DhiTV and Haveeru staff attacked

Four men forcibly entered DhiTV studios and attacked five senior officials at the station this afternoon, shortly after the the station aired a report on its 2 o’clock news claiming that Ibrahim Nafiz, ‘Chika’, has been released to house arrest.

Nafiz was sentenced to five years imprisonment in July 2008 for possession of a sword. Although the state also prosecuted Nafiz for alleged drug trafficking, the charges could not be proven at court and were dismissed.

Sub-inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that police had received a report of the incident this afternoon and could not divulge further information while the investigation was ongoing.

DhiTV CEO Yousuf Navaal said the station did not wish to provide any information regarding the incident as he feared it would aggravate the situation.

Haveeru employee stabbed

Three hours after the alleged gang attack on DhiTV, a Haveeru employee was stabbed in the back.

Abdul Razzag Adam, 39, who works at the printing department, was knifed outside the Haveeru office building while he was on his cycle.

According to a family member, Razzag is in a critical condition and is currently undergoing treatment at  Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Meanwhile, although police have sent four officers to DhiTV, Naval said the attack on a Haveeru employee had shown that individual employees cannot be protected at all times.

Navaal said DhiTV had decided not to run the story again in its news tonight.

‘Until we receive assurance [of our safety] that we can report this type of news, we will not cover it anymore,’ he said.

Sub-inspector Shiyam said it was “difficult to say” whether the two attacks were connected at this stage of the investigation.


31 thoughts on “DhiTV and Haveeru staff attacked”

  1. So much for freedom of press. Now lets see, while previous government was in place mdp accused them of releasing prisoners and sheltering gangsters which was causing street violence . SO who shall we blame for this violence?

  2. lets kill everyone to the last man in Male'. I think this is what Maldivians want now?

  3. This shit is spiraling out of control.The jury's out now, time to legalize weapons for self defense!

    Mr. President , Do us all (Maldivians) a favor and send a bill regarding self defense to the parliament.

    What's your opinion guys?..
    Stab or be stabbed! ( The current condition in the Maldives)

  4. Nashath: How about you blame the judges, who allow injustice to flourish in this country... for the sake of their own political affiliations?.

    Reports like this have convinced me to purchase firearms. What? Weapons of war are illegal?. Bah!. I'd rather save my own life than follow some archaic, unfair law!.

  5. Why is the most notorious gang leader of Maldives in Male' and not in prison to which he was sentenced? It would have been helpful if minivan news tried to find an answer to that question. Or are you guys afraid of the gangsters as well?

    And where are the mullahs protesting this? Why isn't Shaheem (along with his fellow 'Ahun') holding news conferences threatening to bring down the government?

    MDP, DRP, PA, Adhaalath, etc are all the same. Not an ounce of difference between them. No matter who is in power it's the gangs who rule the streets. Time to abandon this hellhole to the gangsters and mullahs and move to another country. Living in a refugee camp somewhere would be better than living in Maldives.

  6. so its happening now. daytime stabbing... !! wonder what more is coming up.. The matter has to be dealt in the tender days itself.. Now it is almost beyond control. Can only expect the worst in the days to come,unless strong competent measures are taken to stop vile gangsters.

  7. I Suggest Everyone Change their Facebook Profiles to a picture of Chikaa and show the Gangs that they CANT take away our freedom of Expression.

    Where are Islamic NGOS? No Demonstrations?

  8. Yes, lets give the stabbers exactly what they want. Lets give in to fear and intimidation by gangs. A news station being attacked has a duty to the nation to report on it.

    Real news agencies would be shouting at the top of their lungs and would be happy for the press coverage they received from their peers.

  9. when judiciary finds having swords as not against the constitution, having millions of bucks stacked at home normal. blame the government. coz when it comes to judiciary, even if they stick a finger up your nose, they are always right. den run around blaming the government. judiciary lets these people free. but blame the GOVERNMENT. Maldivians sure have a great sense of humour.

  10. We know from the that;

    "this guy is serving a prison sentence for possessing a weapon namely a sword"

    What is the point of the judiciary sentencing criminals if the government always lets them out through the "valu dhoraashi"

    I dont see any reason for any judge to convict anyone if the government keeps sending them out through clemency, parole, transfers to house arrest for political purposes.

    As zuhair has previously said the government has released initially "120 criminals, and later 119 criminals"

    oops truckloads!!

