Lance Corporal Haleem killed by “MDP loyalist”, government tells foreign media

The government has claimed that murdered policeman Lance Corporal Adam Haleem was stabbed to death by a “Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) loyalist”, in a text circulated to foreign media outlets.

President’s Office Spokesperson Masood Imad was reported as stating in a story published by AFP that “MDP instigated the attack on policemen at Kaashidoo and one was stabbed to death” during protests.

Police meanwhile held a press conference today during which they claimed that the murdered policeman was attempting to arrest his alleged killer, 22 year-old Mohamed Samah, at the time of his death.

Police stated that Haleem had observed Samah wandering the street despite being under house arrest, and asked him to accompany him to Kaashidhoo police station. Samah had reportedly been released to house detention on Sunday following a two day arrest over an assault case.

According to local media, police stated that Haleem had asked Samah to get ready to go to the station with him, and had waited outside his house. Samah allegedly came out of the property with a knife, which he used to stab Haleem while the officer was on the phone to the police station.

Police further alleged that Samah was intoxicated at the time of the incident, and stated that he had tested positive for cannabis following his arrest.

Speaking to Minivan News, Imad said “I can assure you that he was an MDP loyalist, and an active member of the Donbileih Kaashidhoo campaign. The attack took place moments after calls to engage in violence against police, in an MDP rally.”

MDP Spokespersons Hamid Abdul Ghafoor and Imthiyaz Fahmy were not responding at time of press.

Haleem suffered serious stab wounds in the attack, including a nine-inch deep stab wound to the chest. He was alive but in critical condition when brought to the hospital, but died soon afterwards while undergoing treatment.

The death has been swiftly politicised amid spiraling political tensions in the country.

The government condemned former President Mohamed Nasheed and his Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) for the murder, claiming that MDP’s ongoing protests against the police in the capital Male’ provoked the attack on Kaashidhoo island.

Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed tweeted that the “murder of police officer came after continuous attack on police force by MDP, calling [the] entire police force traitors.”

In another tweet, Jameel also said that “evidence available to police [which] exposes MDP top leadership calling for violence against the police force.”

Police subsequently released a recording of a phone call between Nasheed and MDP MP Mariya Didi, in which Nasheed expresses frustration with the police dismantling of the party’s protest site at Usfasgandu: “I think we need to fight back. If we can get people to fight. Find kids from Male to fight the police. That is what I think. I don’t know if we can get people to fight. I want to fight against them,” the former President is heard to say.

The MDP retaliated by publishing a screenshot of the Elections Commission party registry indicating that Samah was a member of the government-aligned Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM).

The party further alleged that the suspect was a key supporter of Jumhoree Party (JP) MP Abdullah Jabir, who won the Kaashidoo constituency in the recent by-election with official endorsement from PPM.

Jabir has denied the claim and alleged the suspect had actually been working with MDP candidates at local elections, and was mentioned in a police report at the time for attacking a member of the JP’s campaign personnel.

PPM’s Council Member Ahmed Saleem yesterday stated during a press conference that “Party is not important. What’s important is the crime committed by the criminal.”

“We have also heard people say that he is from PPM. But we have not checked if it’s true. The reality is that MDP members have been registered under other parties by mistake,” Saleem claimed.


17 thoughts on “Lance Corporal Haleem killed by “MDP loyalist”, government tells foreign media”

  1. Imad is anti-Maldivian person.. Loves no Maldivian though he was forced to love few rebels. He is insane and all his missions have failed.

  2. JJ why dont you go and write the news to Reuters news agency with the usual MDP bias.

  3. Shield Risk Consulting?
    A Europe based risk management firm?
    What are they doing reporting made-up stories about Maldives?
    Sounds very dodgy.

    Ruder Finn at work?

    I suppose "no client too toxic" for Ruder Finn, who would "tell lies for money" - as expressed by anti-coup protestors near Ruder Finn Offices in London today!

    It's all about the money isn't it?
    I wonder if the money from this sort of thing helps them sleep at night in peace also? Conscience made from stone?

  4. An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. - Mahatma Gandhi

  5. Leaked documents TODAY prove how desperate these traitors are trying to defame MDP!! SHAME!! I feel like ripping my skin off.

    They have sent these to diplomatic missions and to International community !!

    Link to album:

  6. Someone puts a yellow t-shirt on the accused, takes a mugshot and tells the world how the MDP has become cop-killers!

    PPM say it's not about party politics?

