Government dismisses Commonwealth’s “biased” early election calls, fears “civil war”

The Maldives government has dismissed the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG)’s call for early general elections as biased, claiming the nation is not capable of holding a free and fair vote at present.

The CMAG on Friday reiterated its call for early elections after former President Mohamed Nasheed accused the government of his successor, Mohamed Waheed Hassan, of coming to power in a “coup d’etat.”

CMAG said it strongly believed “that the earliest possible expression of the will of the people was required to establish universal faith in the legitimacy of those who govern the [Maldives].”

However, at a press conference today, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Dhunya Maumoon criticised CMAG’s statement, which she alleged served to promote the interests of specific parties or individuals.

“The statement somewhat promotes the interests of a certain party or a certain individual. But I don’t want to say that exactly. Because there are many statements that are positive towards the government,” she told reporters.

The state minister added that she was “astonished” by CMAG’s continued call for early elections, calling the transfer of power to President Mohamed Waheed Hassan as “legitimate”.

Early elections in the Maldives without sufficient parliamentary-mandated reform could potentially lead to “civil war,” she said.

“We have to build a peaceful and secure atmosphere. We have to strengthen our institutions so that they are independent. Otherwise, I have no doubt that if we hold elections, the political situation of the country will deteriorate further. It is already quite divided. If there is an election, and if some people do not accept the election results, I cannot say there won’t be a civil war. I do not want to see such a thing happen in the Maldives,” she said.

Dhunya added that no other international body other than the Commonwealth has expressed concern over the current political uncertainty in the Maldives.

The EU has also raised issues over judicial reform and the exact nature of how President Waheed come to power last month.

“My hope is that the UN and other neighboring countries help the Maldives on its request. Not for them to impose their interests on us,” she added.

The government will also support the Commonwealth’s Special Envoy to the Maldives Sir Donald McKinnon, she said.

Positive aspects

However, she conceded that CMAG’s statement wasn’t entirely “biased” against the current government’s actions, claiming it was positive about some aspects of the executive’s work.

“There are many statements that are positive towards the government, such as the initiative for all-party talks, and other statements. Also, they have expressed concern on the obstruction of parliamentary proceedings,” the state minister added.

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs comments were reportedly shared by PPM MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla, who yesterday accused CMAG of favouring certain political parties in the country and failing to recognise the need for  wider judicial reform as part of all-party road map talksdesigned to secure fair presidential elections.

A coalition of political parties including the PPM and DRP have boycotted the road map talks, designed to overcome the current political stalemate at present, in response to the Maldivian Democratic Party blocking a parliamentary sitting earlier this month that prevented President Mohamed Waheed Hassan from delivering his inaugural speech.

The MDP maintains that President Waheed came to power in a “coup d’etat” sponsored by opposition figures, certain business leaders and sections of the military and police force, leading to calls for early elections to settle the dispute that saw President Mohamed Nasheed “resign” from office.  Nasheed later alleged he had been forced into resigning under military pressure.

Abdulla told reporters gathered at yesterday’s press conference that CMAG’s calls for early elections were unrealistic without securing further talk on amendments to the country’s constitution and judiciary – issues he said would be vital in ensuring an “appropriate environment” for elections.

“I also note that their [CMAG’s] statement is biased and that it harbours the interests of a particular individual” he was quoted as saying.

PPM members Ahmed Mahloof and Ahmed Nihan were unavailable for comment when contacted by Minivan News at the time of going to press over the exact nature of the judicial and constitutional reforms called for by MP Abdulla.

Adding that the roadmap talks were designed to establish the correct preparations for any early elections, Abdulla claimed that CMAG should be issuing statements free from “predjudice” that would serve the interests of the whole nation rather than certain individuals, Haveeru reported.

CMAG investigation

Following a fact-finding mission in February and an extraordinary meeting on the situation in London, the Commonwealth suspended the Maldives from participation in CMAG and called for an internationally-assisted independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the change of government on February 7.

The Commonwealth also expressed concern about early efforts on behalf of Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s new government to arrest former President Nasheed, following the issuing of an arrest warrant in the immediate days following the change of power.

In its most recent statement, CMAG expressed regret over the disruption of parliament on March 1, and “urged all parties to engage in dialogue without delay, in earnest and in good faith with a view to achieving agreement on the date of early elections, and the processes required to do so, including any necessary constitutional amendments and supporting legislation.

