Deadlock continues as confusion over time cancels scheduled peace talks

Scheduled peace talks between the government and opposition joint coalition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), People’s Alliance (PA), Jumhoory Party (JP) and Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) supposed to be held yesterday afternoon were reportedly cancelled due to confusion over the time..

MDP MP Hamid Abdul Gafoor said the meeting was scheduled for 4:30pm yesterday – a time agreed during the last meeting held – but the opposition attended the meeting at 4:00pm.

‘’It was just a minor time issue, an inadequate reason to cancel the meeting,’’ said Gafoor. ‘’We understood that the meeting was scheduled for 4:30pm and we went there for 4:30pm.’’

Gafoor said that when MDP delegates attended some of the opposition delegates had already left the venue and others were being interviewed by the press.

‘’They were telling the press that the meeting was canceled because we did not come on time,’’ Gafoor said.

Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for the DRP, Ibrahim Shareef, insisted the time agreed by both sides was 4:00pm.

“It was scheduled for 4:00pm. In the joint statement issued the time was set for 4:00pm, and [the MDP] came late,’’ said Shareef. ‘’Our team waited but there was no sign of the ruling party delegates.’’

He said that the MDP delegates “did not even advise whether they would be coming or not”, and that therefore the opposition coalition decided to cancel the meeting because they had not arrived at the scheduled time.

‘’If they gave us a signal that they were coming we would have waited, but since there was no sign that they were coming, we did not know when they would arrive,’’ Shareef said.

MDP Chairperson Mariya Didi described the incident as “a very silly mistake on both our sides. I think it has been played up in the media. We were waiting outside [the venue] – it is unfortunate they did not call to find out.”

Speaker of the Parliament and DRP MP Abdulla Shahid cancelled the parliamentary session today to make way for the ongoing peace talks, in a bid to allow the resolution of issues behind closed doors.

Mariya acknowledged the decision, suggesting that a sitting of parliament would potentially lead “to fighting and further bad faith.”

The President’s Member on the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), Aishath Velezinee, last week accused the Speaker of taking “undue advantage” of the political crisis and the cancellation of parliament, by seeking to expedite the reappointment of existing judges before the Constitutional deadline of August 7 despite plummeting public confidence in the integrity of the judiciary.

“The Speaker is now coming and sitting in the JSC [office] day and night, during Friday, holidays and Independence Day. The Speaker is sitting in the JSC trying to expedite this process of reappointing judges before the Majlis starts,” Velezinee claimed.

Abdulla Shahid was not responding to calls at time of press.

President Mohamed Nasheed has nominated Supreme Court Judge Uz Ahmed Faiz Hussain as the new Chief Justice, however this – along with the reappointment of his cabinet members, following their voluntary resignation a week earlier – requires parliamentary approval.

Mariya noted that the judiciary was one of the subjects of discussion among the parties, but reiterated that both sides had agreed not to reveal details of the talks to the media.

As for the status of the talks following yesterday’s apparent confusion over times, “we’re still working on it.”


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  1. are these primary school kids,heh maybe they are next to Majeediyya and Dharumavantha

  2. This man good-for-nothing Mavota Shareef that the DRP has as their Deputy Leader is such a stupid old fart.

    "He said that the MDP delegates “did not even advise whether they would be coming or not”, and that therefore the opposition coalition decided to cancel the meeting because they had not arrived at the scheduled time."

    Why would anyone under the impression that the meeting is scheduled for 4.30 call up to say they are late for 4.00?

    He should retire and stay home.

  3. when will the parliament start taking their job seriously and stop wasting the money of the public!!

    They get more than a hundred grand including their Committee times and the ordinary man on the street has to endure a measly amount!....

    i say MPs give us our money back!

  4. The no show and the reason about time is a fabricated lie of MDP. This DNA age every one has smart phones and other devices and also our government is hooked to listen every conversation by phone in the country. I dont believe this lie that they missed the meeting because of time.

  5. Guess its high time the public does something about these MP's. Wasting public money big time. It will be cheaper and easier for the the government to have required amount of automatic voting machines on all islands. Then the people will make decisions on everything. Change the constitution and run the country the people of the people for the people in real. If this is done there is no need to buy Rose for 01 million and MP;s cannot go around telling the tycoons ...I need some cash.
    HEP - Please do this for us. I beg you.

  6. the state of affairs is as low as this am ashamed to call myself a citizen who elected these people

  7. How absolutely ridiculous? How much are these people being paid again?

    I thought these meetings were being 'facilitated' by the Speaker. Can't he lift a finger and call people up to find out what was going on? After all, in today's Male, they could have been murdered on the way to the meeting!

  8. Here's 60,000. Go talk to those guys over there. Yep, the guys you love to hate.

    Well .... talk about anything. Doesn't matter. I am not going to ask about it. I don't care, you see?

    Talk about football or girls or the pirated cam copy of a movie you watched last night.

    Just don't make it look like there's a problem here. Be nice to them. They are just like you.

    Smile. Yeah, like that. Remember - no fighting.

    Of course, you will still get paid. Yep, bonuses too.

    Speed boat?

    Sure, you didn't mean that.

    Yes! next month as well. Why are you asking me all this? I know you are concerned, but don't worry about the money, OK? You are sorted. You've got the best job in the world. Go party. Enjoy the good life.

    Bribes? I can't tell you what to do with that. But, you'd be stupid not to take...

    Sorry, I shouldn't have said that. Just slipped. Sorry.

    What was I saying?

    Bribes. Don't take it. No bribes. Clean. You know? Clean?


    Bribes are Evil. It's Devil's money. Devil prints them. You can even smell the Devil on them.

