DRP reports Umar Naseer to police for use of party letterhead

The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), led by MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, have complained to police that the party’s former Deputy Leader was continuing to use the party’s logo and letterhead without authorisation of the DRP.

The DRP alleged that Naseer had sent a letter to the police concerning the recent protests, which was signed by Umar but with the letterhead of the DRP.

Yesterday the party told the press that Naseer had been violating the Political Parties Act and the decrees of the DRP council.

MP from former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s faction of the DRP, Ahmed Mahlouf, said it was “hard to believe that Umar Naseer would do something like that.”

“I do not think he actually did [send a letter],’’ Mahlouf said. “Thasmeen has just run out of things to do and wants to stay busy.’’

Whenever the opposition organised a protest, the police called and met with the organisers, said Mahlouf.

‘’We never send letters to police about protests, we always negotiate and discuss with them verbally,’’ he said.

Mahlouf said that if Naseer was to be banned from speaking at DRP rallies, Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) leader Dr Hassan Saeed should also be prevented from speaking at DRP-led rallies.

‘’For instance, I am the leader of DRP Youth Wing. If Umar is a person working closely with us, and we are organising a rally, why can’t he speak on DRP podiums?’’ Mahlouf questioned.

Mahlouf further stated that he did not believe that Naseer had been formally dismissed from the party, because Thasmeen had not followed due process.

“There is a suit filed in the court [concerning Naseer’s dismissal], hopefully we will win,’’ Mahlouf said.


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  1. This picture was taken when Umar ran for the president of this country.


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