Government to withdraw no-confidence against MMA Governor

The government will withdraw a no-confidence motion against Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) Governor Fazeel Najeeb, President Mohamed Nasheed announced last night.

Briefing press about a meeting with opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Leader Ahmed Thasmeen, President Nasheed said that he did not believe the motion should be carried forward at a time when the government had proposed sweeping economic reforms.

“In my view, it should not be brought to the floor,” he said. “I will inform the Speaker of Parliament in a letter [Sunday] to this effect. I feel that we will need Fazeel Najeeb’s experience at a time when we are bringing major changes to the government’s economic and fiscal policy and we should acknowledge the work that he has done.”

He added that the government believed it could “go forward” with Fazeel Najeeb as the governor of MMA.

The President’s announcement comes after a five member sub-committee of the opposition-dominated Public Accounts Committee evaluated the complaints against Najeeb and declared the stated nine reasons “baseless.”

On the charge of not attending MMA board meetings, the sub-committee found that Najeeb had chaired 82 percent of the central bank’s board meetings.

The sub-committee consisted of MPs ‘Colonel’ Mohamed Nasheed and Abdulla Abdul Raheem from the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and MPs Ali Azim and Dr Abdulla Mausoom from the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP).

Local media however reported today that parliamentary procedure might not allow the motion to be withdrawn at this stage, with the Public Accounts Committee due to present its report to the floor.

In March this year, the MDP parliamentary group called for Najeeb’s dismissal, accusing him of “repeatedly failing to fulfill his legal obligations.”


7 thoughts on “Government to withdraw no-confidence against MMA Governor”

  1. Few months’ back “Fazeel Najeeb” was a villain not fit to be the governor of MMA! Now, our President has declared that the country needs the service and expertise of Fazeel Najeeb. What should we make of this situation? I believe that our president is of no sound mind. His mid work like a windmill!

  2. Very likely one of Thasmeen's request to the President Nasheed, since Najeeb is a buddy of Thasmeen.

  3. Even if there is no major corruption, MDP's move to raise doubts about the MMA Governors is very much justified because of his special links with the opposition. That's good politics. Remember that MMA Governor has to be non-political.

    In the coming days, we will know if this is a part of a deal. Has the MMA Governor become more obedient to Government requests now after being put under pressure or would his brother MP Maseeh aligned to MDP?

    Citizens will find out soon.

  4. Even if Raees Nasheed say's Governor Fazeel Najeeb is a disgrace and as useless scrap material in the central bank. Fazeel lacks leadership, intellect and any other qualities to be a governor of this tiny nation. He is a mere puppet of Yameen. Public see it this way and the whole MMA mid management believes this is true. Lets wait and see when Nasheed would say otherwise.

  5. in english this is called 'you get what you deserve'!

    you elect monkeys and in return you get peanuts~!


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