    No, not really. I mean ... well you could if you wanted to. But no, I don't think the Devil prints anything. Yes, we do print the Devil! What's your point?

    [email protected][email protected]!!

    Tonight's address:
    Start in Arabic. Try to sound like you were born in Mecca and never left or seen anyone from any other part of the world.

    Wipe off the sweat from forehead.

    High-speed verbal abuse at everyone from the opposition - in Dhivehi (the crowd should feel the love). Conclude in Arabic.

    Look happy and in control.

    Bravo! Well done! People loved it. Tonight, they love you more.

    What now?
    Nope, they didn't ask about what you really did in the parliament. They think you are a good man. Honest man. A good Maldivian. Good enough for them.

    You've done well.

  9. I want to know what was in Ali Waheed's mind when this picture was taken.

  10. Come on. Isn't there a secretariat for these talks? Are there no records for these meetings? This is just unbelievable. These are the guys we have entrusted to lead our nation?? What a joke!!

    If the MDP delegation did not turn up it would have taken just one phone call for goodness sake to find out why they were not there.

    Where is the commitment the opposition speaks of so eloquently? How much more bullshit do we tolerate from these guys???

  11. These kind of incidents are very common in meetings between Ministrys as well and usually such meetings will be able to carry out after 30-45 mins. If there was a joint statement and specific time was said I dont understand how MDP claims a different time. As for DRP, everyone carries a mobile phone and as a courtesy why didnt they simply give a call....All these are signs that there are still problems in communicating within these party members and still use media as the point of contact. Mariya has said it very correctly " A very silly mistake by both of us"
    Our politicians a too childish.

  12. Majlis Members are paid over MVR60,000 per month of public money. This is unacceptable.

  13. There is an urgent need to amend the laws related to these damn Majlis members. Since the people appointed them why cant the people bring a change or amendment. Just because they are lawmakers doesnt mean they not accountable. Even if a member has been absent for one year yet he can have his full pay. Would the people accept this ?

  14. The picture reminds me of a western movie. We see in these movies so often 2 people go for a draw shoot to kill. HEP & Ali Waheed in this picture looks like as if they raching for their guns..LoL

  15. Wonder why we the citizens who elected our MPs are so passively accepting these idiotic behaviors...why don't we all take to the streets calling for the re-election of the parliament?!! Why tolerate all these MPs wasting our money and putting our country at risk while they further their own agendas and spend our money to finance gangs and violence in this country?!

    This is just ridiculous! What's the point of having seperation of powers when they are all just equally incapable of making each other accountable?

  16. Dont they share the minutes of the meetings?? I cant believe this! And the meeting was canceled because of a half hour difference in agreed timing! Oh for God's sake....

  17. "MDP Chairperson Mariya Didi described the incident as “a very silly mistake on both our sides."

    Silly or not, the mistake is MDP's. Not BOTH as Mariya would like to project.

    @ kaheenu

    I think Mavota Shareef is implying that it was not a mistake but a deliberate no show by the MDPians.

  18. What to AVOID in a successful peace talk?

    1 - "Fisaari" anhenun
    2 - Dump-truck flirts
    3 - People who sit on wet paint

    If any of above happens to be a partner of a peace talk round - it's DOOMED to fail.

    Never expected anything out of it in the first place.

    I knew the RESULT was a forgone conclusion!

    I have made up my mind about who created a DEADLOCK!

    MDP says it's 16:30.
    DRP sais it's 16:00.

    Looks like it's a case of lagging behind by half an hour, by the dump-truck flirt who had harboured the FORGONE conclusion intent in his seaman and vigilante mind!

  19. What we really is a new president and a new parliament. We should now allow this president and any members of this parliament participate in the election. Same goes for the current cabinet. Too much corruption everywhere in this country. From the very top post and the bottom.

  20. The opposition should be grateful the government is even wiling to negotiate with a group of terrorists labeling themselves as the opposition.

    I tell you, I'd have set the Death Squads on them after their little stunt of harassing innocent youths for political points.

  21. Interesting... I have some funny feelings but will reserve those for a while till we see some outcome. With any reason or tactic, if we can contain the political upheaval, it will be good for the general public and their way of life.

    It has effected too badly on people and they need some break from these for a while. After all Ramazan is also just around the corner.

    Ramazan Mubarik to all, and May Allah bless us in this Ramazan and in days to come with peace, harmony & prosperity. May Allah guide us to the Truth.

  22. it baffles me no one in the media or public find is absurd or outrageous that public funds are wasted everyday over political disputes between two political families in this country. you know at this point of time i really don't care who is having more or less power, we are the citizens and we deserve better than this. god knows what good we could do with that money spent on Majlis.. cheese

  23. it baffles me how no one in the media or public find it absurd or outrageous that public fund is being spent in millions for political rivals and power between two distinct families of this country.
    i really don't think we need to waste our time and national wealth to these girls and we as citizens of this country deserve better. god knows how much good we could do with the time and money spent on that bloody majlis, cabinet, president office and judicials. cheessse

  24. This tells a lot about what is happening in the country. Basically DRP is out to destroy the government at any cost or excuse.

    Behaving as little kids is nothing new in the process. Why didn't they call to find out about the delay? Why did then jump out and start giving interviews to the press. Imagine the country going to chaos on the back of MDP attending the meeting 30 minutes late (even if it was the case). This is beyond stupid and I did predict that DRP's brat like behaviour will lead to peace talks breaking down...

  25. @ heck

    "What to AVOID in a successful peace talk?
    1 – “Fisaari” anhenun"


  26. I suggest that we pay the members as and when they attend. Dont let them cash and sleep.


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