Customs intercept shipment of swords believed destined for gangs

A shipment of swords has been intercepted by customs inspectors, who discovered the weapons inside a container imported to the Maldives and originally loaded in China.

A person familiar with the matter told Minivan News that there were more than five swords in the container, and suggested they had been imported by senior political figures in an effort to arm the gangs belonging to one or either political party.

“The swords were not imported by any of the gangs. Rather it was an attempt by a senior political figure of the country to arm the gangs and raise the heat of the situation of Male’,” the source claimed.

“The gang war is ongoing.  If the weapons were imported then they would [be allocated] to one of the senior gang members, and then distributed amongst other members of their gangs.’’

Spokesperson for Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), Hassan Muzni Mohamed, confirmed the swords were discovered during an inspection by customs officers.

“According to our staff, five swords were discovered inside that container,’’ he said.

The ship that carried the container, ‘MOL KOMATI’, was loaded in China and stopped at a port in Singapore prior arriving in the Maldives.

Spokesperson for the Customs Authority Mohamed Ibrahim said that the swords were discovered on Thursday night and had ‘’apparently been produced in China.’’

‘’The swords are double-edged and three feet long,’’ said Ibrahim. ‘’We will hand them to the Defense Ministry after doing the necessary investigations.’’

Ibrahim stated that those responsible “would be charged for importing a contraband material, and attempting to import a material in secrecy. The swords were not mentioned in any of the documents.”

A police media official said the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) would investigate the case.

MNDF Major Abdul Raheem said the defense ministry would have information regarding the swords but that they had not yet been handed over to the MNDF.

State Minister for Defence Muiz Adnan said he had no information regarding the swords, but claimed that “sometimes swords are available to buy at some souvenir shops.”

The Criminal Court has previously released a person arrested and charged for possessing a sword, ruling that the Constitution and laws were silent on the issue as there was no law specifically prohibiting the possession of swords, and therefore there were no grounds to sentence the person.

Last Friday a 17 year-old boy was stabbed to death by a group of people, after watching a football match with friends.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that the ship’s owner would be charged. This was a misunderstanding and has been amended pending clarification. Minivan News apologises for any confusion caused.


6 thoughts on “Customs intercept shipment of swords believed destined for gangs”

  1. According to sources some 300 swords have been imported into Maldives in the past.

    Only less than a quarter have been discovered by police in raids.

    I've heard the rest remains at large probably at the whim of the corrupt politicians who have people with multiple criminal records as their body guards.

    And we know who they are.

    I heard that these swords were brought into the country in the baggage of people who went to Mecca on Hajj trips and the customs usually do not check the Haaji's baggage under the belief that they are like clean slates after the Hajj tour.

    So much for believing in tip-ex-ing your bad deeds of one whole year at a single go in the Hajj.

  2. The ship’s owners have been “charged for importing a contraband material, This is the strangest thing i have ever heard!!! Ship owner is a carrier of the container, not the one who is importing the consignment. Definitely there has to be a Bills of Lading from which you will find who is the importer. I cant believe such a stupid statement from customs authority, unless otherwise this is adeliberate attempt to hold the wrong party so the actual person who is accountable to the swords will be free.

    Our misunderstanding. This statement has been amended pending clarification; Minivan News apologises for any confusion caused. -Minivan News

  3. swords are uses in maldives to cut big tuna...... tuna is everywhere in maldives...... people eat tuna ..... and dont brush their teeth..........2 feet tuna = 2 feet sword, 3 feet tuna = 3 feet sword.... ahendha.........

  4. @ Radhun whoever said about ship's owners? The article says "Ibrahim stated that those responsible “would be charged for importing a contraband material, ....." what is wrong with Maldivians?

    This was an earlier error that was corrected. -Minivan News

  5. Who was the shipment consigned to ??? Half baked potatoes type news. Why cant the customs reveal it?

  6. swords uranium atomic bomb nuclear bomb missiles jet fighters guns tankers....duh y do we need all these things in this world?? y cant we just live a normal it rocket science to live peacefully and harmoniously worldwide and help the needy and distribute wealth equally among all the needy humans in this earth....i think its very simple if all the nations governments work hard to make it happen together...max within 10 years can make it happen...feds pls help on this matter...u also dont live forever...share the wealth with the poor so that they wont b jealious with u...human lives are more precious and worthy then the so called gold oil and printed money on priceless papers...please...thanks


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