Dr Waheed appoints majority opposition, Gayoom supporters to cabinet

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik made seven new appointments to the cabinet on Sunday morning.

The majority are hard-line opposition figures, while several are long time supporters of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Only two of the new appointments (the tourism and and health portfolios) have previously undeclared political affiliations.

Dr Waheed has faced pressure from his predecessor former President Mohamed Nasheed, who has challenged the legitimacy of Dr Waheed’s government claiming that he was forced to resign in a bloodless coup d’etat  on February 7 at the hands of rogue police and military officers.

Dr Waheed said yesterday that he wanted cabinet to “represent all major political parties”, hoped that Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) would be represented, and said he would “keep posts vacant for them”. The MDP has so far rejected any participation in Dr Waheed’s government.

Mohamed Hussein Shareef ‘Mundhu’ was appointed as the Minister for Human Resources Youth and Sport. Shareef has been the spokesperson for former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom since his last term in office and also holds the Acting Secretary General’s post in Gayoom’s Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM).

Aishath Azima Shakoor was appointed as the Attorney General. She once held the same post under the former administration and is known be one of the most successful lawyers in the country with a record number of wins in controversial cases against Nasheed’s administration. She is a council member of Gayoom’s PPM.

Ahmed Mohamed ‘Andey’, Deputy Leader of leading opposition party Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), was appointed as the Minister of Economic Development. He has been an outspoken critic of Nasheed’s privatisation policies and the state’s budget formulation. He was the former CEO of the State Trading Organisation (STO) under Gayoom’s administration, the organisation implicated in blackmarket oil trading with the Burmese military junta under the former chairmanship of Gayoom’s half-brother, Abdulla Yameen.

The DRP was the first official party registered by Gayoom before he announced his resignation from politics in February 2010, becoming the party’s ‘honorary leader’. He became increasingly politically active and later fell out with his anointed replacement, Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, and formed the PPM after an acrimonious split.

Dr Asim Ahmed, a member of the DRP, was appointed as the Minister of Education. He has not been a particularly active member in the country’s political spotlight.

Dr Ahmed Shamheed was appointed as the Minister of Transport and Communication. He is a member of minority opposition Jumhooree Party (JP) and works as a Director at Villa Shipping and Trade, owned by JP Leader Gasim Ibrahim. He served in the ministry of planning and development under Gayoom’s administration. He is also a director of the Maldives Tourism Development Corporation Board (MTDC).

Ahmed Adheeb, was sworn in as the Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture. Adheeb is the President of the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) is well known as a critic of the Nasheed’s economic policies. Under his leadership, the MNCCI made a failed attempt in court to halt the enactment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act, citing worse economic ramifications and violations of law. He is a widely respected economic analyst.

Dr Ahmed Jamsheed was meanwhile appointed as the Minister of Health and Family. Jamsheed, formerly Director General of the Centre for Community Health and Disease Control (CCHDC) resigned from his post, over concerns about reduced workloads, and later joined as the Cheif Operating Officer (COO) at ADK hospital. He is one of the leading and most outspoken public health experts in the country, and has been extremely active in promoting both public health and combating malaria epidemics in the Maldives.

Dr Waheed earlier appointed Deputy Leader of minority opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DQP) Dr Mohamed Jameel as the Home Minister and retired colonel Mohamed Nazim as the Defence Minister last week. Both are also notable supporters of Gayoom. Most recently Dr Jameel, Gayoom’s Justice Minister prior to the separation of powers, was an outspoken critic of Nasheed’s religious policies, authoring a pamphlet entitled ‘President Nasheed’s devious plot to destroy the Islamic faith of Maldivians’ and attacking his “business dealings with Jews”.

Dr Jameel is the only member in the cabinet from DQP, Dr Shamheed only member from JP while including Nazim the ministerial posts held by DRP members reach three and PPM stands at two.

Meanwhile ministers are yet to be appointed to the Finance Ministry, Islamic Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Fisheries Ministry and the Housing Ministry.

Abdullah Riyaz, former Assistant commissioner dismissed by Nasheed was appointed as the Commissioner of Police and Major General Ahmed Shiyam, appointed as Chief of Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).

“No self interest”

Speaking after the appointments, President Dr Waheed said that remaining cabinet ministers will be appointed in a week, and expressed his hopes for MDP’s participation.

