JP MP Jabir to file complaint against MP Muthalib over allegations of alcohol use

Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Abdulla Jabir has said he intends to file a complaint against MP Ibrahim Muthalib at parliament’s Privileges Committee for accusing him of carrying a bottle of alcohol.

During yesterday’s sitting of parliament, MP Muthalib, who joined the religious conservative Adhaalath Party last year, alleged that he had seen MP Jabir walking out of the Hilton Hotel “with a bottle of alcohol in one hand and his wife in the other.”

MP Jabir’s wife is Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights, Dhiyana Saeed.

The Fares-Maathoda MP made the allegation during a debate on problems facing the fisheries industry.

MPs have immunity from prosecution or defamation suits for remarks made during parliamentary debates.

Muthalib accused Jabir, chairman of resort company Yacht Tours, of using his time during parliamentary debates to “mock” the Islamic Ministry, the Adhaalath Party, and Islam.

In response, MP Jabir raised a point of order and said he regretted that “the Fares-Maathoda MP, who will see his own face and shape when he stands in front of a mirror and know he looks like someone who has committed theft after being elected as an MP [and] just told a blatant lie about us.”

The MP for Kaafu Kaashidhoo also remarked that MP Muthalib lacked “any education for someone who pretends to be a religious scholar.”

Jabir alleged that MP Muthalib was once banished for forging a signature, calling him a “big thief”.

Muthalib has meanwhile denied the allegations in local media today. Both the JP and Adhaalath are part of the current ruling coalition led by President Dr Mohamed Waheed.

In the 2008 presidential election, Adhaalath Party backed JP presidential candidate and business magnate Gasim Ibrahim and formed a coalition with the Republican party.


15 thoughts on “JP MP Jabir to file complaint against MP Muthalib over allegations of alcohol use”

  1. alcohol use? only that? they knew only that much? ok. so be it. but i know the revolving hour glass like thing where girls danced naked for jabir in his private bar.. there were 4 of them in the underground bar only for jabir in that resort. i know because i have seen them. i have worked in that resort. its common knowledge in that resort (Dhonveli).

  2. This can not be true, if it was he would have a bottle of alcohol in one hand and a prostitute in the other!!

  3. What differentiates our species from other animals is our advanced brains. I can see Jabir at least making use of that particular faculty but I have not seen much evidence of that in the case of Muthalib.

    I do agree with Jabir that Muthalib has no knowledge whatsoever of ANY religion, let alone Islam, despite his claims. Muthalib (and many more like him) think that anyone who claims to be a "scholar" has some sort of divine privilege. This shows the depth of ignorance that prevails.

    After all, the first verse of the Quran read to Mohammed was "Read!". Anyone who is a Muslim ought to be a "scholar", since the religion actively advocates learning and furthering knowledge; and not just the narrow rote learning of the religious sort either, but of the scientific nature.

    These things are beyond the comprehension of the likes of Muthalib. I am glad to hear Jabir speaking out against fools like that.

  4. “with a bottle of alcohol in one hand and his wife in the other.”

    How on earth does the Fares Maathoda MP Muththoyya (as popularly know in his native place) know if Jabir was carrying a bottle of alcohol had he has not drunk or sipped out of the bottle?

    This is hilarious!

  5. ''Fares-Maathoda MP made the allegation during a debate on problems facing the fisheries industry.'' Very relevant to the subject!!!

    Need say more? Self evident capacity of our MPs.

  6. Jabir and CONI Ismail Shafeeu has the same father Ahmed Zaki. Pathetic state of Beyfulhus.

    Jabir should do a DNA test and claim some of his father’s lands in male, part of the assets rightfully belongs to him.

  7. Agree with Patriot. The question is not whether Jabir drinks or not. Many of us know the answer, but how did Mutthalib know that Jabir was carrying alcohol?

    We keep water in empty vodka bottles in the fridge. Can someone then accuse me of drinking a whole bottle of vodka at lunch?

  8. Both theses clowns are devils. But i prefer to side with the lesser devil as 99 percent of members of parliament are devils. In that scenario I would support Jabir as Muthalib is selling the religion to make a living and in the wake destroying Maldives and the future our future generations.

  9. what jabir does in his private time with his wife or dancing girls is no business of muthalib. if however, he used state funds or time for such activities...that is an issue.


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