Dunya Maumoon commits Maldives to CMAG recommendations, tells BBC no elections “in foreseeable future”

State Minister for Foreign Affairs and daughter of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Dunya Maumoon, has met Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma and reaffirmed the Maldives’ government’s “commitment to working closely with the Commonwealth to implement the recommendations made by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG)”, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the statement on the Foreign Ministry’s website, Dunya and Sharma also “spoke of the technical assistance the Commonwealth was providing to the Independent Commission of Enquiry.”

The Commonweath in February suspended the Maldives from CMAG, the organisation’s human rights and democracy arm, and called on President Waheed and former President Nasheed “to commence an immediate dialogue, without preconditions, to agree on a date for early elections, which should take place within this calendar year.”

Despite the statement on the Foreign Ministry’s website apparently in support of CMAG’s recommendations, Dunya told the BBC that elections could not be held “in the foreseeable future”.

Institutions such as the judiciary, the election commission and the human rights commission needed to be strengthened before a vote could take place, she claimed, Dr Waheed’s commission of national inquiry had to submit its report, and the constitution needed to be amended, she said.

“We are open to discussions about when elections should take place, but the opposition is not interested in talking to us about the future of the country,” Dunya alleged.

Former Maldives High Commissioner to the UK, Farah Faizal, told the BBC that calling for institutions to be strengthened before elections were held was  “disingenuous” as the Maldives had successfully held free and fair presidential, parliamentary and local council elections in the last three years.

The Commonwealth was strongly criticised by several Maldivian politicians last month after the organisation issued a statement expressing concern at the lack of progress made towards resolving the country’s political crisis.

Despite welcoming some of CMAG’s findings, Dhunya herself accused the international organisation of “showing bias” by calling for early elections, that she alleged served to promote the interests of specific parties.

President Waheed’s spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza also told Minivan News that although the government was not currently looking to re-assess the country’s role as a member of the intergovernmental organisation, it was concerned over the language used in a statement by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) on Friday.

“The government is concerned at the language that has been used by the Commonwealth [in the latest statement] and we condemn it. The foreign minister has conveyed this as well,” he said. “If this language continues, we will look to consider our position [in the Commonwealth].”

Speaking during her UK visit, Dunya thanked the Commonwealth Secretary General for the appointment of the Special Envoy Sir Donald McKinnon.

“The Government viewed the appointment of Right Honourable Sir Donald McKinnon as an opportunity to strengthen its democratic institutions; with such a distinguished background in diplomacy, we worked closely with Sir Donald, benefiting from his expertise.” she said.

The United States announced in a press conference held in Male’ on Thursday that it was working alongside international partners including the Commonwealth to promote free and fair elections, and pledged US$500,000 in technical assistance that would be “available from July 2012”.

But MDP supporter and former Maldives High Commissioner to London Farah Faizal told the BBC that the current Maldives government was illegal.

“If they wanted to get rid of the government they should have used constitutional and lawful means to do so rather than use the army and police to stage a coup,” she said.

She said that the commission of inquiry set up by the government was a “red herring” because it is not impartial and is led by a former minister who for 19 years served under the government of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom – Ms Maumoon’s father – which she said had imprisoned Mr Nasheed 12 times.

Ms Faizal also said that the government’s argument that it needed to strengthen the country’s institutions of state was “disingenuous” because presidential and parliamentary elections were held without any problems in 2008 and 2009.


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  1. Farahaz is being disingenuous here. If this was a military coup(I am not saying one way or the other) then MDP should get it investigated. MDP is not pushing for this line as they themselves know that legally they do not have a leg to stand on because Nasheed resigned not because of the MNDF but because of Public anger and more importantly he would not win the election in 2013 if he remained the President.

    By resigning and creating anarchy in Maldives he has a better chance of winning any future election.

    This is the true facts of his resignation and has got nothing to do with the MNDF.

  2. @jameel on Sat, 7th Apr 2012 3:58 PM

    "This is the true facts of his resignation and has got nothing to do with the MNDF."

    Right, every Jameel, Ahmed, Mariyam and Mohammed has got his or her version of the "true facts". None of these "true facts" reveal what actually happened on February 6th/7th.

    The national inquiry commission is a typical stunt used by 3rd world dictators all over the world and is meaningless. It's sole purpose is to stall any real and meaningful investigation and to provide a smokescreen for the international community!

  3. jameel,

    President Nasheed gave up a presidency he already had, to ensure he wins a presidency in the future?

    I have heard many explanations, but this is the cherry on top. Bravo!

