Finance Minister and State Finance Minister resign

Local media has reported that Finance Minister Ahmed Inaz submitted his resignation today following an incident in which he was caught by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists while he was having a meeting with opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP and half-brother of former President, Abdulla Yameen.

The meeting was held inside Yameen’s car in a rarely visited area of Male’. MDP activists surrounded the car, which attempted to leave the area, and requested that Inaz step out because “it was wrong.” He was taken to party headquarters and pressured to resign.

Today Inaz told Minivan News that he would not like to say anything regarding the incident or about the rumors spread since Tuesday that he had resigned.

”Call the Press Secretary, he should tell the press very clearly,” he said when asked to confirm his resignation.

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair told Minivan News that Inaz had sent the President a letter but that the President had not read it yet.

”So we cannot confirm if it is a letter of resignation,” Zuhair said, adding that he has not attended since the incident.

Meanwhile, Yameen told the press that the meeting had been called by the Finance Minister to discuss the 2012 state budget, passed by the parliament earlier this week.

However, MDP activists allege that Inaz was plotting with Yameen and making secret deals.

Meanwhile, Adhaalath Party has condemned the action of MDP activists that night as uncivilized and degraded.

Adhaalath party issued a statement following the incident saying it was “regrettable and was against the spirit of the constitution, laws and Islamic Democratic principles.”

Today State Finance Minister Ahmed Naseer has also resigned, although according to Zuhair he did not mentioned the reason of his resignation.


27 thoughts on “Finance Minister and State Finance Minister resign”

  1. People rest easy. Opposition is all corrupting my friends and cannot withstand progress anymore. Yameen and ilk has nothing to fight for but an overthrow of legally elected government. Get used to losing losers!

  2. Minister Inaz is one of the Few Good Men in the administration. It is a sad day for the country.

  3. All hail Mr.Inaz....A brave man indeed,You have shown that there still are people who strongly believe in what is right, people who put the welfare of this country before the welfare of MDP thugs and its corrupt gangsters.

    This also opens the way for this government to pocket and pillage the tax money.Coming year will see huge and useless contracts awarded to MDP cronies including former film stars, people related to SAARC secretary general, foreign companies...and a President who hardly cares, a president who has ears only for a certain former movie star....Welcome to the Peoples republic North korea of Maldives.

  4. Yameen says the meeting was called by Inaz??at midnight in a car??Did public rule out homosexuality??

  5. OMG OMG LOL.. I wonder what Adhaalath will say about this secret rendezvous if our finance minister was a female. Then again, Yameen’s brother is Maumoon and uncle is Adullah Hameed. You decide…

  6. I think this argument has already been made but it is worth pointing out that Ali Waheed openly made plots with the MDP and is even rumored to have accepted bribes to switch party alliances.

    It is noteworthy that opposition parties had the decency to spare him the disgrace of a public beating.

    Poor Inaz. Like he said himself. The reality of this country now is that one who cannot summon his own personal militia for protection has no guarantee of surviving a life in politics. This should stand as a lesson to the misguided youth who think that they can jump straight out of College into the political arena.

  7. Inaz has not quit, he was set up. It is so obvious. There are too many convenient inconveniences going on here.
    He is a good Finance Minister and will continue to be. Please correct the facts Minivan!!! He has not resigned.

  8. Inaz shouldnt have been talking with Yameen. (Even if it may have been something regarding benefit to the Maldivian People), Inaz should not have talked to Yameen of all People !

    Never mind the fact that our President routinely talks with Thasmeen and had secret discussions with Alhan and Ali Waheed. Inaz SHOULD NOT have talked to Yameen. We as the party activists condemn a minister talking to the opposition in any form.

    The cops were smart to not get in our way that night. We are MDP activists. This shows that the law and the Police both are in our hands. All hail MDP ! The bringer of Street justice !

    Let this be a lesson to any Minister who talks to the opposition. The day we find it out, we'll drag you out on the streets and lynch you all ! And the cops will only show up to pick up your corpse ! SUch is our Power ! THE MDP Activists rule !

  9. Day by day Anni is showing the signs of a corrupt dictator... I wonder who would save us now..

  10. MDP has always been controlled by the mobs and few days it had the intellects controlling it! The mobs include Rekko and Mariya!! No clean person can survive in government!

  11. Inaz was clearly setup! Who set him up? Yamin, of course! The minute Inaz walked into Yamin's car, the Minister's political life was doomed. Yamin would have arranged for the MDP activists to turn up at the right time. This was all pre-planned by Yamin. This was no accident at all and I am 100% certain of this.

