Father arrested for abusing 16 year old daughter

A 40 year-old man suspected of sexually abusing his 16 year old daughter in North Ari Atoll has been arrested, confirmed Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam.

Shiyam said the case was ongoing and declined to provide further information.

However, a woman familiar with the matter claimed that the man has been abusing his daughter since she was nine years old.

”She was told by her dad that it was something daughters should do with Dads and she should not tell anybody,” the woman claimed. ”Nobody was aware that this was happening,”

The man had denied the claims, the woman noted.

”When his wife [suspected the abuse] and asked him if it was happening, the man shouted at her rudely,” the woman said. ”But now he has admitted to police that he has been doing it for a long time.”

She said the abuse was reported to the police by the girl’s boyfriend, after she received a call from her father and put it on conference mode.

”Her boyfriend was listening to the call when her Dad asked his daughter whether she finished menstruating and to come to him when she was done,” she said. ”Her boyfriend then informed the police.”

Last week a 53-year-old man suspected of sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl in Addu Atoll Hithadhoo was arrested.


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  1. Like any other country, Maldives has its share of criminals. An 'ugly Maldives' (drugs, child molestation, corruption, nepotism, beyfulhuim) exists along with the Paradise Maldives.

    Minivan should also report positive things about the country. The large majority of Maldivians are decent and law abiding.

  2. Maldives seems to come to a close second to UK in the peodphile catogery.

  3. day by day these cases are piling up. and yet there's many to uncover, im sure of it now.

    the end to such thing is surely a proper punishment. but the worst these people gets is jail time and thats it.

    unless there is no harsher punishment to set example for, these will never cease to stop.

    truly there are scary skeletons in peoples closets, and they are being opened day by day.

    surely we are loosing our way of life...

    god, help us all.

  4. such person must be isolated in Guradhoo hospital or prison.

  5. Incest and abuse are also common in deveoped countries such as Australia. Most of the time people commit this serious crime after getting intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. I believe a strong implementation of Islamic law would prevent these abuses in our society.

  6. So many sick activities have been going on for so long - only now are they being reported or openly discussed. For far too long, it has been the juvenile delinquents, drug users and various petty criminals (and in the past, political dissidents) who have been ostracised and punished by our society, while these other people who commit far nastier and really sick crimes have been protected and able to live in relative comfort amongst us in our so called 100 percent Muslim society. Makes one wonder, doesn't it? Is this part of our national identity too?

  7. @SS

    Did you ask "Is this part of our national identity too?"

    NO! It's part of the identity of HUMANKIND.

    It came with a package;
    90:10 "Wahadaynahu alnnajdayni"
    "Have we not shown him two highways? (of good and evil)?"

    Obviously this man has chosen the highway of EVIL.

    I hear that he was caught on his own spy porn video trying to sort out a technicality in the camera source!! What a good evidence to nail down the ultimate punishment on him!

    Firstly, although I am not an Islamic scholar, I know the punishment for this is STONING TO DEATH! Ofcourse in this case another grave sin is involved. Sex with own offspring. His own mahram!?

    What's his sentence? Double the punishment or reward him (according to Human Rights!!??)' full retirement scheme safely behind bars at the expense of state treasury at a time when our 'kanmathee store debt' is rising?

  8. I'm so glad we're actually starting to find more of these cases.

    But we need to start offering greater support to these families and especially the girls themselves.

  9. Introduce "Capital Punishment" that would teach these bastards a lession.

  10. WE...the people are to blame. The system is to blame...EVERYONE is to blame... The blame does not rest on the shoulder of a few ppl or one single institution when it comes to the protection of our children... Every child is ur child...and each individual has a responsibility to protect them...even if it means that u have to face demented sickos. I believe this is the only way we can protect the children of Raajje, or the world for that matter.

    Children r still the ones with the least protection in Raajje... and yes, it does not help when Mullahs preach that 6/9 yr old's can get married, and try justifying it thru Islam...as has been done in many other Islamic countries. But anyone with a sound mind, who stops to think for a bit, will know that Islam does not and cannot permit children to be wed nor abused.