    The parliament should pass a bill prohibiting the government from releasing prisoners in truck loads for political gains!!!!

  11. I just wanted to analyze this piece of

    "ahmed on Mon, 15th Mar 2010 11:48 PM

    when judiciary finds having swords as not against the constitution, having millions of bucks stacked at home normal. blame the government. coz when it comes to judiciary, even if they stick a finger up your nose, they are always right. den run around blaming the government. judiciary lets these people free. but blame the GOVERNMENT. Maldivians sure have a great sense of humour."

    1. Firstly the constitution outlines some of the basic, and most fundamental rights and powers, it has no clause which says swords are prohibited, however you can ban or outlaw the possession of certain items but that has to be done through an Act.

    2. It is very clear from the article itself that the person in question "Ibrahim Nafiz" 'Chika' was sentenced by the judiciary for the possession of a "sword".

    3. Thirdly its not the judiciary that ordered Ibrahim Nafiz be put to house arrest but it was done by the DPRS, which is a department under the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is under the executive control.

    4. Lastly I just want to highlight some of the weekly news, i.e. one of the people who was involved in attacking Habib Bank manager and robbing him at his home involved a criminal who was released by the government under the rehabilitation program and Zuhair has said that the government has initially released 120 criminals and later 109 criminals under rehabilitation.

    It is sick that all political parties and everyone behind them only thinks about clinging to power and its very unfortunate that not even "one" party thinks of the people.

    its amazing what people do behind the veil of democracy.

  12. I'm not surprised of these outcome, cause the society is fragmented and there is no collective collaboration and coordination between any institute in our country so this will be the outcome of it. The gov, parliament and the judiciary is to blame unless they are able to work and operate citizens will have to surfer. Guess democracy is not something that can be replicated and we have to stop policy transfer or garbage policy that is not able to implement and workable.

  13. Like peeps said its not the judiciary that is letting the convicted felons out. what good does judiciary do in sentencing people if the sentencing is not enforced. I find it hilarious all of a sudden the judiciary is to blame for all the faults in the country since MDP came to power. But previously it was all governments fault for not doing any thing. Time and again this government has shown that they are INCOMPETENT blundering fools who had no plans what so ever of addressing any real problems other than their rise to power.

  14. @ahmed

    its not illegal to stack millions of Rufia in your own home. and its not up to the judiciary to investigate or "be suspicious of" where the money came from. its the police that does the investigation on suspicious activities and the the prosecution that have to make a case of it. its a problem with the "LAW".

    therefore, i think a lot of the blame lies on the parliament or.."THE LAW MAKERS". they shouldn't be arguing with each other and taking those long holidays when so much is to be done...


    what have become of you? i used to check on you everyday, but now i just bother when there is an incident about town...don't shame your name!

  15. nobody will describe this insanity as extremism or terrorism, cause all these gangs are used and abused by politicians .. what a sick society if this was the democracy and freedom that we were fighting for i think it's much better to be a dictatorship where our safety and security is guaranteed, and most firghtening this is no politician will talk about this matter .. but a simple islaahu from kutti nasheed will be enough to isolate these psychopaths from society but rather people like kutti nasheed is after the president without any regard to well being of our people

  16. dissolve mdp n yellpw color..everything will b solved n we can sleep peacefully zzzzzz

  17. Peep: Was it the judiciary or the government that transferred Chika to house arrest?

    Why would Chika attack the media for reporting that he has been transferred to house arrest. It does not seem to make sense.

  18. Now the whole system is working the way opposition wants. Very cleverly planned.

    Elements in home ministry, police, judiciary, etc., are creating havoc so that to the eyes of the citizens incumbent government is faulty.

    Example is the day DRP demonstration ended up at MNDF gate and in front of Palace. So, I will not be surprised, PA tomorrow holds a rally and call for immediate government change. See the way they did lit up the jail on the day parliament discussed exceptional Bill. And the same way they lit up STO medicals when we were voting, on the last day.

    Systematically they are creating terror!

  19. In this case it is neither the judicier nor the parliament that has to take most of the blame but the government since DPRs is uncer the full control of the government.
    The previous regime allegedly released prisoners for one night to attack the "mercury Hotaa" the then opposition 'addaa'. They did their job and went back to the prison the next day. They were set free a month later.