“The Group also noted that the Commission of National Inquiry in Maldives had commenced its investigation into the events between 14 January and 8 February 2012, but that it had not secured cross-party support.

In this context, CMAG acknowledged that international assistance for the investigative mechanism has been requested, and noted that the Commonwealth could be of potential assistance. It reiterated its strong belief in the importance of the work of the Commission and the conviction this should carry in Maldives and internationally.”


37 thoughts on “Government dismisses Commonwealth’s “biased” early election calls, fears “civil war””

  1. I call coup leaders of Maldives to leave the country before it's too late.

  2. A biased report in favour of the MDP, except in the parts critical of the MDP.

    Oh Dhunya please, have some self respect.

  3. Every time I see Dunya Maumoon, she reminds me of Aruna Irani -- an Indian actress from the 70s and 80s. I dont think she is a very capable person. All my firends from Maldives tell me she got the post because she is former president, Maumoon's daughter. Now I am starting to believe what my friends said.

  4. “The statement somewhat promotes the interests of a certain party or a certain individual. But I don’t want to say that exactly."

    Come on. At least have the guts to say it is one way or the other. You are a disgrace to the Foreign MInistry; an institution that has seen the likes of greats such as Hon. Fathulla Jameel, Abdulla Shahid, etc. Better resign and give Diyana Saeed the post. She will do that job a thousand times better.

    Or if you can't do it; then have the decency to resign. At least Diyana had the guts to do that too.

    What is this civil war? Talk some sense madam. Oh I forgot. Your only agenda is to promote your father. Nothing else.

  5. What is a free and fair election? Everyone knows that MDP is likely to win an election held sooner or later.

    If a fair election means that the present regime or any party comprising it must win the election that is wrong. That’s unlikely to happen in the Maldives in a near future, not at least, until 2013 when the election is due any way.

    An election is fair if it is held as prescribed in the law and regulation.

  6. Her reasons for civil war could possibly become true. The outcome of an election will most likely favour MDP and this will not be accepted by PPM, DRP, Jumhoory and Adhaalath who have jointly executed the coup. These 4 parties will not be even able to bring out single candidate, their leaders all want the top post. They know what awaits by losing an election, justice will definitely be served. They can not turn back and so have to try and hang on to power at any cost. We should not be surprised if there isn't an election in 2013, they might say the political environment is not conducive to hold one. Do not forget, the current government has taken power by a coup, and hey have to protect themselves.

  7. @ India , now that you say it she does resemble Aruna Irani, even the vamp part she plays. Dhuniya should be careful in condemning international bodies. Dhunya can talk nonesense and make her daddy lovers, PPM members believe any nonesense, but the wider diplomatic world will not be impressed with such bullshit.

  8. Beware the bias UN. Stacked full of Dunya's allies. They cannot be trusted to be independent.

  9. MDP will not accept the outcome of any election and will start burning the country. I honestly see MDP as a terrorist organization (I for one am scared of them). I dont want to say this but I think a future goverment might have to deal with MDP as sri lanka dealt with LTTE. I am extremely sad to say this but i too fear a civil war.

  10. PPM, DRP, Jumhoory, Adhaalath. Greed and hunger for political power and money. Misuse of the religion of Islam for achieving secular desires.

    It was a coup. No doubt about it. The country itself has been stolen by the rich few. In the islands outside Male, out of the view of world media, people are abused, beaten up and destroyed.

    In Male, MDP Haruge destroyed. Reiko Moosa abused, molested and almost killed.

    Maldivian armed forces cannot fight foreign enemies. They can only beat and harass and kill fellow-Maldivians.

    Maldives does not have the ingredients for a democratic state anytime soon. There are too many powerful interests who do not even understand, let alone want democracy.

    Ordinary people have been kept down by their rulers, and exploited systematically for centuries. So they cannot speak. They cannot even hear.

    MDP and Mohamed Nasheed are like lights shining in the darkness of Maldives. I hope they succeed. For the sake of Maldivian people.

    His Excellency Waheed is a liar. A big lier. It is possible to hold elections in the Maldives.

    In the meantime, the Commonwealth is no place for the Maldives. Chuck the Maldives out. Please.

