PPM MP Mahloof calls on Waheed to give up Kaashidhoo seat to Jabir

MP and Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Spokesperson Ahmed Mahloof has called on Mohamed Waheed, the party’s candidate for the Kaashidhoo seat in parliament, to remove himself from an upcoming by-election.

Mahloof told Haveeru yesterday that Waheed had been asked to remove his name from the election in order to leave the seat to the Jumhoory Party’s (JP) Abdulla Jabir.

The JP and PPM are in a coalition along with five other parties in the current government coalition and both parties have reportedly disagreed over who is to run for the vacant Kaashidhoo seat in parliament.

Mahlouf has told the press that Jabir was more likely to win the by-election because Jabir has been working on the development of the Kaashidhoo area for a while and that if Waheed was to contend with him in the election, it could be an advantage for the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

He also said all the members of the PPM Council, except for six individuals, do not want Waheed to run in this by-election.

Meanwhile, PPM Council member Dr Mohamed Saudh has resigned from the party after its leadership said that they did not support Waheed.

Saudh has told local newspaper ‘Sun’ that it was against the party’s spirit and charter to discourage a party member running for an election while expressing support for another organisation.

Waheed is a prominent lawyer who has represented former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom on several collections.  He work has included helping the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) and PPM in almost all of the court cases filed in the court relating to their affairs whilst they were in opposition.

Last year, the Criminal Court sentenced Independent MP for Kaashidhoo, Ismail Abdul Hameed, to one year and six months banishment after he was found guilty of abusing his authority for financial gain to a third party.

Under article 73(c)(3) of the constitution, MPs found guilty of a criminal offence “and sentenced to a term of more than twelve months” would be stripped of their seat.

Waheed did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


7 thoughts on “PPM MP Mahloof calls on Waheed to give up Kaashidhoo seat to Jabir”

  1. Jabir has got a cat in hell's chance of winning anything. He thinks that throwing money around will get him elected to Majlis. Incidentally, this is all borrowed money. The guy is nearly broke and have a mountain of debt to repay.

    If "Jabir has been working on the development of the Kaashidhoo area for a while", can he show exactly what he has done for this area? How much does Jabir know about the people of Kaashidoo? Jabir comes from a very far away place, not remotely related to Kaashidhoo! Why has he found this sudden love for Kaashidhoo?

    Of course, we all know the reason. The lucrative seat in Majlis is worth millions of dollars. So, Jabir will try to spend his way to that seat.

  2. yup jabir can make millions selling his vote in the parliament and thats why he wants this job. The best job for those who are looking to make money.

  3. Jabir is a typical political crony like Mariya, Ibrahim Hussain Zaki, Rekko Moosa who will betray MDP or the true reform of Maldives Politics! And Nasheed now should have learn the lesson from Jabir!! Nasheed you have lost lots of MDP, non party citizens love and respect becoz of the above mention cronies!! Learn from history! Been in love with a lady is something else..but distroying MDP is unforgivable!! Even if its Nasheed!!

  4. And his funny wife, Diana Ross,,, what's her name???? Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed!!!!! hahah She is a JOKER. I did not make a hell or heaven of what she spoke in English, in the latest muzaaharaa. Hah ahah hah

  5. Yeah, she cannot speak, let alone write in English. You must listen to her speak in Addu dialect. She cannot speak her own language, too.

  6. PPM supporting Jabir & not thier own candidate Wadde - what did you expect from PPM, this act has further affirmed my belief that PPM is a corrupt party..money is what they want,turth, hardwork & dedication is not appreciated by them...its always the common man who has to give up..!Wadde i am very disapppointed that you quit the race halfway through..
    Wadde, maybe its time for you to rethink about certain choices you have made...


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