“We all are with that hope. Because, today the country needs all of us to work together to establish peace, and take the country out of the deep pit of economic and political [problems] to find a prosperous future for our children,” Dr Waheed said.

He also added that: “I cannot do this work without the benevolent and sincere help of the [cabinet ministers]”, who he claimed had the full potential to serve the nation with “no self interest” during these “special circumstances”.

The newly appointed cabinet ministers must be approved by the parliament, in which MDP currently holds 35 seats, a single seat behind total opposition combined.

Minivan News could not get MDP’s comment on the new appointments as no member was available at the time of press – however, MDP has steadily rejected the legitimacy of Dr Waheed’s government accusing him of participating in what they call an opposition backed coup to force Nasheed out of office.

MDP Thodoo MP Ali Waheed has earlier stated that MDP will do everything to “stop the implementation of Dr Waheed’s every order” through parliament if he continues to remain in office, and ignores the party’s call for new elections in the next two months.


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  1. MDP should learn some lessons from Dr Waheed, how much hard he is trying to bring order and rule of law in this country. The cabinet he has chosen are mostly technocrats and they will do good for this country. Dr Waheed has also left some posts for MDP to join and form a unity government, but it is the MDP who doesn't want to work with MDP and think of the betterment of this country. Why would they? They have nothing better than bringing violence, vandalism and terrorism into this country. Well done Dr Waheed, the majority of Maldivians are with you.

  2. I have just one thing to say: Maldives fully deserves the leaders it gets. A nation's leadership is a mirror of its values. Call it progress, call it regression. You get what you deserve.

  3. Guys we had enough from those idiots. They have killed all our hopes. They can enjoy it for a short while and we will face them and defeat them soon. We are not scared of them and we will not step back but will take one step ahead.
    The brutal dictators are trying hard to cover all they have done by using VTV,TVM,DhTV.But to be honest they have loss the morale.
    At this moment I urge VTV,TVM,Dh TV not to pass the wrong information to the general public.All innocent Maldivians are well aware of what’s happening around us. Those idiots own these medias for their propaganda. Trying hard to protect those idiots in dictatorship. But you all need to be very careful at this very moment we cannot accept you in this society if you keep behaving like wild dogs. If this keeps going like the way it’s going you all will be erased from the soils of Maldives sooner or later so better you choose either way you want.
    Please follow me below the info directly getting in deep from our Maldivian National Defense force. This is not a fake and these are not propagandas but the reality.
    Abdulla Riyaz took 2.3 million dollars from a business man from the cronies of Dictatorship to control S.O and police service. From that money he converted 35 million to Maldivian Ruffiyaa. From the 35 million he bribed 12 million to a group of 40 personals in police and military.So coz about those 40 criminals the whole police and MNDF has all the respect they have gained from the general public.
    At the same time Dictator Waheed is struggling to select the cabinet. He his running behind some good respectful people within the society and they have rejected him already. Coz they fully understand that this regime is illegitimate. So far Sun Land Hilmy, Dr Samad, Husnu Sood, Solah Shihab,Dr Sawaa and Dr Ammal has declined and rejected to join his cabinet.
    This information is what’s happening and its coming through MNDF & Police.
    Dictator Waheed you need to step down. There is no way you can hold on to the power. We will remove you and make you vanish from position. We also know that you will try your best to protect you and stay with all the coward dictator and cronies.
    Allah may bring peace to us from all Shaitans and protect us from all the evils within us.
    Oh Allah guide us towards to the prosperity and peace.

  4. Yasir, are you Gayoom in disguise? He has appointed people with vested interest.
    A man who works for Villa has been appointed as the Minister of Transport.
    Villa has an airline, a shipping company and all things to do with transport.

    These are people who would destroy the country not because of their incompetence but their corruption.

    Wake up Maldives before it is too late. I have no truck with MDP but this is way over the top and I have lost all respect I had for Waheed.

    The Man is a disgrace to Maldives, the UN organisation he worked and to Standford University.

  5. Yasir,

    "MDP should learn some lessons from Dr Waheed, how much hard he is trying to bring order and rule of law in this country. "

    Hahaha! Do you even believe that drivel?

    What we're seeing is even more concrete evidence of the coup d'etat. With one move, Gayoom's forces has taken over the country's Executive.

    They already have the Judiciary, the Police and the military. They already own all the major news media and now the state media.

    It won't be long before they buy the easily bought MP's and take over the parliament.

