India “monitoring”, UK “puzzled”, Canada “deeply concerned” by Nasheed arrest

The Indian government has said it is “closely monitoring” the situation in the Maldives following the arrest of former President Mohamed Nasheed yesterday (March 5).

The court warrant to produce Nasheed before the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court ahead of his hearing on Wednesday at 4:00pm was signed by Senior Judge Usman.

At 1:30pm the same day, several dozen police wearing riot gear and balaclavas escorted Nasheed from his family home in Male’ to the jetty, where he was taken to the detention centre on Dhoonidhoo island.

A video of the arrest released by police shows Nasheed being mobbed by several dozen riot police in balaclavas outside his home, one of whom reads from a piece of paper.

Nasheed’s Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) bodyguard attempts to remain beside the former President, but is pushed away by the police. He is seen to follow the group, arguing with the officers.

Nasheed had evaded earlier court summons by seeking refuge in the Indian High Commission for 10 days, prompting calls from the UK, US, EU, Commonwealth and UN that the government ensure elections in September were “free, fair, and inclusive”, and that all parties be free to field the candidate of their choosing.

Nasheed emerged from the High Commission only after a purported “understanding” was reached between the government and a high-level Indian delegation including Joint Secretary of the Indian External Affairs Ministry Harsh Vardhan Shringla, that Nasheed would be “allowed to continue his social and political life” ahead of the September 7 elections.

Yesterday, the government denied such an understanding, the arrest of the former President sparked protests in Male’, a blockade of the main street, an assault on the President’s brother, the upturning of several vehicles, and by 7:00pm, 47 arrests, including 16 women.

“India expects due process and the Rule of Law would be followed; We would urge all concerned to exercise caution and restraint and not to resort to any violence or extra-constitutional means and steps which would weaken the democratic system,” said India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in a statement, following Nasheed’s arrest.

“We have received information that former President Nasheed was taken into (police) custody following an order issued by the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court to produce him at 1600 hrs on March 6, 2013. We have been informed that former President Nasheed’s lawyers and family are going to meet him now as allowed by the authorities,” the statement added.

“We are monitoring the situation closely.”


Parliamentary Under Secretary of the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth office, Alistair Burt, meanwhile informed the British parliament that the UK was “puzzled” over the arrest of Nasheed.

“At present we remain puzzled about the turn of events. It was widely believed that an arrangement was in place following former President Nasheed leaving the Indian high commission a couple of weeks ago, in relation to his trial and his part in the forthcoming elections,” said Burt, in response to a query from MP Karen Lumley.

“We are watching the situation carefully and have made it clear to the Maldivian authorities that no harm must be orientated towards the former President,” Burt said.

The Canadian government meanwhile issued a statement expressing “deep concern” over the “violation of clear commitments made by the current President, Mohammed Waheed, at Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) meetings in New York City last September.”

“[Nasheed’s arrest] also violates key Commonwealth values and principles and directly threatens the prospect of fair and inclusive elections in the Maldives this fall.,” warned Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird.

“Canada calls on President Waheed to release the former president and to guarantee his safety while also committing to free and fair elections. We continue to encourage Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma to engage fully in defence of Commonwealth principles in the Maldives,” Baird stated.

“These developments of serious concern reaffirm the need to maintain the situation in the Maldives on the agenda of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group, which will have its next formal meeting in London in April,” he added.

Amnesty International meanwhile labelled Nasheed’s arrest an example of “selective justice”, which “highlights the failure of the Maldives authorities to investigate other serious human rights abuses in the country.”

“Of course political leaders, including Nasheed, should be held to account – but the targeting of Nasheed is an example of selective justice,” said Abbas Faiz, Amnesty International’s Maldives Researcher.

“Amnesty International, and many others, have documented a wide range of human rights violations committed by security forces following Nasheed’s resignation. These include police violence against peaceful protesters and the deliberate targeting of Nasheed’s supporters.

“No one has yet been held to account for these abuses despite the huge amount of documentary evidence available. The Maldivian authorities must carry out a full investigation into alleged abuses by anyone, and not just target political opponents.

“Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (1978-2008) has never been investigated or held to account for alleged abuses committed during his rule. All leaders should be held to account for alleged abuses and in fair trials,” Faiz said.

The United States also expressed concern at “ongoing events in Male”, stating that “the integrity of and public confidence in the Maldivian electoral process must be maintained.”

“Accordingly, we note that all parties participating in these elections should be able to put forward the candidate of their choice. We also call upon the Government of the Maldives to implement all the recommendations of the Commission of National Inquiry (CONI) report, including the recommendations related to judicial and governmental reforms. We continue to urge all parties to chart a way forward that strengthens Maldivian democratic institutions, the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms,” the US Embassy in Colombo said in a statement.

Hulhumale Court challenged

Several recent reports produced by international bodies have challenged both the legitimacy of the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court, the charges against the former President – of detaining Chief Judge of the Criminal Court during the final days of his presidency in 2012.

Last week, UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Gabriela Knaul, criticised the “arbitrary” appointment of the judges in the Nasheed case “outside the parameters laid out in the laws.”

Knaul furthermore stated that the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) – responsible for establishing the Hulhumale Magistrate Court and appointing the three member panel of judges – was politicised, subject to external influence, and hence unable to fulfill its mandate effectively.

The UK’s Bar Human Rights Committee (BHRC) also recently published a report based on its observation of the first hearings of the Nasheed trial.

“BHRC is concerned that a primary motivation behind the present trial is a desire by those in power to exclude Mr Nasheed from standing in the 2013 elections, and notes international opinion that this would not be a positive outcome for the Maldives,” the report concluded.

Police video of the Nasheed arrest on March 5:


29 thoughts on “India “monitoring”, UK “puzzled”, Canada “deeply concerned” by Nasheed arrest”

  1. An outrageous day. This will backfire on the pigs and freedom will rise.

  2. police looking to recruit 150 more staff, hmm, wonder why ?? Just in case they wanna stomp any further protest out they will want the force to do it.

  3. The changes that Anni is proposing to bring about to the Nation, is brought upon by the Parliament members themselves.

    Anni wants a secular government. That is the future of the Maldives. MDP supports it. The young generation supports it.

    Lets vote for some gutsy parliamentarians, who has got the cohone to take on the bearded camels.

  4. Indian newspapers are reporting that Mr. Nasheed has been set free now. May be the government realised more than India - it is West that is difficult to handle.

  5. The young voters of the Maldives elected a secular president in 2008, and they will elect a secular president again!

  6. And this is why the country is seen as nothing more than a joke in the international community.

  7. India must intervene after what all Naseed has done for the indian government

  8. India needs to first clean it's own politics before it poke its nose into other countries. Nobody today care what UK thinks.

  9. President Nasheed is a strong proponent of a Secular Maldives. We the youth are behind him.

    Important MDP politicians are also working and striving hard to achieve this goal. They know some in this country are not ready for such a change, but they remain resolute that this can be done.

    If we are to develop we must adopt the civilized worlds model. We must remain vigilant, and with the help of MDP protesters, our revolutionaries- we can make this country modern.

    President Anni good luck.

  10. @Manu
    Indian politics is way cleaner than Maldivian politics will ever be. For the starters, India has not faced any coup ever and Indian political parties don't settle personal vendetta when they come in power and our judges are actually verse with law.
    And given the amount of money and arms that UK has, people do care what UK thinks. Alas, nobody cares where Maldives exists or not.

  11. @drVirendra

    The Maldives rests in a vital and strategic sea-lane. It is also the final lot cast in the Chinese String-of-Pearls intended to or having being designed to surround the billion raving lunatics in beautiful India. In exchange do you realize how much 'money and arms' we will get?

    Furthermore I need not elaborate on the 'internal-situations' of greater India. It is not possible to sweep the mess that is India under the rug so easily. However we have of course much luv for it's ancient people.

    tc 🙂

  12. @manu

    It is amazing how Maldivians like you refuse to eat Humble Pie. Your Country is a dot on the Earth but your and some of your Country People's Ego is as high as Mount Everest.

