JSC Chair Adam Mohamed set to face no-confidence vote

Chair of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and Supreme Court Justice Adam Mohamed is set to face a no-confidence vote introduced by fellow commission member Shuaib Abdul Rahmaan.

Speaking to local newspaper Haveeru, Rahman said that he had filed the motion earlier this week but that the Commission Chair Adam Mohamed had refused to table it during last Wednesday’s commission meeting.

“When I first filed the motion, the Secretary General of the Commission said that he could only table the motion with a proper reason. Then I told him all the reasons why the motion should be filed. But still Adam Mohamed refused to table the motion. Now he has unofficially said that he would table the motion in coming Monday,” he said.

Even though the motion has yet to be officially introduced, Rahman said that some members of the commission had talked about how the commission was currently running.

Rahman claimed that the motion was filed because the entire commission is now in a state of limbo and that Commission Chair Adam Mohamed had been abusing his powers.

Among other reasons for the motion to be filed, Rahman claims included the JSC’s failure to look into the leaked sex-tape scandal of Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed, and abusing the power to release press statements on behalf of the commission.

Rahman alleged that Adam Mohamed has also repeatedly requested the High Court to expedite the case concerning the legitimacy of Hulhumale Magistrate Court while other important cases concerning the commission were still pending at the courts.

“There are several other issues regarding Adam Mohamed. Even other members of the commission discuss these and have on some occasions said that a motion of no confidence against Adam Mohamed needs to be filed.  However none of those attempts materialised,” he said.

Rahman added that no member of the commission opposed the idea of filing a no-confidence motion against Adam Mohamed.

Rahman told Minivan News today (August 22) that he is trying to table the motion next Monday, but said that Adam Mohamed has been “very reluctant” to acquiesce.

When asked if he had discussed the matter with other commission members, Rahman said that he did not wish to comment on the outcome of the motion at the moment.

“Right now I am trying to table the motion. But I do not wish to talk about the outcome of the motion. But other members have expressed their concerns over how the commission is being run currently,” he repeated.

The JSC has meanwhile refused to comment on the matter.


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  1. Here we have the Bermuda Triangle of the Maldives:

    (1) Ali Hameed
    (2) Mohammed Fahmy Hassan
    (3) Adam Mohammed

    One has to note that they have a good setup here. (1) protects (2) and (3) from any Court proceedings. (2) and (3) are there to look after (1). An unbreakable chain moulded in the burning pits of Mount Doom, i.e. Hell.


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