Religious Unity Act in hands of Ibra, claims Adhaalath Party

The Adhaalath Party, led by State Islamic Minister Sheikh Hussein Rasheed, has claimed that the Religious Unity Act is in the hands of the leader of the Social Liberal Party (SLP), Ibrahim ‘Ibra’ Ismail.

”The Religious Unity Act, which the government has obstructed from being [published in the gazette] was drafted with the assistance of three Attorney Generals,” the Adhaalath Party said.

”According to the information we have, the Act was first drafted with the full assistance of former Attorney General Dhiyana Saeed, during the former administration.”

The Act was refined by Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Baari, Sheikh Hussein Rasheed, Head of Fiqh Academy Sheikh Ali Zahir Bin Saeed Gasim, Sheikh Ahmed Zahir, Sheikh Ahmed Saleem, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Religious Council’s former leader Sheikh ‘BA’ Naseem and Deputy Islamic Minister Mohamed Farooq before sending it to the President’s Office.

After receiving the draft Act, President Mohamed Nasheed held a meeting with Commissioner of Police Ahmed Faseeh, Sheikh Shaheem, Dr Baari and Sheikh Hussein Rasheed and recommended that the Act should be sent to then-Attorney General Husnu Suood before publishing in the gazette, said Adhaalath Party.

”Suood referred to the Act and brought some amendments, and removed many articles. He then said it was fine and sent it to be published on the gazette,” Adhaalth said. ”But then the President said there were some policy issues, discussed the matter in the cabinet, and sent it back to the Islamic Ministry requesting they solve those policy issues.”

After amending the draft, the Islamic ministry sent it to the current AG, Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad. The Ministry held a meeting with Sawad and again sent the draft to be published in the government’s gazette after adding his comments.

”While we were waiting for it to be published in the gazette, Ibra called from the President’s Office and said that he was now in charge of the Religious Unity Act, and that there were some amendments that should be brought to it,” the party said. ”Except for a few, he proposed amendments to all the articles in it.”

”This is now the status of the Religious Unity Act that was drafted by many religious experts and three attorney generals of the state.”

Press Secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair, said today that the new regulations would be published in the gazette ”hopefully by next week.”

”Ibra is now discussing the draft with the Islamic Ministry and other concerned authorities,” said Zuhair. ”There are many government authorities that are related to the new regulations.”

The government have to research whether there will be any obstacle in implementing any regulation in three ways, Zuhair said.

”We have to study whether there will be any legal, social or economic obstacles to its implementation,” he said, insisting that Ibra was not deliberately delaying publication of the Act in the government’s gazette.


43 thoughts on “Religious Unity Act in hands of Ibra, claims Adhaalath Party”

  1. Ibra is one who always advocated that people of other religions also have a right to live in this world. Unlike the self centred ignorant axxholes in the ministry.

    A good move.

  2. What kind of confusing mis information is this article spreading.

    The first paragraph says the Act is in the hands of Ibrahim Ismail the Leader of SLP, and down the article it mentions an Ibrahim Mohamed from President's Office is amending the act.

    And secondly its not an ACT its a Regulation! An Act is something passed by the Parliament.

    Seriously minivannews you really should increase your standards of reporting

  3. There is no way that it will not be an obstacle if it allows a national council or Committee to be formed that will decide what is Islamic and what is not Islamic. We do not have such spiritual religious leaders in our country.

  4. What is this religious unity act? And I wonder what are those policy differences and differences between Anni and Religious Ministry in this Act?

  5. This religious unity act is against our constitution and the freedoms that we have worked so hard to achieve. If we had taken a couple of steps forward with our new constitution, this is most certainly six steps backwards.

    Adhaalath party thinks they can dictate what a Maldivian identity is? They have no clue because they are lost with their delusions of gradure when it comes to islam.

    Being Maldivian is not being arabic!!!

  6. @ Smoky Lungs

    "Being Maldivian is not being arabic!!!"

    Nor is being Maldivian being western!