    Come on ...Wake up Guys...Nothing will be gained out of False bravery. And the fact is you people cannot rule a small country effectively and efficiently.

  13. @Virendra oh really!!!! I as a Maldivian care that Maldives exist and I think a lot of rich Indians are eyeing Maldives too! perhaps you lost a deal or two here huh???

    Indian politics may be advanced but look at the history. How did Rajiv Ghandhi die and there is no personal vendetta??? Well you can only show the world what you want to believe. Inida doesnt have issues of rape,violence against humanity,

  14. @Nasira Rajiv Gandhi was killed by LTTE terrorist from Sri Lanka and not because of political/personal vendetta.
    I hope all people in Maldives come out protest against injustice.

  15. @ demon king- really? money and arms? and then what? the population of our smallest state exceeds your total population. Chinese are sure to be friends as long as they get money.If they cant no longer milk you, they ll just bury your islands in the sea. Indians are more similar to them than maldivian pygmys.

    @nasira What about Rajiv Gandhi? Diplomacy and trust thats inherent in the Indian race is only the fault to be blamed. Sure rape and murders and scams happen at occassions to 2 billion people. But your records cross ours even in youe 200000 population. Your judiciary is powerless and politicised, your police are brutal and disobedient, you re safe if you are the member of the ruling party, and then you have ancient superstitious irrelevant and awkward rules and laws that punish young girls that don't give in to mullahs. Your system tortures the victims and obeys illiterate dumb mullahs.

    Besides, isn't it better to be bad and anti social openly than be hypocrites like most of your leaders? You pray five times and preach in your country, and then the perverts visit thailand and singapore to booze and fornicate and commit adultery. Is God only in the maldives? or are you really shameless hypocrites? You are baghees eating food sent from india and talking against it while its still not digested.

  16. @Demon-king
    Ihe central Indian Ocean specially the 8deg(between Maldives and Minicoy) and one and half degree channels are two of the most important International sea routes. Indian Ocean is not India's swimming pool, China as well as all other countries have the right to use it. At present China needs these routes to ship their mineral ores from Africa and Oil from Middle east more than any other country.
    Ibrahim Hussein Zaki and Anni is playing a very dangerous Geo-political game, pitting India and China against each other. Anni told his MDP supporters after his last visit to India, that MLE Airport will be handed back to GMR before the end of this year and if he is elected president, he will base Indian military in Maldives. This will strain our relations with Chinese who are the top tourism nation to Maldives and also the US would not be happy about it. Even developed countries like Singapore,Malaysia, UAE do not play this kind of dirty Geo-political game. I fear that under Anni, Maldives will become a state of India which was a plan hatched by IDSA (Indian Defense and Security Alliance back in the 1980's. 03Nov1988 was a test project requested by Zaki and Fathulla Jameel to eliminate Illyas Ibrahim, who Zaki saw as the biggest threat to the plan of IDSA's "greater India". A.K. Bannerjee who was in charge of IDSA and later appointed as High Commissioner to Maldives provided the required Intelligence. Mahen introduced Uma maheswaran (PLOTE Leader) to Zaki at his Hotel in Colombo (Zaki confessed on live TV abot meeting the PLOTE leader) who got 80 recruits trained for the job. Finance was supplied partly by Sikka. The intention of Nov 3rd was not to overthrow the government but eliminate Illyas, so that FJ can control the Defence via 22 Zahir and Adam Zahir (Zaki's bro-in-laws).

    Is it not surprising that only India,UK and Canada were the only 3 countries concerned about Nasheed's arrest - wonder why???. Our closest neighbor Sri Lanka, our trade partners Singapore.Thailand,China and EU(except UK - cos of their personal ties with Anni) have so far not commented.