    Goodbye separation of powers! Goodbye democracy! We're back where we started. A police state run by thieves, and soon we'll have to live in fear of opening our mouths again.

    Shame on us for letting this happen right before our eyes!

  6. Dr Waheed, is more sensible kind of person i think he will run the country better then before. Congratulations Dr Waheed and best wishes from India we are with you.

  7. Adheeb, How could you accept? the scumbags are understandable, never thought you were one. Resign now and save whatever integrity you have left!

  8. Who know whats next? I still don't rule out the possibility of a Golha family member getting into this cabinet......

  9. "A police state run by thieves, and soon we’ll have to live in fear of opening our mouths again."

    Wow yaamyn. You sould like someone who can predict the future.

    Whats making you so aggitated?

  10. @ Rolex

    I don't think Maumoon's family is unaware of the current situation. I guess they will very well understand what they are jumping into even if they take a post. It may be me but I think the risk is not worth taking.

  11. Azima and jameel, so how does it feel to be ministers of an unconstitutional government huh.

    Asim Ahmed may not be active in the political arena but he's a very active friend of Dunya Maumoon. Will be interesting if Dunya gets appointed as foreign minister.

  12. We need peace in this country. MDP and ex president got things out of his hand. we, the general public suffered a lot. Just need a simple life here with inflation in control and better economy. One Nation.

  13. “I cannot do this work without the benevolent and sincere help of the [cabinet ministers]”, who he claimed had the full potential to serve the nation with “no self interest” during these “special circumstances”.

    The script that Waheed is reading from doesn't match the actions he's performing! The band is playing a different tune to what the band leader thinks.

    Let's look objectively at his appointments. As manik noted, the Transport portfolio went to someone who actually works for Gasim! What's Gasim new fantasy? It's everything to do with transport! Waheed, how could you claim "no self interest" there?

    Next one is Mundhoodhu! I think we'll have to redefine the term "technocrat" if we're to include this chap under that definition. Not sure what his IQ levels are like, but I fear they are no match for the job. Not withstanding those, the little chap also happens to be the mouthpiece of the former dictator Gayyoom. Of course, "no self interest" there eh Waheed?

    Now, what can we say about Azima Shukoor? The whole Shukoor family is part and parcel of Gayyom Enterprises for as long as Gayyoom has been on the scene. As far as intellect and fitness for the job, I believe she's a rather poor candidate. She held the same post under Gayyoom, not due to her intellect or fitness for the job, but loyalty to the regime. Nothing has changed in the intervening years. Once again, Waheed declares "no self interest" there either. Hmm, things are looking very dodgy indeed.

    This little chap Adheeb has been coming out with some very political statements for someone who claims not to be affiliated with any political party. The last outpouring from him was an encouragement to businesses not to pay taxes, i.e. violate the law of the land! He has been a vocal critic of the taxation programme. I wonder how he intends to finance government expenditure, now that he's in the seat of power. Perhaps, money will start growing on coconut trees now.

    Andey and Dr Jamsheed are perhaps the least controversial figures. I do questions Andey's economic judgement, however. If I'm not mistaken, Andey is trained as an engineer, so making grandiose claims about economic policy is a little dubious coming from him. I'll give him the benefit of doubt and see how he performs now.

    Andey is also tained with his affiliation with STO during the Gayyoom regime.

    Waheed got 2/7 for this exercise.

  14. What's most worrying to me is the fact that Waheed now thinks that we can just bury everything that's happened and carry the country forward. History has taught us (in many parts of the world), that this won't happen. Look, we tried to forget and carry on after the Gayyoom era. That didn't work; the skeletons of that regime kept haunting and shadowing us at every turn.

    The same thing is going to go on, until we come to a closure on the latest debacle. There has to be a public, independent enquiry on what lead to the resignation of President Nasheed. It's purpose is not reinstate him, but to close that chapter and learn from it!

    Unless we put a closure on the previous two, we are just putting plaster in the cracks and hoping for the best. That's no way to take a country forward.

  15. Yes I need peace too. How do you propose to control inflation when we have to look after all former presidents and when they change once every two years.

    Please don't make Anni and MDP an excuse for your selfish life. This is not about them, this is about us, voters. Our freedom has been robbed by the police and MNDF officials who took part in the coup. With a corrupt bunch of security officials how do you expect to keep law and order that we'll need for the
    decent life.

