Dr Asim Ahmed appointed Acting Foreign Affairs Minister

The government has appointed Education Minister Dr Asim Ahmed as Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs following the death this week of Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla.

Dr Samad, 67, was pronounced dead yesterday (August 25) at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, where he had been undergoing kidney dialysis.

The late foreign minister had been admitted to the hospital in critical condition on August 20 after suffering a severe heart attack. He had undergone heart bypass surgery 15 years ago.

“On behalf of the government and people of the Maldives, and on his own behalf, President Waheed extends his heartfelt condolences, at this time of national tragedy, to the family of the late Dr Abdul Samad,” read a statement from the President’s Office.

“The President recognises Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla’s sincere services to the government and the people of Maldives, especially as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives, in strengthening diplomatic relations with other countries,” the statement added.

Dr Samad has served in numerous roles for both the Maldives Health Ministry and the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Foreign minister “very critical” after heart attack

Foreign Minister Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla has been admitted to intensive care in Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital after suffering a severe heart attack.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has described the minister’s condition as “very critical”.

Dr Samad, 67, has served in numerous roles for both the Maldives Health Ministry and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

He has also served as the first High Commissioner of the Republic of Maldives to the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in March 2012.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman explained that Dr Samad had originally travelled to Singapore for medical purposes. Local media has reported that the purpose of the trip was to undergo kidney dialysis.

It has also been reported that Samad underwent heart bypass surgery 15 years ago.


Hithadhoo fisherman dies of heart attack at sea

A 51 year-old man from Hithadhoo in Seenu Atoll died of a heart attack while on a fishing trip with 15 others last night.

Ibrahim Mohamed ‘Ibrahim Kalo’ was fishing from the boat ‘Shaan’ within a one nautical mile of Hithadhoo when he died, reports Haveeru.

“He looked fine when we set out. We were just off the island of Hulhudhoo catching bait when he fell down and was completely still. There was no pulse and he wasn’t breathing. We immediately set off for Hithadhoo,” another man on the vessel told Haveeru.