    During early 2000 a friend of mine was in a meeting at Bamboo - Ahmed Abbas's home. Present were Anni,Juha(Anni's Press Sec.), Ahmed Abbas and 3 others (incl.a cabinet member) The main topic was how to bring democracy and UK's justice system and freedom of religion the easiest way. Majority of them agreed to form an alliance with India and become a state of India. Thereby automatically, democracy, freedom of religion and the British form of justice will be implemented by law (Indian Constitution). In exchange, Maumoon was to be given Theemuge' valued at US$50Million (hiba-in) for his "long service". The only person who will oppose this according to Ahmed Abbas was Illyas Ibrahim who is very nationalistic and has learned from the great master Ibrahim Nasir. So 3rd Nov 1988 plan was initiated to remove the obstacle.

    So my dear Maldivians.... think hard. Our country do not need a president but a 4 member governing council (similar to Switzerland)The current status of Maldives is not conducive to an election

    In order to unite the whole country my selection of the council would be :
    1. Mohamed Umar maniku
    2. Yameen - PPM
    3. Nasheed - MDP
    4. Illyas Ibrahim.DRP/JP

    The Above council would get nearly 90% approval from the Parliament to enact any law necessary to unite the country

    This council should run the country for the next 8 years without holding expensive elections. The 4 council members aslo should fill 4 cabinet posts.
    1. M.U< Maniku Tourism and Environment
    2. Yameen - Finance
    3. Nasheed - Foreign Affairs
    4. Illyas - Home Minister

    *** Defense minister post should be abolished. MNDF should be answerable to the joint council

    Each year one of them should be the ceremonial Head of State in a rotating basis. From the 9th year onwards one of them should be replaced each year.

    Further more All the councils(atoll and city and island) should be immediately DE-politicized, so that no island will be labelled to any party, depriving them of basic services.

  17. @Virendra
    Oh Dear! You forgot the fact that India is a dictatOrship at the core! Why? Why did Nehru's family inherited Power to his daughter, grandson and then to grandson's Italian daughter in law?? If India had any decent democratic system, why can't ordinary men like Manmohan Sighn be the true leader of Congress?? This amazing PM has to get behind an Italian widow! Why? Democracy? Some in MDP, DRP,PPM and other parties also want that story to repeat in Maldives like the rest of South Asia! They want to fool ordinary public to believe democracy is there, yet the elites rule from a few extend family system. We the Maldivians are torn up in this joke for a long time. Anni and Gayoom with power did try to replicate to different extend this family rule over the political parties. Anni seems to favor big families over educated people, though he is seen as a people humble president.
    Regard to India's power and UK's wealth, those days are over! UK is poor than you can imagine. German is rising. India and UK has to bow down to both Germany and China. This can be bitter fact. It's a new era. US need a stronger friend rather than ancient monarch (UK) and a country which has greedy politicians who cannot run a country when they get the best Prime Minister ever!!

  18. The Maldives is now a proxy-State of PRC. Therefore by extention money and arms will flow to the island nation. If you consider Chinese behaviour in Africa with say USA, you would see how China renumerates in Bilions for the mineral ores it mines, along with massive infrastructure and development projects in parts of Africa. For example in Libya work was underway for a housing project that could accomodate two hundred thousand people ('Chinese help')

    Compare this to the way america has drained Africa dry without any recompense. This tells us how Maldives will behave with regard to maldives. India has to acknowledge the maldives worth becos of its strategic location and the greater geo-political paradigm here- this makes owning maldives very expensive. The maldives had demands, india could not afford or had not the foresight to treat maldives with the respect and spoiling it is due thus. China stepped in with evidence of massive secret military and financial aide. the return for them is the location secured in what is now a Chinese-Ocean. etc etc

    the PrOBLEM for some has become that they know what this foretell- NO MORE DEMOCRACY IN MALDIVES> Maumoon and people will hv control bak again. no more freedom. so now an anti_china tirade may start here. this little club is not read by every1 however. And the deal with China is done... the EU also knows and is now an ally of China. THE US AND UK want to help their Anni but can't.

    the understanding is autonomy. PPM and group will hv control in internal matters. China will leave internal policy to them. Islam will be safe XD


  19. ERROR CORRECTION---------------

    The Maldives is now a proxy-State of PRC. Therefore by extention money and arms will flow to the island nation. If you consider Chinese behaviour in Africa with say USA, you would see how China renumerates in Bilions for the mineral ores it mines, along with massive infrastructure and development projects in parts of Africa. For example in Libya work was underway for a housing project that could accomodate two hundred thousand people ('Chinese help')