    Arabs have ruled in the Maldivian throne, my dear. Check your history!

  7. @heck

    Wonderful reasoning man! Superb how you pull out rhetoric out of your ass so effortlessly.

    You are the Aristotle of modern times.

  8. @ smoky Lungs "being a madivian is not being arbic!" bt u knw EVRY maldivian shuld b a muslim

  9. I have no confidence in Ibra. Ibra did not vote for for the change which allowed for women to run for presidency in the constitution. As a woman, i find Ibra's being in charge frankly, quite disturbing

  10. @Heck.

    You have the same twisted logic as Dr Mauroof who sits in Adalaath Party.

    I think you are him.

    The level to which his mouth opens physically is equivalent to the level his brain is open to what goes around in the world.

    Tell me Heck, how many Arabs ruled the Maldives? Can you list them since you know them so well?

    You know, I agree there were a few people who were appointed as Judges in the past in our country. One is Ibn Batuta.

    That is because some of us Maldivians have a tendency to believe that if one speaks Arabic one is an expert in everything. People who speak Arabic is made to believe that they are the true Muslims and takes after the Prophet.

    There is also a tendency among some of us to also believe that if one has white skin the person is also an expert.

    The belief exists then and now.

    To conclude, even if we had an Arab or a French or a Japanese as a King in the past doesn't mean Maldivians are any of these people.

    Maldivians are Maldivians. If you want to be an Arab, go to Saudi Arabia and live like one.

  11. @ heck

    Maldivians are Arabs? How? I thought only two "foreigners" ruled Maldives: that Portuguese leader and that Malabari leader.

    If you mean to say that Maldives have had "foreign" rulers, they are certainly not Arabic.

    Practice what you preach. Check your facts.

  12. if Ibra is involved, definitely he will amend it in a right way.He is only one who understands it better then all the others (politician in Maldives)and he really talks on behalf of people.Not for his own advantages.

    Let us go forward with our nation with solid rules and regulation in every field.which will help our future generation.

    its been years that we are in a puzzle which cannot be solved by any means.let us now have a full democracy, which helps us progress in all fields no matter what challenges we face.

    We should not follow the path of westerns by Keep in mind our beliefs. Islamic law is the best law for all humans.

  13. Dear heck,

    I know that you think you're a good debater, and you make sense and good arguments. But you're mistaking yourself for somebody with half a wit. You're not a good debater, you never make sense, and you haven't made a cogent argument ever.

    I just thought I'd clear this up for you.

  14. We have to see what the majority wants (as this is a democracy now). I think only few like Hilath and Veliziney wants other religions and same sex marriage in Maldives.

  15. cool! fire ignites deep inside of people who does not have common senses.pseudo,your so corrupted.

  16. @heck,
    Face plant again? I have a feeling you might completely disappear as heck and continue with your other aliases.
    Pls don't do that.

  17. Yes Ibra will ammend it with the taste of Secularism and Atheists mentality! We know how his mind work! Lets see if he can sleep when he gets old and his son daughter revolt for their so called rights such as Gay rights and etc!! Ibra well done!

  18. These people in the Adaalat Party should be sent back to Saudi Arabia and to live in the desert looking after their camel.

    We are not Arabs and never will be. We are Maldivians and our religion is Islam. You do not have to ape Arabs to be a good Muslim.
    We have been Muslims for centuries and till this bearded weirdos came back from Saudi Arabia, we had harmony and peace in this country.
    No one had wanted to build a church or temple here before. No one kept underage girls as concubines. No one went of terrorism fed highs to fight in Afghanistan or anywhere else.

    The sooner we Maldivians get rid of these So called "Arabs" the better it will be for all Maldivians and we can go and live peacefully and follow our religion, the peaceful religion of Islam instead of the perverted version they promote.

  19. I'm a proponent of not only these regulations being relegated to the trash can where it truly belongs, but also for the repealing of the Religious Unity Act of 1994.

