Letter on extremists

Dear Editor,
Ahlul-athar.net expresses their utter disgust at any acts of extremism and terrorism committed by the Khawaarij and the likes, those that of Al-Qaedah and their ilk. Such unjustified outbursts of wanton violence are against Islam and Islam does not ever justify kidnappings, suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism. It is rather disheartening that some of the Maldvian youth are getting deluded into believing that these acts are Jihaad and from Islam. We call the youth to return back to the original state of affairs, and to know that knowledge precedes action, and it is not the other way around!
We call those who are known as “Dots” and their ilk to not be beguiled by the beautified speech of simpeltons who have no knowledge of this beautiful Deen, and who are misguided and far astray from the Creed of the righeous salaf. And the recent video footage of the pseudo “Mujaahid” Ali Jaleel, then we say he has lot to learn of this beautiful Deen. It is not for him to call the scholars to go to him, but it is for him and his likes to go to the scholars themselves! It is a shame that this man does not know the great priniciple of Islam, that knowledge precedes statements and actions!
And in this regard we also call the so called Liberalists and Modernists to not judge Islam with the acts of the Khawaarij! Rather it is upon you too to return back to the original of affairs! And we say, do not accuse us of your own iniquities!
We, the Ahlus-Sunnah, the Salafis, the Ahlul-Athar, are free from the extremist and terrorist acts of America, the Jewish State and also those of Al-Qaeda and their ilk! We are clear from them and they are clear from us!
We also refer readers to the following websites, which has the writings of our scholars and our students of knowledge who clearly and totally refutes vigilante behaviour enacted by individuals and also who unequivocally denounce extremism, terrorism and violence:
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