    Compare this to the way america has drained Africa dry without any recompense. This tells us how China will behave with regard to maldives. India has to acknowledge the maldives worth becos of its strategic location and the greater geo-political paradigm here- this makes owning maldives very expensive. The maldives had demands, india could not afford or had not the foresight to treat maldives with the respect and spoiling it is due thus. China stepped in with evidence of massive secret military and financial aide. the return for them is the location secured in what is now a Chinese-Ocean. etc etc

    the PrOBLEM for some has become that they know what this foretell- NO MORE DEMOCRACY IN MALDIVES> Maumoon and people will hv control bak again. no more freedom. so now an anti_china tirade may start here. this little club is not read by every1 however. And the deal with China is done... the EU also knows and is now an ally of China. THE US AND UK want to help their Anni but can't.

    the understanding is autonomy. PPM and group will hv control in internal matters. China will leave internal policy to them. Islam will be safe XD


  20. @manu & others
    Working over time on finding faults in India, Indians and Indian system is still not going to solve your internal problem.
    BTW even when Nehru family has ruled India for most of time, they have every time won election. And people have forced them out of power as well. All this without use of army - ever. Rajiv Gandhi was not killed by any politician vendetta - it was LTTE. And we all know - how LTTE got obliterated after that - Prabhakaran suddenly found out biting the hand that helps you is a really bad idea.
    Although media is colouring Maldives as India vs China match, frankly, nobody outside Indian and Maldive media thinks so. Maldives is too small a chip to be used by China. As for Maldives lying on a great sea-route, please stop dreaming - China already has Gwadar in Pakistan and Hambantota in Lanka. US may be facing economical problems but it still is way way bigger economy than China and still owns UN, NATO and IMF. When time comes, China is not going to come with its arms. One year is a small time in diplomacy and I am certain I would be laughing the loudest on this forum by that time.

  21. @Virendra

    Certainly India seems to think the Maldives is a 'chip' worthy or significant enough to want to 'use' it. India seems to think this is their territory, their islands (hehe). This was a mutual agreement (the age old relationship between us as they say), we have now however broken this agreement, because we reserve the right to do so. This is what they are trying to get us out of a confession. We are sorry okay.

    If India deems us a chip that is 'useful' to them, then China also has a stake in wanting this chip no? What is this? you think only India could ever want a nobodies like Maldives?? It is not possible that anybody else could want us? (because we are a small chip) surely you jest. Clever logic yes, but this is the answer to that.

    And the financial renumeration we get from China will be as per the size of our chip yes, but it will be a hefty sum compared to what India could afford at the moment.

    This sounds like Delhi is having trouble reconciling their ego (super-power aspirations maybe); a hurt ego possibly. We are a sovereign people, we look like you but our mindset and even subculture is different from you now.

    We are capable of taking our own decisions. India needs to know it's place (respect us irrespective of our 'size').

    The world will also see major shifts in regional alliances in the future. The American system will fail, is failing. They themselves have projected it. The Indo-US alliance is also now strained and this heralds perhaps even how they have lost the Indian Ocean also. Now they make for the Pacific with their guns, hoping to cause some irritation to the Chinese there- perhaps even outflank them there.

    It is also quite clear that Russia and China having a common enemy will also be working together now. We drew our lots there you see.

    Sure we are not as big as India, but how big is India really? I mean geographically? You are surrounded by Russia and China plus their allies. And these other huge countries have control of their territories; India is compounded by vastly disparate ethnicities, languages and thinking (communal issues, factional divisions etc). It is not a country, it is a subcontinent with varied hugely different ethnic groups or identities or peoples who dispute the aryan hold Delhi has on them. The dravidians in the south also has had enough of this union. India is not really controlled by Indians- these were invaders from the north (what you call north Indians) who displaced the 'real Indians' and corralled them in the South. They now claim their rights. Kerala alone deserves guardianship of India better than Delhi. keeping in mind Punjab or Tamil Nadu even. These States must divide and declare their independence eventually. We must divide them. Either the Indian polity heeds Rahul Gandhi control or they face death in China's hands.

