DRP MPs Ilham, Mahlouf and Gayoom’s lawyer Waheed to face disciplinary committee

The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP)’s Council has decided to send DRP MPs Ahmed Mahlouf, DRP Deputy leader MP Ilham Ahmed and former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s lawyer Mohamed Waheed to the party’s disciplinary committee.

The Council made its decision after accusing Ilham, Mahlouf and Waheed of misleading the public over the work of party’s leader MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and disregarding the party’s interest and attempting to create internal splits in the party.

DRP Deputy leader MP Ilham said that the party’s charter did not allow party’s leader to dismiss anyone who criticises the party leader.

”The charter states that a deputy leader can be dismissed only if a third of the party’s congress votes to dismiss him,” Ilham said. ”There will be internal disputes in political parties, but this is not how to solve it.”

The disciplinary committee may decide to dismiss those Thasmeen wants to be removed from the party because Thasmeen controls the majority in the committee, said Ilham.

”But that would be a void decision,” he added.

Furthermore, Ilham said the case of former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer, who was also dismissed by the Disciplinary Committee, was now in court.

Umar faced the disciplinary committee and was dismissed after he conducted a protest which unauthorised by the party’s leadership. His dismissal over the matter has led to a hostile split in the party between factions loyal to former President Gayoom – the party’s ‘honorary leader’ – and its leader Thasmeen.

”We will respect the decision of the court, I do not believe that the court will rule against the party’s charter,” Ilham said.

Ilham, Waheed and Mahlouf are supporters of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s Z-DRP faction.

Thasmeen did not respond to Minivan News while Mahlouf was unavailable at time of press.


13 thoughts on “DRP MPs Ilham, Mahlouf and Gayoom’s lawyer Waheed to face disciplinary committee”

  1. I think its time for mahloof to get independent and get free of Thasmeen. Mahloof is a capable young person with lot of achievements. He was the first Maldivian as a Commonwealth election observer, One and only Chair person & Deputy of the Asia regional youth causcus. National youth award winner, TOYP award winner..etc. Its time for him to think and do the right move

  2. @ shahid

    You must be either Mahlouf, himself or someone close to him. 🙂

    Mahlouf, most of the time, behaves like a child. This behaviour from him amazes me for he is an MP. lol

  3. Honestly speaking, Gayyoom's faction has high-jacked DRP.

    I am not surprised if these guys will be chucked out by DRP's disciplinary committee. I also think there are some more than can be chucked out with them. Mundhu and Ali Arif should also be chucked out. These guys are a nuisance not only to the DRP leadership but also to the sincere DRP members. They are misleading the public. Poor old fellas of DRP do not now know where they belong.

    There was the rumour of forming a new party by Gayyoom's faction. But i think that will not happen because not many will support Gayyoom. They must have realised it by now. People respect Gayyoom. But they do not want Gayyoom or his family to rule the country any more.

    Gayyoom did not prepare even his children for political rloles. So they too appear as bad as the uneducated politicians. Moreover, most of the people who are in Gayyoom's faction are extremely unprofessional and appears to be very politically naive. No wonder they are a nuisance. What they do not know is that they are spoiling their own political careers.

  4. Its time DRP sort out its internal problems before they seek the public support again. Either stay as one or break up, but do something and come to a final solution.

  5. Finally.... Thasmeen needs to stamp his authority and take control of the leadership. Expell all rogues they will do no good...

  6. There can be no good from a party founded on lies and propaganda. Members and supporters of the DRP are sheep, bleating dutifully at the behest of the shepard until it's time for their slaughter. Even if Thasmeen prevails, as long as he sings praise of the 'development' of the past 30 years, he can't sell himself as a legitimate opposition leader (except of course to the sheep). Anyone with an ounce of self actualization would find it difficult to trust someone who constantly needs to lie to himself.

    Unfortunately this Pharaoh worship is slowly happening in the MDP too. Every damn speaker feels the need to outdo the previous one in singing praise of the President. It's getting increasingly nauseating to listen to these cringe inducing speeches.

    If things keep going this way we will have not one but two crazy cults, or THREE crazy cults rather.

  7. It's time!
    It's time to break the first obstacle!
    It's time to protest against an internal regime.

    It's time, it's time DRP members to protest against Thasmeen.


  8. ya this is too much now u know. this DRP became a nuisance for us really i dont know why they are behaving like this. they should know how to obey a leader everybody is a leader for them now. this is very rediculous ...

  9. thasmeen you can dismiss all but except gayoom to give him enough respect for being the "Zaeem" of the party.

  10. Bala Chaseem thee Zakee ye! Zaki kandiki dashu vumakee fethemun dhaa odiye ge riyaa dashuvun kahala kame! Ahren eyru ga ves bunee men nun Zaki Chasmeen ge logo vaga nagane vahaka?

    Maakana Show 15th April

  11. Thasmeen, how about sacking Maumoon from the party? Would be a nice touch. After all he is the man who is actually causing all the trouble for you.

    Maumoon is a cunning old fox but his destiny is to end up in a cell in Dhoonidhoo. It's only a matter of time.


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