HRCM lacks a religious scholar: Adhaalath party

The Adhaalath Party has called on parliament and President Mohamed Nasheed to include a religious scholar in the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives [HRCM], as stipulated in the constitution.

“HRCM is an institute established according to the constitution of the Maldives. The constitution very clearly states how to appoint members for the commission,’’ said a statement issued by the party. “According to the constitution, the Human Rights Commission should consist of people with different skills, [one of which] is that there should be a person educated in the field of Islam.”

The lack of such a person was a “constitutional absence”, the statement said. “Therefore, members are currently being appointed for the commission, we appeal to the president and parliament to focus attention on including persons from different areas in the commission.’’

The party also said it hoped parliament and president would endeavor to keep independent commissions, such as HRCM, free from people of partisan political background.

Press Secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair, said that the president would give due consideration to the Adhaalath Party’s request.

”I think it is a requirement mentioned in the constitution,” said Zuhair, “and of course the president gives high priority to requirements mentioned in the constitution.”

The parliament last week appointed three members for the HRCM, out of eight names proposed by the president.

The three members appointed for HRCM were Maryam Azra Ahmed of Maafannu Hukuradhige, Jeehaan Mahmood of Dheyliyage in Hinnavaru of Lhaviyani Atoll and Ahmed Thalal of Henveiru Adduge. Former President of HRCM Ahmed Saleem was not approved by the parliament.


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  1. @Ahmed Aliased on Thu, 19th Aug 2010 6:39 PM :

    First learn to give a little respect to yourself, then come back and I might answer you in great details.

    I feel nothing but sympathy for you, dear Mulla Aliased. You need professional help!

    Take care of yourself, take a little rest.

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    You started this balderdash - and when we oppose you, you automatically label us as 'proponents of same sex marriage' or 'pink gurus' or whatever.

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    Why?. You're the one obsessed with same-sex marriage, pornography, drug pushing and yet you consider yourself a "good muslim".

    If that is what it means to be a "good muslim", then I'll say this - no thanks!. I don't ant to live and die a hypocrite!.

    And a braggart telling me to stop 'bragging'?. Tsk tsk. What irony.

  3. You guys all talk nonsense here. And most of you all are out of the topic.

  4. @Ahmed Aliased

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  6. wahhabis are intolerant even with other muslims. look how they use 'sufi' as if it is something to insult a person with. wahhabism (of all forms and types) is a far cry from what the prophet brought to us.

  7. and including a religious scholar is not a must. it does mention several other examples.examples!

    however, i do agree it is ok to have someone with the knowledge of islam there. because people constantly keep accusing that human rights is a western innovation.while islam and all major religions have the basic idea of human rights in their core teachings; the golden rule. islam did not invent it, it has been around for a long time. it was reiterated in islam as well.

    however this does not mean a wahhabi adhaalath nutjob should be in there. from religious council to parliamentary religious council to this...adhaaalath is always after power. and they have chosen religion to gain this power. these are the people who said which ever party comes to power, they will be at their side.

    adhaalathism is something like fascism. a political ideology which misinterprets islam to bully their opponents and lure the masses towards them. adhaalathian utopia is an impossibility.

    "And when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to place a viceroy (khalifah) in the earth, they said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee? He said: Surely I know that which ye know not." [Quran 02:30]

    if we look around we will see who and who are doing the part of being such a khalifah and rebuilding the earth. helping people. spreading good. spreading love. it most certainly are not the political islamists. that, is the duty of muslims. not bombing and killing and threatening and grabbing power and abusing power.


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