DRP announces new vice presidents

The Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has elected four vice presidents during the its third annual congress, which concluded today.

The new vice presidents are the party’s spokesman Ibrahim Shareef (642 votes), MP Ali Waheed (645 votes), MP Ahmed Ilham (593 votes) and Umar Naseer, former president of the Islamic Democratic Party (502 votes).

Eight people stood for election to the post. The other candidates were Abdullah Mausoom (383 votes), Afrashim Ali (288 votes), Mohamed Saleem (239 votes) and Fathin Hameed (210 votes).

The party’s new leader is Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, who was was elected leader by default as no candidate stood against him, and will become the party’s presidential candidate. During the congress the party’s former leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was also given the title of ‘Honorary leader’.

Ibrahim Shareef said the party was now looking forward to strengthening the relationship between the new leadership and its members.

”This is a very dynamic leadership,” he said. ”During this leadership many changes will be brought to our party.”

He said the party’s new leader Thasmeen was a “very intelligent and capable person.”

”The other three vice presidents are also very capable and won the election because of the popularity they have among the people,” he said.

DRP MP and new vice president Ali Waheed said he was pleased to work with the new leadership, describing the others as “very capable and experienced people.”

Waheed said with its new leadership the party would get stronger “day by day”. His next target, he said, was to “strengthen the relationship between the DRP supporters around the atolls.”

DRP MP and new vice president Ahmed Ilham said the public would see a difference in the party within six months.

Umar Naseer said the party would be “very active” during his leadership, and said his aim was to “bring the government’s administration to an end.”

Spokesman for the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Ahmed Haleem said he “regretted that the party’s educated people were not elected as vice presidents.”

”With this leadership I do not think they will achieve anything,” Haleem said.

”These new vice presidents will drop the party back 20 years. They are still at early 90s, we are at 2010.”


6 thoughts on “DRP announces new vice presidents”

  1. Ahmed Haleem (Dhonbilaiy) is the best person to speak about standard education. Hehehe.

  2. Sad day for DRP. I have mixed feelings as a DRP opponent. I don't know if I should feel happy that DRP will now be seen at its true colours or if I should feel sad that a good chance for a healthy opposition has been wasted. With Ali Waheed and Umar Naseer competing for outragious antics and Mundhu trying to justify them, we sure are in for some entertainment. DRP will certainly not be the dull party any more.

  3. DRP has elected a set of people, that would be suited in a dictatorship environment. The ideas and ideals they raise so far are very petty and definitely not vibrant enough to bring down a government.

    MDP will provide every opportunity to the current DRP leaders. They know the threat that existed a while ago is not there anymore.

    My best guess, DRP will go down to level of IDP or Qaumee after a while and Parties like Peoples Alliance will take the biggest opposition party status. And raise its leader Yameen for the next general election.

  4. I have always thought DRP has a better representation of women than any other party.

    It is disappointing to see that Dr Fathin Hameed loose. Except for Azima Shukoor, I do not see any other women in the council and/or senior positions. With Wisam and Rozaina in DRP's parliamentary group, I think there's only 4 women at top levels.

    I do not think people like Mavota Shareef, Umar Naseer and Ilham should have a place in the leadership of any modern democratic party.

    Though Ali Waheed has some education, he speaks and behaves like a bully in a primary school and is no different from the other three.

    DRP is doomed for failure. And for me its a huge disappointment.

  5. Shaya, you maybe dissapointed, but DRP has no choice but to elect senior leaders at street level, otherwise there wont be a level playing field, DRP has had respectable people at senior positions, MDP took advantage of that. Now MDP will know that DRP also has a voice and members too.

  6. Huh! Both doctors out!
    The lady had even gone to the extend of showing her middle finger to the press in support to DRP! She's given the sack!
    Golaya! Oh Golaya! Wonderful!


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