    The constitution does more than a commendable job of maintaining (dictating?) religious homogeneity in this country - any further addition to it only gives some vested wahhabi interests the state resources to override democracy and arabize this country permanently.

    Their aim is to destroy our identity completely and before we know it, we'd be listed as an "Arab" country. (The same story that happened in Egypt in early days)

    Instead, we could have some better laws for protecting our national identity and save it from unpatriotic fools suffering from severe identity crisis (like some in this very comment thread)

    By far the most important thing the present government could do, however, is to get rid of the utterly useless Ministry of Islamic Affairs. They're a white elephant that's sucking away all our resources (10% of infrastructure budget, our zakat funds, and so many more millions throw at them.. for what?)

    We'd rather have democracy, a modern education policy and be true south asian Dhivehi speaking Mahl people, thanks.

  20. It all boils down to :
    Do we want western education or Arabian ignorance?

    I am sure if both are presented to the public as they are, without the mumbo jumbo, hatred, intimidation
    / not scaring the shit out of general public, PEOPLE will decide whats best for them.

  21. We the Maldivian had the root of the most beautiful way of life “Great Buddha”. It is not religion as all religions sucks. Lest go back to our origin. Let’s form a movement “Go back Buddhism”

  22. @ yaamyn

    Agree with U. Only one regulation is required, that too immediately - banning visits of preachers like Zakir Naik & Bilal Philips.

  23. heck or "Doctor" Mauroof or whatever just disappeared?

    I'm still waiting for the list of "Arab" rulers who supposedly ruled Maldives.

    Despite heck's vague reference to our history, the history that is available to us Maldivians do not list Arabs as Maldivian kings although people like Ibn Batuta have been appointed judges because they in their days were more qualified for such posts.

    heck or Mauroof seems to be a hypocrite bent on creating mischief among the Ummah. Like creating fake hadees and sunnaiy, these hypocrites will do nothing but destroy Islam apart.

    So, go on, heck or Mauroof, we are all waiting for "your" list of "Arab-Maldivian kings."

  24. all ignorant ppl listen...all of u ppl are out of ur minds...cox i beliv u ppl do nt knw the beaty of u ppl want to allow thngs which are prohibited in islam...n who evr u ppl are our beloved prophet is frm madina...where is it?
    remember if u keep ths ingnorance thn wait n watch in the day of judgment whether u are ryt or to whom ur throwin wrds...n thn it will b too late....
    prophet sed it is sign tht wen the day of judgment is near ppl will shw the faults of the religious scholars n throw wrds at religion n moreover those ignorant ppl do nt knw tht they are sayn wrds at prophet Muhamed sallallah alaihi wassalam......
    learn religion 1st to argue such...
    n learn in which language u ppl will talk in the day of judgment...
    n also do learn why were u sent down to earth(the purpos of life) wht is ny 1 of u knw it?
    i doubt....
    may Allah shw u all the pure faith of eaman...Ameen...

  25. Peace be upon you all. Islam is still the best. Just because some traitors used Islam to further their agendas does not mean its a fault of the religion.

  26. Hey light ray

    I applaud that you are defending Islam; but could you please use a keyboard instead of a mobile phone. You are making us look silly.

    May you be punished for your irreverence.

  27. @ light ray..

    Islam strongly asks to use your brain as only humans are created with intelligence..

    Think and question your mullahs.. And they will tell you to believe first. Without any doubt.. And don't question...

    But islam strongly believes in questioning...

    "ban the use of religion in politics"

  28. @light ray
    "prophet sed it is sign tht wen the day of judgment is near ppl will shw the faults of the religious scholars n throw wrds at religion n moreover those ignorant ppl do nt knw tht they are sayn wrds at prophet Muhamed sallallah alaihi wassalam……"

    Tell you a secrete. These words of the Prophet came true from the very minute he spoke them! Yes, that's correct; the day of judgement has been upon us since the time of the Prophet!

    Learn from your ignorance, will you?