    This administration is doing the same to suppress and intimidate the opposition. They are 'using' criminals to attack the media. They know that the release of the notorious gang leader Chikaa will get attention from the media affiliated to the opposition which will provoke retaliation from the gangsters.
    This is a tactic to threaten the media not to play with fire. MDP MPs have been talking about this indirectly for sometime in their 'haruge' and now the government has acted upon it.

  20. Well all such incidents will inevitably take place in a society, especially one like ours, which is in fact trying to adjust and adapt to the new system. A turbulent period, like the one which we in the Maldives are going through is inevitable. However, this is the time for the powers (Legislature, Executive and Judiciary - aided by the forces both defense and civilian (Police) to check the situation from deteriorating further. The question is HOW? Simple if we try We - Citizens, Politicians and all concerned) work Honestly, Openly and Willingly to find a solution, setting aside mere differences, especially the political squabbles and the "blame game". We need to bury the hatchet and work towards the betterment of the society. Thankful we need to be today, that our country is transiting into a "democratic state".

  21. so police again do nothing.all this crime problems can be stop within 3 days if create Execution by firing squad .collect all those drugs lord and criminals and bearded
    fanatics- terrorists in one island and shoot tem all and peace will be in Maldives.repeat same two or three times and all those gungsters will be afraid to go even for evening tea and disappear.but when judge say drug lord,V.I.P criminals is holy persons and can go home and when police is heavy corrupted and when gouvernmant for one year from election worry about carbon free but not worry about crime free country - no doubt hell will be soon in Maldives and many life will end because criminals dont feel fear and police for them is nothing.survivor law is simple -you or criminals.so if people of Maldives think that criminal situation will disappear automatically it is big mistake!don't wait!create self defense team and talk like a man with those bastards.remember criminals never have mercy for you it is survival law you or crime future..so people must erase all drugs lord and heavy criminals because in other way yours childrens will be victims of all those dirty persons.and if in polce have true patriots they will help to clean road from waste.dont beleve that if you say please dont kill me or dont take my money,criminals say oh sorry you can go home.they dont have mercy for you and you must srike back and it is only way to stop violence in Maldives.if you love to be in peaceful country,at first clean the territory and create strong law. look how in Singapore .you can be free and doing every thing but if it is not harmful for other.i think is time to do some thing real and dont beleve in democracy it is only way to increasing criminals activity.

  22. Living away from my homeland, I have been decribing Maldives as a peacful and harmonious nation to all my foreign friends. But its abysmal that things are changing the other way around. Recently, I've seen galvanizing organized crimes. I would blame the dirty Maldivian politicians for all these chaos. They are too dirty and dirtier than I could describe in words. They are just betting their hedges, indulging the wealth of ordinary poor Maldivians. They are just too deceitful. The gangs are doing all sorts of crime with apparent impunity and its sad that some politicians and businessmens endow to these gangs.

    I had good faith with MDP when I voted for them but I perceived things are much worser now. And sorry I do not wanna politicize this issue but I am compelled to pinpoint. The judiciary does best to give the strictest sentencing but the government is not willing to revamp the prison system in Maldives. The prisoners are released to the community without any effective rehabilitation process which are quite contrary to even the most democratic nations such as US and UK.

  23. HassanK, Im with you on this, its high time for Vigilante Groups. When law enforcements is paralised, when Legislative is paralised, when Juducuary is paralised, when executive is parlaised, only the Vigilante Groups can save the people

  24. I was until today a MDP supporter. I am sorry to say this but I have lost faith in them. I know it's nice for Anni to travel around Europe with our money but he should first sort out home. DRP is also the same. Hoping & praying for someone better. Inshallah.

  25. Hassan-Raha:

    Cue "protection agencies" and "private security firms" employing "former" gang members left and right.

  26. Agree with Hassan-Raha & HassanK. Its high time the citizens stood up against such incidents. When the citizens make it clear to such "groups" involved in unlawful activities that it would not be tolerated or allowed, then the message would be loud and clear. If such vigilant groups unite against such elements and unlawful activities, it will definitely make a change. After all in a democratic state, the citizens have an obligation to fulfill. Until how long can we choose and remain to ignore such unlawful activities. Its a duty for every citizen to stand up against terror and unlawful activities.

  27. And vigilantes are... suppressed by law. No "weapons of war". If vigilantes were to be formed, they would be forced to break the law.


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