  11. MDP is hijacked by Mariya, Rekko Moosa, Ibrahim Hussain Zaki and Nasheed's dancers! MDP's government was toppled!! Why? Becoz these individuals mentioned above and Nasheed himself was too arrogant and was enjoying the pleasures of power with all sorts of fun in resorts and abroad! Nasheed had the moment to change the country for good! BUT sadly he blew it away thinking from Mariya's or Rekko's or Zaki's greed and J Afeef's arrogance and ignorance!! Nasheed you need to seriously need to reflect back on the mistakes you made and costed this country's reform so dearly as now the country is hanging on two sphere's corruption and dictatorial systems to be implanted in next election. What are the two? One is Gayoom and his 30 year old corrupt and dictatorial regime or Nasheed and his cronies who have no moral principles and personal vengence!! Grow up Nasheed! I know you are reading these comments!! REFORM MDP OR DISMANTLE IT IF YOU HAVE SLIGHTEST FEAR OF GOD AND SINCERITY!! REFORM MDP NOW!! NOW!!

  12. Tourism is in a dump, fat cats are draining our money, housing projects are a halt, we have won the gold medal in corruption and violence, our freedom, rights n dignitys being raped everywhere as I type. So where are we heading? Yes, civil war that's where.

  13. So CMAG is baiased now ha! Who will start the civial war. You people who are forcefully hanging on to power or those who are crying out for freedom and justice. This is nothing but just do not want to even find out what the majority of the people wants. Its your way or no way. For god sake, it is not only MDP who is crying out for justice and early elections. Any rational thinking person would know that it was a Coup and yet you keep on calling the Government legitimate. You think every one else is blind. You people are so arrogant and slefish.

  14. Michael Fahmy, whats a meaning of 'almost' killed. Its like 'medhumin' ge islam. didnt you know that Reeko was the best actor in Maldives for several years. He can act and he acted wayyyyy beyond his injuries. He hardly could give interview for more than 30 min right after the brutal beating. Thats waht they call good acting. He is my hero on and off the screan.

  15. What can we expect from Gayoom's daughter?She will hang to power even if she was not chosen by the people.Enjoy princess as long as papa's puppet stays in power!!!

  16. Dear CMAG
    Why don't you guys mind your own business till Dictator Maumoon, his daughter Dhunya and others in the gang flush our treassury to their secret accounts every where in the world?? You must allow them sufficient time for that.... its funny even to think that they will listen to you..You are just an old bunch of farts sitting there and warming the seats in Common Wealth Organisation. Damn fools!!

  17. It was already a war the day the enemy mercenaries attacked our citizens, robbed their right to free expression and assaulted our elected officials.

    If it's war they want, a war they shall have.

  18. Dhunya
    Are you and your hubby from B'desh wanna hire the many workers here from B'desh to start a civil war here?? What do you know about politics in Maldives? You used to live in a great palace since your childhood with your old father when we poor Maldivians had to beg for medical assistance from your father..... well, may be you might not be able to see theese things for yourself as u were the proud princess yourself then...Your father doesnt value the average Maldivian man and made u marry a B'deshi guy of whom I am not jealous....why should we be jealous?? We Maldivians shower three times daily and its your hubby who will take showers monthly. My advice to you is, if you are so sure about a civil war here you can migrate to your hubby's country or Singapore or whereever suits you...Your father took all our money and say he doesnt have a single coin with him when he left presidency.... You think Maldivians so dumb to believe you? There are dumb people who believes your evil father... Mahloog,Ilhaam,Nihaan and that lawyer waddey are among those unlucky people.... Free some space in your heart for the unlucky lawyer Waheed who did all the hard work in the hope of finding a little space from your heart.... Leave us poor Maldivians on our own i beg you... We dont need your help to solve the current sitution in Maldive....GO TO BANGLADESH WITH YOUR HUBBY AND KIDS!!!

  19. Discussions between parties followed by early elections possibly this year if constitution is amended is what we need. forget a civil war. police brutality incidents took place that need to be investigated. however it is not endemic and must be acknowledged that these incidences occurred at the same time as calls for torching buildings and actual torching as well as attacking police and vandalism. it's not like people are being arbitrarily executed on the streets so this talk of war is unwarranted. people have been protesting and holding rallies safely and openly.

  20. I had never heard s much nonsensense,... Not ready for an election??? The whole point of an electon is is to allow the population to express themselves and thus averting a cil war.

    In the whole world, Where they fail to use the vote, they use guns to gain power = FACT!! One or the other. That,s it. We need an election now or else there will be chaos.