  29. heheheh....i have known that to talk you munafiqs is a useless thing...just wait for the day of judgment to cry over your Allah punish you from the worst punishments and give you the worst grave punishments...Ameen...

  30. only humans are created with intelligence? first time I hear that

    *also eagerly waiting for heck's "list"*

  31. heheheheh....i know that it is useless to talk you munafiqs...and i tell you, religion and politics, these are two things which cannot be
    May Almighty Allah punish you for your behavior and irreverence to our religion...Ameen...
    Also when you know the reality, it will be too late to repent...wait and watch o.. people of ignorance...

  32. @ Ummath

    “ban the use of religion in politics”

    Islam is not Buddhism to wear an orange sari and forget the world we live in.

    Islam is a complete way of life and politics, society, commerce, marriage, war, jihad, prayers, charity, pilgrimage - nothing of which can ever be BANNED in Islam.

    Separating religion and politics is a thing of the Christian church in the Medieval age, because priests believed science was blasphemy. Think of the numerous people of sciences who were burned at the stake at the orders of the pope or various priests of the church!

    Islam has no clash with science, my dear Ummath.

    Wake up and brush your teeth first!

  33. @ Z-nut

    "Only one regulation is required, that too immediately – banning visits of preachers like Zakir Naik & Bilal Philips"

    Why? Because they make Atheists pee in their pants by simple arguments?

  34. @ yaamyn

    "They’re a white elephant that’s sucking away all our resources (10% of infrastructure budget, our zakat funds, and so many more millions throw at them.. for what?"

    Zakath in obligatory on MUSLIMS.

    I wonder you ever paid a single cent as zakat, did you?

    You bunch of Atheists might not need Islamic Ministry, but we Muslims need it just like their is a Tourism Ministry to take care of tourism.

    If the Islamic ministry has to be abolished then we have to abolish all the ministries and even the President.

    Check the Constitution my dear!

    Article 2:
    Republic of the Maldives:
    The Maldives is a sovereign, independent, democratic Republic based on the principles of Islam, and is a
    unitary State, to be known as the Republic of the Maldives.

    Article 10:
    State Religion : The religion of the State of the Maldives is Islam. Islam shall be the one of the basis of all the laws of the Maldives.
    No law contrary to ANY tenet of Islam shall be ENACTED in the Maldives.

    You just know how to blabber, no?

  35. @ Ismail

    "I am sure if both are presented to the public as they are, without the mumbo jumbo, hatred, intimidation / not scaring the shit out of general public, PEOPLE will decide whats best for them."

    Yes, without all the hatred, intimidation by Secularists and Atheists and Islamophobics 24/7, people will no doubt choose Islamic way of life, best for them, without mumbo jumbo.

    Couldn't agree with you more!

    Keep on fighting for Islam and one day these Secularists and Atheists are gonna flee like the smoke of a cigarette into thin air!

  36. @heck (nut)

    "Islam is not Buddhism to wear an orange sari and forget the world we live in"

    Dont make fun of other religions. Japan follows Buddhism and is an ëconomic super power.

    No need to compare social, political or economic conditions of Japan with that of countries like Egypt, Tunisia,Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq etc etc.

    Our Mullahs still preach the same century old laws and propagate child marriages, curbs on women, no priority/importance to education, criticise democracy, religious rigidness etc etc. that gives rise to unemployment that is directly linked to extremism of the worst kind. This sort of preaching is not there in Buddhism, Hinduism or Christanity.

  37. Well, if Ibra truly cares for the country, he'll set that so-called religious unity bill to flames and scatter the ashes.

    Assuming the adhaalath parteys are even telling the truth. Knowing them, they realized the jig was up and is trying to lay the blame with someone completely unrelated.

    Because a religion that needs to oppress the people using such draconian measures in order to propagate it's faith is a religion that that only deserves to be laughed at.

  38. heck, we are still waiting for the list of “Arab” rulers who supposedly ruled Maldives.

  39. Is someone a bit blasphemic about Buddhism here? One of the most peaceful religions of humanity?


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