    Considering this conundrum you think we will just continue to play India's concubine forever? And while it is clear to us how this Indian ocean territory is viewed in Delhi?

    Sure we negated on our unspoken agreement, but we were provoked into making this decision okies. And considering the plight of our people, their meager means and resources, we accepted China's offer (which was better than India's offer).

    This is not Laccadives okies. It's nothing personal but we prefer to abandon India. India must similarly choose to abandon itself and give in to greater powers that now surround it. India may have a stake in it, but it cannot hope to assert it wants to be a super-power and expect to get a sweet deal of regional resources and power.

    It must stop bullying it's neighbors and accept that there is another way to go about this.

    So this small chip wants India to really show us you have what it takes to keep us in your loop (in your Union as you like to put it- we find it insulting). There are reasonable minds in Delhi I am sure, and they must come to terms with how stubborn we have really become. They need to consider why this is the case.

    I'm just messing with you by the way. In truth India and Maldives should be friends true. But lets' stop being naieve eh.

    This small chip just might have cost you the Indian Ocean. There is still hope, if India learns to respect us. So we started asserting ourselves, what are you gonna do about it? hmmm?

  22. he he he always this Nehru family with fake Gandhi name win election why not ?majority of poverty ,illiterate Indians who vote for cash and gift( DEMOK_CRAZY in poverty India)think even this ex-Italian baby sitter is related to MAHATMA GANDHI...this is why Indian politicians keep majority of their people illiterate.

    Maldives once agin slaped poverty India ...where few days ago opposition politician called this puppet..poodle..yes madam..selected PM Singh as ..night watcher and chai wallah..he he..he the same Singh wanted to make Italian-Iranian Rahul Maino alias Gandhi a schooldrop out as next PM before he goes is this???

  23. @humbugh - We have been eating food imported from all over the world. Until recently all our wheat flour used to be imported from Japan, Sugar from Europe and 90% of rice from Myanmar. Only recently corrupt parties from both STO in Maldives and India (a guy named Kumar from Madras) made a deal to purchase low-grade wheat flour from India which is so high in starch that several shipments were dumped to the sea. The only food items we depend on India are onions, potatoes and low quality vegetables,eggs (without any production date)and buffalo meat imported in the name of beef. We import high quality poultry,beef,vegetables,fruits and juices from EU, Australia,Middle East, Turkey, Singapore and other ASEAN Countries.Most of the resort poultry,beef and vegetables are imported from Sri Lanka.

    We have a mutually beneficial relationship. Did you see Trivandrum 25 years back? It was a sleepy small town which has grown to be the best city in Kerela thanks to the millions of dollars Maldivians spent for medical treatment and the millions generated from the 25-35 thousand Maldivians resident in the city and its suburbs. Average 20+ flights per week services MLE/TRV sector. So think before you blabber on these forums. Anyway India has less than 5% of Indian Ocean territory, just because the British East India Co. named this Ocean "Indian Ocean", East Africa, Southern Asia, Indonesia, West Australia owns more of this ocean. The Ocean was originally named "Orient Ocean" which we feel should be again reverted to. Indian Ocean is not a private swimming pool belonging to India. OK.

  24. The video is embarrassing to dumb people put African banana republics to shame!! Perhaps you should call yourselves THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF EAST SOMALIA!!
    President Nasheed was elected democratically and is a secularist and therefore should be supported by all Indians.
    However, bringing democracy and secularism to a bunch of dim witted islamists is another issue.....sorry to be a pessimist but hell need to freeze over first.....I cannot think of a single sunni dominated nation that is democratic and secular.....just take the example of your sunni brothers in Terroristan aka Pakistan and shudder.
    India has made its lowcost medical and educational facilities available to Maldivians as a goodwill gesture only. With a 1.2 billion population and more dollar millionaires than the whole population of Maldives, we do not need your worthless currency.....Maldivians contribute ZILCH to our booming I said before you have the population and economy of a suburb of New will all you retards droning on endlessly about your staggering contribution to the economies of Trivandrum and Kochi PLEASE SHUT UP.

