Letter on threats

Salam Alakium,

It is no surprise that the secularist media is pushing the death threats against the liar, Hilath Rasheed.

Really, does anyone think that anonymous threats on the internet are deserving of such coverage?

I doubt that there are many people who have not been threatened in one way or the other online, but we don’t make a big fuss about it as we are not all publicity seeking people with agendas.

I would also question how biased this media outlet is as you never reported the many death threats which are published on Hilaths blog against others.

One particular idiot by the name of Shadowrunner repeatedly threatens to kill and exterminate others and Hilath has no issue with publishing these comments and seems to see nothing wrong with them. Oh how the hypocrisy becomes apparent.

Ibn Khattab, IslamMaldives


8 thoughts on “Letter on threats”

  1. yes. But everyone in the MV blog-sphere knows that poor Shadowrunner is now a loon due to psychological pressure due to living a life continuously keeping up a facade with his extremist family. Pushed to the limits and shoved into corner in his mind.

    hmmmm but then again there maybe a danger in that too for not proving the help the poor fellow needs.

  2. Death threats must be taken seriously because there is simply no way to determine whether the issuer was serious or not.

    I have to agree with Ibn Khattab here that several menacing threats on various blogs against people or groups of people are published for public viewing without hesitation. There seems to be a lopsided bias when it comes to threats, which I believe is a reflection of the projected state of the world and how militant religion is viewed. In other words the perceived seriousness of a threat is directly proportional to the perceived affiliation to a particular group.

    In the case of the Shadowrunner, people dismiss his remarks as nothing but bad jokes because he is viewed as a prankster acting on his own volition and devoid of seriousness (or organisation). But obviously that is not how those who are the target of his menacing remarks view them.

    To be fair, there is simply no way of ascertaining how serious someone is with their threat and therefore such threats must not be tolerated no matter who issues them.

  3. you cannot blame the "secularist media" for loading their guns with the ammunition you provided them.

  4. "Often, it is the mad that write history." -Anon

    I don't mind being considered a bolt loose. I've completed my goals - and that's all that I care about.

    Ibn Khattab!. Where HAVE you been?!. I thought you quit blogging after wordpress decided to pull the plug on you?. Do you still stick to the ol' unreasonable "I'm right, you're wrong, you're going to hell!" theme?. We've GOTTA catch up sometime and debate!.

  5. Simon, people read my blog posts for laughs because they know they're so outlandishly inane, there's no way anyone could read them and not keep a straight face. I've indicated that I am not to be taken seriously by the "Doing it for the lulz since 2008" statement.

    Apparently, even blogger.com understands what I mean by lulz.

  6. Ibn Khattab...Shadowrunner is right... read the whole thing before u can critic...nor make false accusations..people like you need to be shut down... oh now i am in trouble.. I just made a "death threat"... NO you IDIOT I just said to Shut your low IQ'd Brains off... (yes the one below the belt too cause its been doin a lot a thinking for you apperently....)


  7. With the discovery of maldivians fighting with the taliban and the fact that death threats go hand in hand with increasing religious radicalism, in other muslim countries, yes it is a cause for serious concern.


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