DRP claims MDP activists sending death threats and damaging property

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Vice President and spokesperson Ibahim Shareef has claimed that Maldivian Democratic Party senior activists are sending death threats and damaging the property of DRP senior leaders.

Shareef claimed MDP senior activists had broke the glasses of his shop near Ahmadiyya by throwing pavement bricks at it.

”I have been receiving many death threats via SMS,” Shareef said. ”They are saying things like they would kill me and cut me into pieces.”

Shareef said all the attacks were “due to the hatred MDP activists have towards the DRP leaders.”

”They have been throwing stones at my house for a week now,” he said. ”If these acts are continuing we might have to become strict.”

The MDP “has a responsibility for them to stop these violent acts of their activists” Shareef said.

DRP MP and Vice President Ali Waheed said he had been receiving threats for more than a year, and was “quite used to them by now. I don’t care about it much.”

Waheed said he received threats via SMS and in person.

”One day a group of people entered my house when I was not at home,” he said. ”They took a knife and threatened my Mum.”

Spokesperson for Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Ahmed Haleem said the claims from the DRP leaders “are lies”, and an attempt to attack the dignity of the MDP.

”I am sure than none of us would attack or threaten the DRP,” he said. ”They are just trying to gain political support bhy spreading rumours.”

Haleem said he had seen people “burn their own house and rebuild them just for political purposes.”

Sub Inspector Ahmed Shiyam from the Maldives Police Service (MPS) meanwhile confirmed that police had received “many reports from politicians saying they are being threatened.”

He added that police were currently collecting more information on the cases.


9 thoughts on “DRP claims MDP activists sending death threats and damaging property”

  1. jeez these whining little kids are the reps of this beautiful nation... grow a backbone you scum..

  2. Both DRP and MDP need to stop this nonsense and concentrate on the development of the country. While it was entertaining for a while, we are getting really tired of these two parties and their MPs acting like the development of their respective parties is more important than the development of our country. I wonder for how long we are going to tolerate this before the whole public calls for the resignation of all the MPs as they are really not doing anything besides fighting. And more than any MP, Ali Waheed is really the most childish of all!! Somebody tell that kid to grow up please!!

  3. @ Mariyam & dheyo. You can both suck a lemon. As long as this country is in our hands we vow to fight as dirty as the opposition. I will personally see to it if I succeed in my plan to become Attorney-General.

  4. Who would possibly threaten Mavota? A sixty-some-years-old twit.

    He's proved himself time and again that he's a nobody.

    And believe me, being a Vice President of the DRP doesn't make him anybody!

  5. Spokesperson for Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Ahmed Haleem said the claims from the DRP leaders “are lies”, and an attempt to attack the dignity of the MDP.

    Haleem! What diginity are you tialking baout? you got to have a diginty to loose it.

    Haleem said he had seen people “burn their own house and rebuild them just for political purposes.” Now Haleem that's a very amusing statement isn't it? Sometimes talking too much can reveal what you don't expect. Have a little woner about it.

  6. @Seni Naim: Need I say more?! This is exactly what I am talking about...I suggest you join Ali Waheed and wait till you grow up, before you attempt to play politics....afterall its a game only the cool and level headed can play and win, not childish kids like you who can't tolerate being critisized...tsk tsk.

  7. what ever... the people behind the DRP gave very little to the people of Maldives during the past 30 years, and brain washed them in such a way that they didn't know that human rights even existed for them. They thought their future will depend on well-being of a single person.... the father of all dictators.

  8. Poor Mavota! When he was in MDP his house was attacked by "DRP supporters". I remember hearing about DRP supporters terrorizing his family and destroying all his household furniture a few years back. Now that Mavota is in DRP we are hearing about MDP supporters smashing his shop window and throwing stones at his house. Now I'm wondering whether some people are born to be victims.


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