  25. whats the biggest problem with India? The shere ego of Indian politicians over takes the most brilliant minds (many Indian technocrats are the best I have seen). India is again to miss the train of development and world decision maker because of Indian politician narrow mindness and ego. India needs more people like Manmoohan Singh. But I won't be surprised if Rajiv Gandhi's son gets elected as many politicians are stupid in Maldives and in India on average compared to rest of the countries. Wonder why a lunatic like Ibrahim hussain Zaki could play around among indian politicians? CORRUPTION is the key word!

  26. Can you name the worlds most illiterate and poverty county in the world in 2999 ???
    Certainly this will be so called India if this patch work of tribes remains as one piece in 2999.

    But one thing is certain soon poverty Indian will worship a Columbian woman (girl friend of this school drop out Rahaul Feroz Khan Menia alias Gandhi) as Mother India and allow her to rule this poverty land.

    Only in this poverty India oldies of 60 plus love to call themselves MISS...

  27. @Miss"slum"India

    1. Do you know what secularism means. It was Nasheed who first formed an alliance with the Salafists and Mullahs in the 2008 second round of elections, and he formed a ministry of Islamic Affairs for the first time in the 800+ years since the country became Muslim and appointed a cabinet post for the Fundamentalist party.

    2. Regarding our useless money check the exchange rate: 1 MRF = 3 INR(1:3)
    I agree 1% of the 1.2Billion Indian are billionairs and millionairs but the rest survive with less than 30 INR a day. Shame on you!!!!. Even your famous bollywood survives cos of the poor street people, It is these street people who fill the cinemas to just to have 3 happy hours after the days grueling work.

    3. So why is GMR bribing all the politiciansin Maldives to get the airport back, which they aquired illegally in the first place. The profit from Male' APT is more than the combined income from Delhi,Hydrabad and Sabiha-Instanbul Airports. Dont take my word for it. The Aviation magazine CAPA has the report published on the losses before Male Apt and the huge increase in revenue after getting our airport. The link and GM Rao's statement are given below:

    Please reads the financial reviews of GMR by CAPA ( Centre for Aviation)
    in which GM Rao himself stated that higher revenues were brought in only after Male’ International Airpot was aquired. GMR was bleeding crores out of their other three airports including Turkey's Sobiha. Mostly from Delhi’s T3 Terminal. Read the report via the following CAPA link.

    Here are some excerpts from the report for your info…….

    “India's GMR Infrastructure Ltd stated its INR666.9 million (USD14.8 million) loss in the three months ended 30-Jun-2011 was caused by losses at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport and a higher tax payout (Dow Jones/CNBC TV18/The Hindu/Money Control/RTT News, 10-Aug-2011).

    The company posted a loss of INR1.92 billion (USD42.5 million) on its Delhi Airport operations.

    It also incurred a 38% year-on-year increase in interest costs and a 67% increase in depreciation on capitalisation costs for Terminal 3 at the airport. GMR expanded at the airport last year, with the construction of the country's largest international terminal, T3. Higher costs associated with the operation of the new terminal has impacted GMR, as it continues to negotiate with the airport regulator to be allowed to raise fees on various services for passengers and airlines. "Once new tariffs are in place, the airport division will become profitable," GMR airports division CFO Sidharth Kapur said. Meanwhile, GMR Infrastructure CFO A Subbarao noted that in addition to the depreciation and interest costs for Delhi, which "hurt our bottom line", losses were also experienced in Turkey. He added that whether the company reports a profit in the 12 months ended Mar-2012 would depend on how much it can increase profits at Delhi Airport.

    On a revenue side, GRM Group Chairman G M Rao stated that "higher revenues were brought in primarily by the operations of Male International Airport (which was acquired by GMR in Nov-2010)

    GMR Group: "The revenue growth of 51% is primarily because of a few reasons. One, the Male’ International Airport which has given about Rs 253 crore revenue for the quarter, (just 3 month) which was not there in the previous quarter


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