the interests of and for the benefit of the people, the party has informed Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik that we are ready to participate with conditions in an interim mechanism to be formed to prepare for an early election,” he stated.

The MDP’s condition is for Dr Waheed to dismiss Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim, Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz, State Minister for Home Affairs Mohamed Fayaz and Chief of Defence Forces Ahmed Shiyam.

The party contends that the individuals in question were actively involved in the coup d’etat. On the morning of February 7, following the police mutiny, Nazim, Riyaz and Fayaz entered the MNDF headquarters to negotiate with President Nasheed and announced to the protesters that they had demanded Nasheed’s “unconditional resignation” by 1.30pm.

Meanwhile, MDP’s national council convened for an emergency meeting this afternoon and decided to hold a primary to choose its presidential candidate as required under party regulations.


9 thoughts on “MDP agrees conditional participation in “interim government””

  1. MDP, we don't need you to come to a unity government in the interest of your party wishes and policies, we want you to come to a unity government in the best in the best interest of this country. If Dr Waheed has to remove all his cabinet for you, then its surely not a unity government, its going back to the same MDP lalala government. So stop dreaming of it. You can stay in your dirty holes then. Bye Bye yellow party ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. When is Gayoom coming back?He is the mastermind and we must admit he is very clever!!!

  3. Fayaz said on DhiTV that he did not enter MNDF headquarters. He said that the defence minister Tholhath asked him to come inside. So he went to the gate and Shiyam who came to let them in asked Nazim and Riayaz to enterand not him.

  4. MDP agreed to a conditional participation in the 'interim arrangement' for an early election date to be set.

    It must be corrected that did not agree to any form of an interim government conditionally or otherwise.

  5. I don't think MDP's conditions are unreasonable. Waheed has himself agreed to hold an independent inquiry into the way the government of Nasheed was brought down.

    Under these circumstances, it just does not make any sense whatsoever to have people who were intimately involved in that change, in key positions in Waheed's cabinet.

    If Waheed is truly trying to bring about reconciliation, the named figures have got to go. A lot of people believe they are in their posts as some kind of "reward" for their part in the change of regime.

    Getting rid of them will make no difference in any case in terms of the functioning of an interim government as these guys hardly qualify as "technocrats" or people able to bring about reconciliation to a divided country.

  6. @Yasir on Mon, 20th Feb 2012 7:06 PM

    "If Dr Waheed has to remove all his cabinet for you ..."

    Dude, can you read and more importantly, comprehend what you read? Where did you see a reference to the removal of "all his cabinet"?

    What's being asked is the removal of the key ring leaders involved in the downfall of Nasheed's government. Their involvement is hardly a secret as it happened infront of the whole country. Their removal will hardly be a loss as they do not represent an intellectual or unifying force that the country needs at this time.

  7. "MDP, we donโ€™t need you to come to a unity government in the interest of your party wishes and policies, we want you to come to a unity government in the best in the best interest of this country."

    MDP seems to be a party with philosophy, determination and perseverance! And I cannot see the possibility of MDP going in to any unity without these elements! I may be wrong too!

    If MDP is asked to do the "Ass", it would seem quiet ridiculous!


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