  4. @jameel; MDP has always said we need a 'fair' investigation.. but how we can let those who perpetrated the coup to investigate the matter themselves.. that's called suicide... And we all remember Dhuniya's reaction to Commonealth saying we should have international participation in the investigation to ensure impartiality and fairness.. now Dr Waheed or Dhuniyaa is not even acknowledging these facts.. they are the people of 'double-speak': http://haruge.com/?p=310

  5. Once a Golhaa's daughter, always a Golhaa...(we can't even say that now since that little BBC news incident)...anyway, the gist of the story is never believe what a golhaa has to say...

  6. MDP has called for an investigation and the so called commission was set up specifically to conduct a white wash inquiry. MDP is asking for an independent inquiry. Is that too hard to to understand?

  7. Guess that half-a-million should be paid back to the US, then...

    Oh wait, the baaghees spent it all on heroin.

  8. Elections Commission staff are on strike. They say some members partial.. Commission chair is unashamedly siding with MDP and Nasheed faction. His wife,Zeeda is forefront in demonstrating against President Wwaheed. And Fuad her husband and EC chair is very much under her.

  9. every time the a president resign we do not have to hold election before the set dates in constitution that the reason we have a vice president.we do not have to do it cos fomer president wants it or common wealth or USA or india says so. it human nature no one want to leae power.but when they have to they always go lying like mr.nasheed he have not said two sentences that didnt contradict from the time he lost power.he thought people will stand by n just watch when he steps outside the power given to him in our constitution. i know the yellow blooded people go on defending him. butfor me as maldivian he had to go whether by s coup or not it doesnt matter to me .

  10. 30 years is enough for you dhunya you have stollen and enjoyed wasted our money in a way that you and your father never thought that you will die. shame on you (ladhuhayaaiy kudakamun adhibes alaa nufilaigen thiulhenee)

  11. The MDP are demanding an investigation but with international and impartial representation so that I is fair and not curruption like the present regime.

    Which part of that do you not understand exactly??

  12. Dunya Maumoon's father rule for 30 years and held and won over half a dozen general elections without the presence of some of these esteemed institutions.

    Moreover, there are two upcoming parliamentary elections which are hotly contested by Dunya's party and its alliance. Why are these elections being held before these esteemed institutions can be "strengthened"?

    Dunya's arguments are totally bogus as we can see clearly. If these institutions cannot be "strengthened", does the country stand in a state of limbo as far as the democratic process is concerned? She is learning to use the tactics used by her father to stay in power for 30 years!

  13. She is not wearing a veil, and should not be allowed to breed or participate in the public sphere. However, her scuppering of the democratic process is both admirable and wise.

  14. Dhunya could be educationally fit for the post. But she seems to carry some sort of grudge against those who oppose her father’s political agenda . Dhunya is like Eva in the opposite side. Probably she is given the state minister’s post because she might not pass through the Majlis if she is given the minister’s post.

  15. Farah, come to your senses. Your former Boss Nasheed is saying he doesn't trust any of the instiutions. When you talk of legality of government, why don't you talk about the legality of the actions of your boss Nasheed. He is a dictator and will always be. MDP as a party is struggling to make headway because of his dictatorial attitude.

  16. "Institutions such as the judiciary, the election commission and the human rights commission needed to be strengthened before a vote could take place..." In 2008 when we had the Presidential election twice, those institutions were just formed. Yet it was smooth, fair and transparent. After that we had Parliamentary elections which was also held smoothly and transparently. So what is Dhuniya and the rest of the so-called ruling alliance talking about strengthening the institutions???

  17. "Strengthening the institutions" means to have their bums within these institutions and let them cling on to the ballot boxes and let no one vote for MDP candidate! Very clear!

    Very clever Dhunya! Chip of the old block!

  18. Wake up Dhunya, align yourself with your conscience and think for yourself - otherwise what a waste of an Oxbridge education.Enough bogus dictatorspeak. Elections now.

  19. your father held record number of elections here we say no all the time but the result comes hundred percent what a father you had shame on you and your family it was daylight robbery you cant servive with the gods punishment you can fool us and foreigners but not GOD

  20. what you mean opposition is it for the coup we oppose the coup and also oppose your father and his followers and we are 90% of the public wake up and go to Bangaalhi

  21. Dunya where is your burkha? What makes you qualified to be a minister baggee Gayooum dynasty?

  22. you daughter of the dictator pls we dont fear anymore to your regime thugs and your evil father we are going to win the elections


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