CSC cancels Fahmy’s access to its offices

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has blocked former chief Mohamed Fahmy Hassan from accessing its offices as the country’s executive, Supreme Court, and parliament remain at an impasse over Fahmy’s membership at the CSC.

However, a source within the commission – who wished to remain anonymous – told Minivan News that Fahmy was continuing to come to the office for a few minutes everyday.

CSC media officer Ali Nizar said the commission had decided to cancel Fahmy’s fingerprint access on September 11 until the dispute over Fahmy’s membership was resolved.

“Therefore he cannot be present at the commission in any official capacity,” Nizar said.

The parliament in November last year voted 38 – 32 in favour of removing the CSC chair after the Independent Institutions Committee investigated a complaint of sexual harassment against him lodged by a female CSC employee.

On 14 March 2013, the Supreme Court invalidated the parliament’s decision to remove Fahmy from his position, and President Dr Mohamed Waheed reinstated him to the CSC.

The parliament nevertheless proceeded to appoint a new member to the CSC to replace Fahmy on August 13, and appointed CSC member Dr Mohamed Latheef as the new chair of the commission on August 20.

On August 15, however, the Supreme Court issued an injunction to halt parliament’s appointment just as the President’s Office was preparing to give credentials to a new appointee – Fathimath Reenee Abdul Sattar.

The following day Chief Justice Ahmed Faiz Hussain accused his own court of issuing the injunction without his knowledge.

The President of Anti-Corruption Commissions (ACC) Hassan Luthfy told local media on August 19 that the commission would be investigating the Supreme Court for abuse of office due to the presence of Ali Hameed on the bench that issued the injunction.

Hameed had been involved in a case – regarding a leaked sex tape – that was being investigated in the Judicial Services Commission, of which Fahmy was a member by virtue of his place as CSC head.

Meanwhile, new CSC chair appointee Dr Mohamed Latheef has appealed to President Waheed to find a solution, but told Minivan News today he is yet to receive an answer from the president.


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  1. @ HomoS above:
    You seem pretty certain he is pure hetro, even if he is known for sex.

    Ascertain your statement please.

  2. Are you 100% sure that he has not commented on an office boy's tummy or fitness even by accident!!

  3. Justice Hameed and this Fahmy are remenants of Maumoonism. absolute scum. Our judiciary is as integral as the rubber band holding up Justice Hameeds underwear while he was with the two Russian prostitues

  4. More to the point: have they cancelled his fat pay cheque?

  5. @Lard of Maumoonism on Mon, 16th Sep 2013 7:10 PM.

    "Our judiciary is as integral as the rubber band holding up Justice Hameeds underwear"! Beautiful!

    @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb on Mon, 16th Sep 2013 7:58 PM.

    How can Waheed pinch off the salt of someone, who in vain had been campaigning for him in Addu where he Waheed got the better of everyone?

    Nothing will be done to stop the pay cheque!
    Not until Waheed fly off!


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