    Nothing the MDP or Anni did justifies a coup when there are means to overthrow a government through a parliament's no confidence vote.


  17. Allah gives us a clear message in everything.

    With Maumoon 30 years, we should learn the lesson that even a religious scholar can turn into a brutal dictator.

    With Anni coming to power, we should learn that perseverance pays off.

    With Anni now removed from office, we should learn the importance of good management.

    If Dr. Waheed takes some lessons and avoid the pitfalls, he has a real chance. He could stay upto 2013 and even portray himself as the strongest candidate for the next election.

    Now it is solely up to Dr. Waheed to loose the interim presidency and the 2013 elections.

    Remember Harry S. Truman, the underdog president who was expected to be a failure but exceeded everyone's expectations and went to become one of the greatest presidents.

    Dr. Waheed. Think Harry S. Truman,

  18. Do not approve of these appointments. I was hopeful at first, as much as the change of power was questionable (combined with the anti-MDP sentiments that have been gathering pace inside my head)I was hoping this change may be a good one. But the moment Jameel was appointed as the home minister, I knew Dr.Waheed has no clue what a national unity government even means. Later appointments only confirm that this is a coup and the power is completely shifted to Maumoon.

    It is very sad indeed that a questionable change that we were willing to accept for the good of the country is not turned on its head. Poeple like myself will now find reasons to line back with the MDP. I don't really want to do this based on their performance over the last 3 years but Waheed is not leaving me any choice I'm afraid.

  19. The current Home Minister, Jameel from DQ party held Minister of Communication position under President Nasheed. jameel formed an alliance with Nasheed to oust former President Gayoom in the second round of presidential election. jameel'party gave a 16 percent boost to President Nasheed who got under 25percent on his own in the first round. Sadly President Nasheed sacked Jameel and......

  20. Baghee Cabinet Ministers. Minister Baghee Mundhu, Minister Baghee Andhey, Minister Baghee Dr.Jambe, Baghee Achichimaa Shukoor (Fennuvaraa).

  21. dr waheed s a corrupt bastard.... @ shahi thaakoor.. India has been the most hypocritical country in the region.. and you guys want to milk the money here..

  22. Whats the big deal with this cabinet. Anni had a cabinet full of people consisting of his friends and family members when he was in power. most of them weren't even qualifies to be ministers. So why are you all crying and mongering when Dr Waheed has appointed a new cabinet. You are all nothing but hypocrites, so typical of animal Anni and his MDP.

  23. Yasir you are a WUM or a troll. If Waheed appointed his own people may there would not a hue and cry at all. He has appointed all imbeciles and cronies of either Gasim or Gayoom.

    There are some competent people in Waheed's party and if he has appointed them he might get away with it but with this cabinet all he proves is that he is a puppet of Gayoom and Gasim and he is in this coup as much as anyone else in the coup.
    Shame of Waheed. Stanford should take back his PHD.

  24. Adheeb is not an economist. He has a third class business admin degree. He is a gasim person. Quite flabby an idiot and a fool.

  25. Yasir,

    The difference is that Anni was elected to office with a mandate.

    The current "government" has been installed undemocratically by a coup, and has no mandate.

  26. Marie, you seem to be SHOUTING all the time....do you really doubt your voice so much that you think you have to SHOUT to be heard?

    Now, the new cabinet does have some educated people, and some really stupid goons like Mundhu (but of course a very practised puppet trained directly by Maumoon and his family). People like Andey are good, but would have been so much better if he had accepted this position in a legitimate Government.

  27. We are back to square one. Dictatorship has returned. Freedom of expression is gone. More than 750 have been arrested in the first 6 days of General Waheed's presidency.

  28. "Only two of the new appointments (the tourism and and health portfolios) have previously undeclared political affiliations." Oh, this may be the case. But both have been nominated by Gasims Jumhooree Party. Adheeb had just weeks back called on the people to refuse to pay taxes. Now that he is the tourism minister, the people of this country will starve if the resort tycoons stop paying their taxes.


  30. Your description of the new ministers as 'Hardline' is inaccurate. Whats your definition of 'hardline'? Is opposing Nasheed's policies considered as' hardline' ?

    I think Nasheed's approach was more hardline and confrontational than anyone else's.

    The description of 'Nationalists' will fit the new Ministers and would be more closer to the truth.