  21. @Po
    Did you see Reeko,s medical report? No acting could make that up! Two pages of horrific details and all fact! That is the old regime back in office for you.
    ELECTION NOW to save this country.

  22. who said mdp will next election for sure? how sure is he or she? I personally think mdp will loose if the coalition in opposition gets together. and if that were to happen, mdp is sure to dispute the election. there won't be a war but there certainly will be violence. i am not pro or anti mdp. i am infact neutral at this time.

  23. No wonder Dunya asks for UNs help she knows she has friends there. I want to ask the UN office in the Maldives what Dunya was doing in the UN offices on the 8th when the office was officially closed. Or can anyone walk into the UN offices now?

    Dunya your father and Waheed will bring civil war to this country because if MDP wins you will have the Defence forces whom you bribed, on your side. Then you will start a war we know that. Nasheed resigned because he did not want to use guns but we know your father and Waheed along with your alliance will not hesitate to use guns on the public.

  24. Dunya Maumoon when you say some people may not accept the election results you must be talking about your father. After all did he not go to MNDF in 2008 after the election results to try and convince them to topple the elected government even then?

  25. @Ahmed!!!
    SERIOUSLY REKKO MOOSA?? that guy is an actor from local movies and also one of the "toys" in the cronies of Gayoom's most corrupt gang which includes Ibrahim Hussain Zaki! ADK medical report found he had no serious injuries. It was part of the act. Watch the video and you will see it was an act!

  26. In my humble opinion Dunya Maumoon should include the Minister of Education Asim Ahmed and her cousin Halaa Hameed in the discussions.

  27. If the elections are delayed, it may lead to a civil war. When the minority leads the majority, this is imminent.

  28. @ Po
    seriously? am not a big fan of him as a politician but i have to tell you he is still suffering from the injuries and recently went to Singapore to do another medical check-up. He is still in a bad shape( and this is a fact not a hindsight) you are just being plain cruel.. for what? in the name of whom? maumoon? yaamin? Dr waheed? all politics aside, have some humanity. search for it within your soul. maybe its still there.

  29. @dhunya maumoon. Yes Commonwealth is biased...just the like world was/is biased against the democratic north korea and the democratic Somalia and so many other democracies like that. Why dont u form a coalition against them and then u can say what ever you do is legal...just like how your ithihaad is doing? Good plan stan!

  30. I believe Waheed had appointed a Foreign Minister! Where is he? Does he approve the ridiculous statement from his subordinate, for which he and Waheed are eventually responsible? This is affecting our international reputation and relationship with the Commonwealth!

  31. Joke of the Century: Mahloof warning that Maldives will quit/leave the Commowealth if they mandate an early election - please read

    Doesnt this guy understand the repercussions or consequences for such an act...If this is how Ms. Dhunya maumoon is managing our foreign policy we are better off without a Foreign policy..

    We are becoming another North Korea or Myanmar but then what can we expect from PPM & its Allies - a shining example of dictatorship & autocratic rule!!

  32. Rekko Moosa, Mariya, Yameen, Ilyas, Gayoom and Ibrahim Hussain Zaki are the reasons why Maldives politics is never about ordinary citizens life rather its about how fat money they get!! Moosa will do anything for his money and survival!! Get your self clear on this!!

  33. Not a civil war .... but probably the 3rd World War!!!! heh heh .... Yey Dhuniya ... Yey Mahfil ....

  34. “We have to build a peaceful and secure atmosphere. We have to strengthen our institutions so that they are independent. Otherwise, I have no doubt that if we hold elections, the political situation of the country will deteriorate further. It is already quite divided. If there is an election, and if some people do not accept the election results, I cannot say there won’t be a civil war. I do not want to see such a thing happen in the Maldives,” she said.

    She is damn right! This is the only one way they can put back fear into the people and do their dirty work on the ballots!

    Dr. Samad, you are a pathetic case!

  35. Dr Samad is too old. He doesn't know even to handle a computer. Let alone the foreign policy. The buggar must take care of himself first.

  36. Dhunya, the Maldiviena people looked after you and brought you up with their own money. When your husband's father got cancer we paid for all the hospital bills in Singapore.
    Mihaaru karah aiiy baanafa aiiy dhamaigathas nugunnaanee rayyithunge laarin kaifa huri baiiy!!!


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