Foreign minister “very critical” after heart attack

Foreign Minister Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla has been admitted to intensive care in Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital after suffering a severe heart attack.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has described the minister’s condition as “very critical”.

Dr Samad, 67, has served in numerous roles for both the Maldives Health Ministry and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

He has also served as the first High Commissioner of the Republic of Maldives to the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in March 2012.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman explained that Dr Samad had originally travelled to Singapore for medical purposes. Local media has reported that the purpose of the trip was to undergo kidney dialysis.

It has also been reported that Samad underwent heart bypass surgery 15 years ago.


12 thoughts on “Foreign minister “very critical” after heart attack”

  1. I wouldn't very much like to speak about a person when he or she is having a hard time.

    But, everybody would agree that Samad has betrayed democracy.

    And if he has done heart surgery, he would have really found it hard to cope, going against the truth. I mean, it would have been really stressful.

    This is a great lesson to people like Baaqee Waheed. Let's imagine his health condition!

    Never betray the truth. You would have to face the consequences. SOMEDAY!!!!!

  2. Off to Singapore's Mount Elizabeth as usual. When one of us gets sick, where do we go? Oh right, we rot in bed.

  3. @Afeefa : you would like very much but you have what good does just saying that make :p

    I think You MDPians are craaaazy...cult followers...worse than the Klu Klux Clan...

    Everyone who doesnt follow your view isnt a Baaqeee
    Just because he is the opposing party doesnt make him a baaaaqeee...

    I think you people will even call you parents baaqee if they dont follow your views...such disgraceful people...tsk tsp

    N before u get hot headed calling me a baaqeee id like to say im not "affiliated" with any party nor do i support Anni, Waheed, Yameen or Gasim.

    O btw while MDP is speaking up for democracy...human rights blah go on calling a man on his death bed a baaqeee ...i know you are entitled to your opinion but at least have the grace to wish him a speedy recovery....he is a human being after all...

    such contempt and hate....afeefa....
    you should look into reconnecting with your humanity.

  4. @T-Rex,

    So Afeefa's opinion makes all "MDPians" crazy? Why ?because she telepathically informed you that she speaks for all MDP members, voters and supporters?

    And your chest thumping declaration that you do not support any of the candidates makes you apolitical? That is believable especially when you make your declaration after a rant against a political party which was never even mentioned in the post you were replying to.

    Always amusing to come across this haughty declaration of "not supporting a political party" - followed up with some nonsensical political speech with references to Ku Klux Klan, Hitler, Satan thrown in as in comparison to a political party.

  5. Funny how the opposition mouthpieces whine about 'humanity' when their regime has committed crimes against humanity.

    Where was the mouthpiece when rape victims are flogged? When innocents are labeled as murderers and their lives ruined? Where was it when mercenaries assaulted our elected representatives with clear intentions to kill?

    This is why I'll say this.

    Tango down.

  6. To all those who r tryin to bring politics into this- For goodness sake! A man has just had a severe heart attack and is at his death bed. It cud happen to anyone!
    Spare a thought for his family and loved ones rather than bickering about politics and who's ideology is superior!!!
    @afeefa and @T-Rex. U are a prime example of what is wrong with this nation!

  7. @peasant:

    Did i say that Afeefas opinion was the one that convinced me that MDP ppl are crazy?
    I have to say i do not have any telepathic ability 🙂
    and nor did i say i was APOLITICAL... i said i do not support any political party...doesnt mean i dont ahve any political views.

    well everyone knows that its MDPians who call the rest of the people BAaaqeees...

    It was NOT a heart thumping declaration...and nor was i giving a political speech..there is a difference between opinion and speeches.

    @K : im jus pointing out why people have to call others baaqees when a man is in critical condition.
    I have sent my wishes to the family and im jus defending a man on his death bed and the lack of humanity of some people.
    If that is whats wrong with the nation so be it.

  8. @K One of my grandparents died of a heart attack too. I wish we had the money to go to Singapore. No one mourns for a poor fisherman. But when a politician is sick we are supposed to be respectful.


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