JP and PPM coalitions unite in condemnation of the Elections Commission

“The Supreme Court’s verdict very clearly says the elections commission planned and systematically attempted to commit electoral fraud,” said Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) MP Riyaz Rasheed last night.

Rasheed spoke during a joint press conference held by the three government-aligned parties still contesting in the presidential election.

Representatives of the Jumhooree Party (JP), the Adhaalath Party (AP), the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), and the Maldivian Development Alliance (MDA) also took turns to denounce the Elections Commission (EC).

“If the lawful punishment for these people is a jail sentence, then we will not hesitate to do that. There is no other way but resignation for them,” said JP Deputy Leader Ilham Ahmed.

“I call on the police, the attorney general and the prosecutor general to investigate [EC Chair] Fuwad Thowfeek and his allies and file the case at court through the prosecutor general,” he continued.

The press conference came shortly before the EC revealed the schedule to be adopted for what will be the third attempt at completing the presidential election.

September’s poll – won by opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate Mohamed Nasheed- was later annulled by the Supreme Court which ruled that the preparations of the EC had “broadly facilitated fraud, undue influence and corruption”.

The second attempt to hold the election on October 19 failed after police withdrew their logistical support, informing EC staff that they would be prevented from moving any election-related documents out of the commission’s premises.

The decision to delay the election brought consternation from the international community as well as renewed messages of support for the EC, which has received praise from over 1000 local and international observers for its conduct in the first round.

After consulting with the government and political parties, the EC yesterday announced the decision to hold the first round on November 9, and the run-off – if needed – on November 16.

“We, the two coalitions, remain steadfast”

The police’s decision to obstruct polls – decried by both the Police Integrity Commission and the Human Rights Commission of Maldives – came after the PPM/MDA and JP/AP/DQP candidates had refused to sign the voter registry as mandated in the court’s ruling.

The allied parties yesterday called for the EC to abide by the Supreme Court’s guidelines when holding the re-vote.

“There is only one choice. If some of the points in the guidelines are difficult for them, then there is no other way but to seek to change those points,” Ilham said.

Adhaalath President Sheikh Imran Abdulla called for the EC to resign if it could not act according to the court’s guidelines.

“We, the two coalitions, remain steadfast. God willing, there will be no election in the Maldives at this time unless it is an election that follows the SC guidelines.”

During its own press conference last night, the EC announced it would continue to follow the Supreme Court’s guidelines, but would seek to change them in the future.

“I hope the government considers these restrictions in the future and finds a solution. Otherwise, holding elections will become impossible and that affects the most fundamental [right] in a democracy,” said EC Chair Thowfeek.

Both MDA Deputy Leader Ahmed Amir and PPM MP Ahmed Mahloof expressed doubt that a free and fair election can be held as long as the EC members stay in place.

“Maldivian citizens know there is nothing we will not do for this nation. That we are not divided. This press conference shows we are together. God willing, we will remain like this,” Riyaz said yesterday.

Yesterday’s show of unity comes after relations between the parties and their candidates had appeared at a low ebb.

Following the October 8 decision to re-hold the first round of polling, initial suggestions that the parties might back a single candidate failed to result in consensus.

The PPM subsequently accused Gasim of being overly-influenced by MDP sympathisers within his party, whilst Gasim himself suggested that Yameen’s record during the autocratic rule of his half-brother Maumoon Abdul Gayoom meant that he would never win the popular support of the people.


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  1. Riyas Rasheed reminds me of an ape. May be Darwin's theory is somewhat true when you see people like Riyaz, Ilham, Abdul Rahman and Seyku Ilmran. These are slaves of Gasim and Yamin. No spine but greed for money they have stooped down to such low levels. Don't see any human dignity. Licking --ce hole is these peoples speciality

  2. United to fart as loud as they can. Nothing but a fat lot of hot air will come out of this group of misfits.

  3. The total Intelligence Quotient of those pictured here is below the international guideline for being considered "thick as sh*t".

  4. We all know that Election Commison is a political wings of MDP and Fuwad and Fayaz was hardcore activities before being appointed there.

    We know that when voters list consist of un-borne children , under age children and dead people to vote, and when these people had voted, EC would have done something wrong .

    How come Children and dead people in the list and they had casted their votes ? Does this violates our laws and does this require criminal investigation and then punish who are responsible for ?

    International community and observers must check these things and not just observe at the polling stations? Just by observing at polling stations will not know how Nasheed and EC is rigging the votes?

    These riggings are done in much more advance manner using the technology .

    Today rigging is not done by asking the voters who they will be voting and then not allowing the certain people to vote on assumption that they might not vote to the person that EC or ruling president want.

    Nasheed and EC members must be made answerable to crimes that they have committed.

  5. @ hero are you talking about the secret police report that Riyaz pulled out of his arse for the court case? Nothing was proven in court no evidence was presented, hell even the EC lawyer was not given a chance to see this infamous secret report or get a chance to refute it. If court cases can be settled based on no evidence and just a secret report, tomorrow you can be convicted for a murder or any other fantasy someone who dislikes you can come up with.


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