Government appoints attorney general as acting human rights minister

Attorney General (AG) Azima Shukoor has been appointed as Acting Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights, the President’s Office has announced.

Shukoor’s appointment comes at a time when the government has committed itself to review laws it has previously claimed discriminate against – and in some cases criminalise –  women and minors believed to be the victims of sexual abuse.

President’s Office Media Secretary Masood Imad declined to speculate on the reason for reappointing the role of acting gender minister, stating only that there was “not much time” and limited resources at the government’s disposal to “get its house in order”.

Masood told Minivan News last month that the Maldives had experienced a number of similar criminal cases of late where young women had been victimised and punished by authorities – a situation he said the government was looking to prevent.

“We are reviewing this right now and if we have to go to the extent of changing existing laws then we would look to do this,” he said.

The Gender Ministry and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs were among the state bodies requested to be part of any potential review, Masood has previously claimed.

Such commitments were made as authorities come under intense scrutiny from local and international civil society organisations following global media coverage of the trial and conviction of a 15 year-old girl on the island of Feydhoo in Shaviyani Atoll for fornication.

In a separate criminal case, the same 15 year-old girl has been identified as a victim of child abuse after giving birth to a baby later discovered last year buried in the outdoor shower area of her home.

Her stepfather was later charged with child sexual abuse, possession of pornographic materials and committing premeditated murder.

Azima Shukoor was not responding to calls from Minivan News at time of press.

Previous ministers

The acting gender minister position has previously been filled by Minister of Environment and Energy Dr Mariyam Shakeela.

Dr Shakeela was appointed as acting minister on November 21 last year as a replacement for Dhiyana Saeed, who was dismissed from the role for acting in a manner the President’s Office has previously said was not suited for a minister.

Dhiyana had strongly criticised President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik and his government over the arrest of her husband, Kaashidhoo MP Abdullah Jabir, who was arrested under suspicion of drinking alcohol.

Jabir re-joined the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) following the arrest.


10 thoughts on “Government appoints attorney general as acting human rights minister”

  1. "Jabir re-joined the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) following the arrest."

    Jabir is quite a character isn't he? I clearly recall what Jabir had to say, after Nasheed was thrown out of office. He claimed that Nasheed was trying to make "this place like New York".

    I hope the irony is not lost on Jabir. If (which is a big if), the place did turn into New York, he could drink freely everywhere, not just on an uninhabited island! So, the question now is, whether Jabir would like "the place to be like New York", so he could drink freely everywhere?

    Personally, I don't care whether Jabir likes to enjoy alcoholic beverages or not (it's between him and his creator). What I do care about is weasels who can't make up their mind on which side of the fence they should sit.

  2. Troubleshooter - or troublemaker? Hatchetman (oops woman)? No (more) comment

  3. MDP welcomes people Jabir, Sarange, IH Zaki. The main criteria to be close to MDP core is 1) Have to drink wine and beer, 2) Have to mock Islam, 3)Have a affair to someone's wife or a teenager. look around the main MDP core and tell me who is clean? very few! Even if you look at the young MDP leadership like the kids who are on street when Anni tells them. Gayoom was more secretive in these agenda of drinking

  4. This idiot, when she was in the Ministry of Home Affair during Gayooms time, She is respocible for all the inhuman activities in Maldive Prison.
    Oh, People of Maldives, please kindly get rid of, she is a demented person like Gayoom. How can she be in the position of Human rights Maldives.

  5. @shue on Fri, 8th Mar 2013 4:06 AM

    "The main criteria to be close to MDP core is 1) Have to drink wine and beer, 2) Have to mock Islam, 3)Have a affair to someone’s wife or a teenager."

    Hang on a second. I'm not a fan of MDP, but the characteristics you mention seem to be the hallmark of the AVERAGE Maldivian! Take a good look around. How many people can you count, who DO NOT engage in what you've listed?

  6. @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb @shue
    Yes, many maldivians are today into those activities. But does that mean we have to accept it and more over accept people like jabir who are so low? You sounds more of giving up on this society? then lets migrate

  7. @Aliful on Fri, 8th Mar 2013 5:17 PM

    "Yes, many maldivians are today into those activities. But does that mean we have to accept it and more over accept people like jabir..."

    No, not at all. I was highlighting the mud slinging remark targeting a particular party, i.e. MDP. As I mentioned I'm no fan of MDP or Jabir, but I personally do not like mud slinging to score political points. If someone wants to score points, then it's better done constructively.

    The solution lies in raising the moral standards of society. We should not leave this task just to those who call themselves "scholars". When was the last time a major political party organised a public seminar on Islamic values and standards? That's my point.

  8. Why cant Waheed just get rid of this inflated colossus? Dhiyana for AG! or even dr Munnavar.

  9. @Aliful on Fri, 8th Mar 2013 5:17 PM

    Do you mean you get to say what others should do or not?


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