  7. May the killers be brought to justice. May Anni be brought to justice for spreading hatred and calling to beat the police.

  8. Ruder Finn, my dear, this no good spinning, is it? people give them their monies worth, the money you get belong to the citizens of Maldives.

  9. This is not right. Govt should not be spreading this information about MDP protests and policemen being injured by MDP activists throwing bricks and setting vehicles on fire.

    Even though some evidence is there, i think it is very unprofessional that police are leaking personal phone calls between Anni and Mariya (Mariya has stated that she was speaking in code, and the conversation between her and Anni to hire gangs to attack police was in fact a coded message which could only be interpreted by Anni and herself). If shes saying that she was speaking in code, and calls to hire gangs was not what it actually means, then why arent police believing her ? Mariya never lies, and she is as truthful as a saint, that is why she is known as MDP party's mom.

    Also the police should not have arrested Mahir (the former MDP home minister). What was his crime ? Simply asking citizens to confront police and commit violent attacks on policemen ? Is it his fault that a Police officer was stabbed in Kaashidhoo a few hours after his speech ? Doesnt freedom of speech guarantee that hate speeches and calls to violence blame should not be borne by the Hate speech instigator.

    In my opinion MDP is innocent. Mariya is innocent. Mahir is innocent. Anni is especially innocent. The heck ill believe otherwise.

  10. He was beaten up and forced to wear yellow was not wearing this when he got arrested.
    And the infamous SUN news released the mugshot first! They tried to make him officially MDP by giving him a different ID number too but it didn't work as anyone can check the information of a person using ID numbers.

  11. When nothing can do to hide the reality about this coup, yellow t shirts may wear the policemen while coming to the streets to fetch and take protestors to give an image the MDP cops (though they belongs to golha faction) are taking protestors as they themselves don't like to protest against this coup. Concealing the truth is their main mission to sustain the coup government.

  12. The government must refrain from releasing biased media reports... or at least, make these reports with some semblance to a diplomatic discourse.

  13. the cops are to blame for the murder. MDP is innocent. Even though they have been mass protests by MDP chanting hang cops, death to cops, kill all Maldives Police service men, MDP is not to blame for this death, purely because MDP is a political party, and it cannot be held responsible if some of its members chant "Kill the police, hang every policemen" in frequent motorbike rides around male that block traffic a lot. MDP members have the right to call for execution and hanging of anybody they want under the freedom of expression rights granted under the constitution. However whether a cop is killed subsequently afterwards doesnt mean that MDP has to bear the blame for this mans death. MDP is the most democratic and the most truthful party in the Maldives.

  14. Killing of this policeman has nothing to do with MDP and current protests. If it was MDP then who was behind the killing of many people that die so far this year? I don't think sensible people will believe such childish argument. Don't try to politisize each and everything and score political points.
    Each drop of blood , Each and every soul is sacred and should not shed unjustly. Whether it 's a policeman , Judge, Lawyer or common man on the street. However here in Maldives common man blood is considered as inferior to the rest. Often they don't get justice or sometimes had to wait for years for justice. But in the cases of judges , policeman and lawyers , police will conclude investigation within one day and send to prosecuter general office the next day judge will give verdict and the criminal will be send to jail immediatly, such is their double standard.
    As for the police. It is not MDP who instigate hatred toward police it was the police and Military themselves and their actions. During 30 years of dictator Maumoon rule they tortured lots of people especially our youths.
    Sometimes unjustly tortured without a proof just because they were merely suspects or they had different political views. If you tortured a human beign to a certain point he will lost all his emotions such as mercy and love and he will be like animal or beast. Such a people will not hesistate to kill anybody or themselves . They don't care about death or spend rest of their life in jail or whatever punishment you give them
    why police and Military so brutal? Because most of them are from outer islands . They have poor education backgrounds. Often not aware of outside world and with poor IQ. They watched lots of Hindi Movies in which -Akseah Khna or Sunil Shetty played leading role. In these films they see Sunil Shetty or Akseah as Middle Ranking police office killing and torturing criminals and suspected criminals. Sometimes they see Sunil Shetty or Akseah killing hundreds of criminals using a single pistol. Criminals with arms up to their theeths with far supperior weapons such as machine guns , R.P.G , grenades and A.k 47 riffles. After see this these dumb islanders try to imitate them which is comletely out of reality.
    Another reason people hate police and Military is they over throw our first democraticaly elected president. Many people like me feel betrayed and our vote robbed.


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