India and Sri Lanka to be added to Maldives ferry network, says Transport Minister

The government will connect neighbouring countries including Sri Lanka and India to its growing ferry transport network, Minister for Transport and Communication Adhil Saleem said today.

The government is in discussions with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) to add its member countries to Maldives Transportation Network, under phase two of the rollout of the ferry network.

There is currently no scheduled passenger ferry service between the Maldives and other countries, with travellers forced to fly to their destinations.

Domestically, all provinces have at least a skeletal ferry service in place, Minivan News understands, while the Ministry’s statistics show that the new ferry transportation network has completed over 311,000 ferry trips since it began operation last year. A government bus service has completed an additional 49,204 trips.

Inter-island ferry transportation in the Maldives has historically been limited to private operators working to sporadic timetables. More commonly, passengers to an island such as Maalhos in Alif Atoll would travel on an unscheduled vessel owned by someone on the island, such as a shop owner, for a variable price. Chartering a local vessel could cost up to Rf 1000 (US$77).

Now, a government ferry from Male’ to Maalhos costs a fixed Rf 50 (US$3.90). Inter-atoll island hopping is set at Rf 20 (US$1.50).

Speaking at the Transport Ministry today, Adhil said that the transportation network had proven to be “very successful”, with “much more demand than we estimated.”

The service was intended to commence after three years, he said, but upon request by the government the ferries had commenced with the best available service possible.

”This year the work of establishing ferry terminals will commence, and in some areas has already begun while in others has been completed,” he said.

”Today we can see short eats made on one island sold in another islands of that atoll, we can see mangoes produced in one island sold in other islands of the atoll, we can see horse mackerel caught in Thinadhoo’s reef sold and eaten in Fuvamulah,” he said. ”Many of the people are benefiting economically and socially through this ferry system.”


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  1. Well one thing you did well Anni. This is something which Qayyoom couldnt do in 30 years. Well done. I don't really like you and your governemnt, but what is good has to be praised. Keep it up. I think the ferry link with India and Sri Lanka will help Maldivians who are travelling to these countries at high cost Airline tickets. It would be a great thing if done properly. Many european countries already have this sea link between them. Maldives should do prior research and study from them before they set up this thing. Good Luck for the transport ministry.

  2. A good infrastructure is the key to economic progress. Great work there but incompetency and corruption within the 3 governing branches is crippling Mr.president can you deal with that.

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  4. Is this government going crazy.... W

    hy don't we supply renewable energy to Sri Lanka and India when the never ending Falcon Energy project is done..

  5. Congratulations. We opening another conduit for drug imports. Anni you have a porn star as your cabinet member. Wonder what he will come out next. His father brought the hoover craft MTCC. Remember. This family lives in "Dreamland"

  6. For God's sake send Velezinee to Kolhumbu or Uthurukara on one of these ferries!


  7. 4th paragraph. last sentence...RF1000 us not $770. I think the editor should correct it.

  8. when will the USA be added?

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    Why exactly should she go do you think? Was it because she survived a stabbing in the back by a group of cowards that want her dead because she is putting her life on the line for this country to expose the very same people? Or maybe you have a more important reason why she should go, please do explain for the benefit of the other misinformed individuals. Oh and maybe you could do this on an article relating to that particular topic? Open your mind and think outside the box, you really will thank me in the end.

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  11. why did velizinee come up here. Velzinee is the most courageous women in maldives. Way to go Vel.


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