    Islam is light...and when children r abused, they grow up in darkness... Islam does not permit darkness to be brought on to ANYONE...let alone children...

  11. Death Penalty and Islamic Law would make sure no one dares to hurt a child. Ofcourse Human Rights NGOs would start supporting the imaginary rights of these pedophiles. One the one hand, they are calling for justice, but their form of Western laws and rules has not even solved the problem in western societies. So unless they can give a whole new system of laws and punishments, there is no basis to support western concept to fight crimes such as this.

    Pls try to do your own searches of western statistics of which countries has the highest rates of social crimes including rapes. Then see what laws each of these country has. Laws are what guarantee different types of punishments for criminals. So depending on which law and punishments actually works, you will see the results in those statistics (Common Sense).


    From even these statistics.. see where Saudi Arabia is. See if Western countries which are ruled by democracy are at the top or bottom of the list?

    Note- Saudi Arabia has strict Shariah and I am pretty sure families would be more then happy to know that even though there would be some crimes, they are way way waaaayyy better then any western country in the world at this moment. Hence, I vote for Shariah and I vote for Death Penalty!

  12. Islam is not the solution and if the so called Mullah or good Muslims really care why cant they at least protest for a cause like this? why?

    cause they are the ones who are deeply involved to abuse children and they are smart enough to escape from it using religion as a weapon.(Thats what i think)

    People need to understand the human values. as a human we all have a lot in common.

    Are we that dumb and ignorant that we don't understand how children's feel when we all were once them?

    I appreciate the work done by police and minivan news but still its not up to the level.

  13. Yeah Yeah a likely story.... afterall the death penalty has cleaned the Malaysian KL streets from drugs ... tell it to the birds.

    The Maldivians were told that they cant bring fire crackers (fataas) to this country. The death penalty was not needed. We are so obedient a population we have refrained from associating with fire crackers since 1988.

  14. Muad...In Saudi Arabia the statistics r not there...as neither child abuse nor rapes r reported. Also they also have what is known as "pleasure marriages" where a man can marry a child for an hour, a day, a week or whatever time period he chose. In return the family of the child gets lump sum of money. The child is sent back to the parents after he is done with her and oftentimes r unable to marry again.

    Statistic to do with women and children r misleading in most third world countries, and Arabic/Persian countries.

  15. Nor are the statistics of western countries upto the mark. C'mon, don't try to promote western values. They are no good either. Remember, underground cellar in Austria? Imagine how much goes unnoticed?!

  16. Reporting of abuse in even western societies are low, because of the complex and private nature of the crime. And some people seem to think that in countries where women are properties of men, where they cannot go outside without a man (the mahram who's probably abusing her!), where they have sex segregation and where people in authority are all men, in these countries such crimes will be properly reported. I'm amazed they are reported AT ALL in Saudi Arabia. How does a woman get an opportunity to report anything.

    These kind of crimes are deemed to be private and they are tolerated by this society, because most often than not the perpetrator is a family member and that person becomes more precious than the child. And I dont see any demonstrations outside any Minister's homes for stricter punishments for child abusers.

  17. death penalties, capital punishments is not going to solve the problems if there is no edaquate or efficient means to expose these people.
    in sharia law its very hard to prove especially rapes, incests etc..

    i think a better education (not the kind we get today but something more relevent and teaching how to relate to one another) could still do miracles. ofcourse its rational and is a long term plan, but if we do not have time for that, yes behead the ones 'CAUGHT'.

  18. it is well enough to call for death penalty. But with a justice system that is completely flawed what do we do when an innocent person is put to death. Is the only answer to such things harsh punishment. Does that really stop the crime. I doubt life in Saudi Arabia is as pure as some people depict.

  19. @Stewie

    Stewie, dear! These horrendous crimes were supposed to be proven beyond DOUBT because someone is LOSING his HEAD!

    Otherwise, a lady who does not like you will easily shout "rape!" and there goes your HEAD!

  20. Protecting children from sexual abuse is not a western value.


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