    You shouldn't play with fire, if you can't handle the heat. That's a life lesson for Inaz. This isn't a loss to the country at all. Inaz may have had a decent level of intelligence, but he had absolutely no sense of how to handle life on the "streets" as it were.

    It's immaterial what Inaz was discussing with Yamin. For all we know, Inaz may already have been badly compromised. I reckon Inaz might have been blackmailed by Yamin and this "meeting" was a last chance for Inaz to save his ass. Of course, Yamin let the bugger hang all by himself. That's the kind of wolf Yamin is.

    Let that be a lesson for all!

  12. Niyaz said he planned to resign after budget. Well... @012 budget was passed by Majlis on 27th. So what was there to talk about re budget.Inaz did not need Yameen's
    support in implementing it. That is if he really was planning to resign.
    I really wonder what these two were up to! Come clean.

  13. @Ahmed bin Addu bin Suvadheeb
    Not everybody is like Rekko and Mariya who can blackmail and sceduce BoSS! I believe Inaz is an honest guy, who was naive about the dirty politics both Yameen and President is playing, by compromising the future of ordinary citizens of Maldives. I think thIs was a good opportunity for inaz to get out of this dirty game with the excuse! He is smart! I wish him the best and hope he be safe from this dirty politics which minivannews is a mediator and effective tool for propaganda!!

  14. Inaz has been used by Anni and his gang. It was almost time to dispose him. There were rumors to dispose him with a vote of no confidence instigated by Mariya as Inaz was opposing opening against alcohol in habitat islands and 23rd dec MDP muzaahira. It was told one core MDP mp heard Mariya saying: "inaz needs to taught a lesson and be controlled as planned before he gets out of control". I wonder if this true, then this could be a setup of Mariya! Mariya is a Jariya!

  15. This is a sick and corropt amdinistration. We need change ... Everybody for once think with your sane minds ... Chaathun beyrun dhen kan kuranvee ..... Let's follow our dictators words

  16. Inaz was framed by Yamin. Inaz may have contacted Yamin through Moosa Zameer in good faith. But little did Inaz know that these guys are thugs who wouldn't leave a stone unturned to bring down this government. Oblivious to innocent Inaz, this dirty Yamin arranged for the MDP activists to come to the area n surround the area. Yamin wanted to prove that he has contacts within the inner circles of the government. Inaz was a scapegoat of Yamin's plot.

  17. When Finance Minister is found in a back seat of a car in the middle of the night, near kuni koshi, with Abdulla Hameed's Brother Yameen Abdull Gayoom its time for him to go.

  18. @Gi
    You have a sick mind! He was in back seat..he was in front seat as the photo in media showed!! Also I have full trust in him as he is not Mariya who is the Girl friend of the BOSS! How many times did people saw this affair during election time and now? One must wonder why she is ALL POWERFUL!!

  19. When a president does not condone acts of his patty activists, physically dragging a cabinet minister and kidnapping him, its time for him (the president) to go. Maldivians should stand united against mob rule

  20. The way the 'activists' of MDP mobbed Inaz is disgusting and reprehensible. This is not the kind of things to be condoned in the kind of society that I dream of.

    At the same time, Inaz and Yameen were cowards meeting in the dark and in car parked in front of the garbage dump of the island like desperate lovers.

    It is possible for a minister to meet an opposition leader in private for a meeting in good faith without resorting to such a clandestine type of meeting.

    Knowing our 'Mafia Boss' Yameen, it is quite obvious this was no such meeting. It is typical Yameen tactics to buy off and penetrate the government leadership. I wouldn't need to write his motives as they are quite obvious.

  21. "Knowing our ‘Mafia Boss’ Yameen, it is quite obvious this was no such meeting. It is typical Yameen tactics to buy off and penetrate the government leadership."

    Very true. Only difference is that in Sicily, the "mob" would have killed Inaz on the spot. In Male, at least they had the decency to spare his life. He should be grateful for that!

    Inaz failed to do his homework. He didn't realise who his real enemies were and it's apparent he knew very little about his enemies. The actions of the "mob" spared him further indignation and damage in the future.

  22. Inaz can meet him where ever he wants! It's common knowledge that, they couldn't have met at either residences nor in a resort if they wanted without public commotion!

  23. the real enemy of Inaz or any decent person in Maldives is the Corrupt and powerhungry thugs (both at the core of MDP, PPM, Adaalath, DRP and QP). Don't try to fool us that Yameen is the common enemy, he is one among the enemy, but NOT THE ONLY one!! Mariya, Rekko, Jabir..etc are all enemy of the STATE!!


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