  31. Minivan First Independant News now de classified as Independant news... describe how you consider " Hardline" is it just because those who voiced against president Nasheed's dictatorial aproach?

  32. So upset with waheed, why he joined the conspiracy, now playing like puppet leader....
    Im sure, if he ask his heart,he knows that was a coup,his fake govermnt is illigimitate.

    If Mr.waheed think anni did aganist the law, go constitutinally to remove him...not by force sir!!

    taa wannu a'lal birri wattaqwa, walla taawanuu a'lal itsmi wal u'dwan...

    Allah asks all of us to help for good thing, and dont help each other for doing bad thing... (Quran, surra Almaidah)

    i think all behind these crimes, is about money, corruption, power hungry..

    those corrupted people are so much affraid their dirty wealth will be revealed, so they rely hope so much through that judge Abdulla, cuz that judge is loyalist of maooun regime.... he favors them. based on this, they are really crazy with that judge to b released!!

    take a note, investigation about money laudring almost 800$ million by maumoon and yameen for abusing in oil subsidy was going on that time.. plus investigation for multimillionore like resort owners..

    opposition parties took part cuz power hungry, so much affraid if it is true what nasheed said no elecetion next year, they will not get any power. some parties who had brokenheart with Ani joined this conspiration..

    plus bribery to ex police & mndf officers to make big demo and pushed nasheed down...

    Please be fear to Allah, Allah knows everything...the aim of this life is only for gaining amal shaleh, get blessed from Allah...

    I'diluu..Huwa aqrabuulittaqwa...
    Do adil (fair thing), its closer to taqwa...

  33. With better research you should have realized that Adheeb is an active supporter of PPM arriving from Yameens PA faction, and Dr.Jamsheed have also been affliated with Hassans DQP. THanks 🙂

  34. If you cannot term Hardline to Nazim and Jameel, then I do not know what hardline is?
    One is involved actively and visibly in this coup and the other has called for the imprisonment of Nasheed and his cronies for life. And that is without any investigation. Furthermore, he has produced a booklet about his hardline policies and was a very enthusiastic proponent of hardline policies when he was a Minister under Gayoom.


  36. Dear Maldivians, I am an Indian and always love your country. Because you gave me shelter there for me for the last few years. Iam always praying for your country.
    It is your country and your leaders to decide your future. From my sincere knowledge I can tell you that the present problems are created by some individuals who wants to safegfuard their business interests. Nothing else. Anni and Maumoon are good leaders but not the the puppet Waheed. He can act for Maldives only after getting instrucions from the persons raised him as the President. If you are not foolish, you will know who are behind him. Any idiot can understand just by looking the portfolio of his Ministry.
    But dear Maldivians, I am still proud of you and I am sure, you will not make any bloodshed.
    Insha Allah,Allah will make you all happy soon. prayers

  37. Some people may think Dr. Waheed in power.
    No! He is not! He is just another puppet.
    The cabinet he has elected are the same.
    It is the puppeteer who is in power.
    Dr. Waheed unfortunately does not have ANY options.
    Dr. Waheed cannot have any say or any self interest in the current game.
    He simply cannot exist as President for even a day if he detach any string attached by the puppeteer.
    Dr. Waheed knows it and everyone knows it.
    Gasim and Thasmeen are vultures by nature and will stick to themselves.
    Dr. Hassan, Gasim or Thasmeen can sharpen their claws for the battle for presidency.
    Selection of a VP to succeed in case what ever can happen to the President will be an important element to come to any conclusion.
    Dr. Waheed is getting the taste of what he deserves!
    His cabinet may be highly educated. But all the same they cannot be said as unbiased, untarnished and has no self interest!

  38. Yasir is not Gayoom in disguise, but his family received tanks of nectar directly from Gayoom. He will stay a loyal servant.

  39. Jamsheed is one of the laziest person I have ever seen. Mr. Moosa Ismail (ex-Director General of IGMH)knows this. When IGMH started he was given the task of giving increment to the staff. All the staff of IGMH remained without getting increment for 4 whole years until Jamsheed resigned. Even if all the nurses complained he did not care. Just gave a stubborn answer and got very angry.Thats all.
    His table was like a jungle with so many letters and files. He would not know where a letter would be. What has he done to combat malaria? Wrote an article against Aminath Jameel and resigned. Varah rulhi ves gadha vaane. The Health Ministry staff are in for a loss.


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