Mahlouf submits resolution to delay parliament’s recess until critical bills are passed

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ahmed Mahlouf has submitted a resolution to the parliament to delay its recess until parliament concludes the Criminal Justice Procedure Bill, Evidence Bill, Parole Bill, Amendment to Children’s Act, Amendment to Gang Violence Act and Crime Prevention Bill.

Mahlouf told Minivan News that he presented the resolution in the hope that MPs will hasten their work and put more effort to pass those bills as soon as possible.

”The crimes occurring in the Maldives are now a very big concern for the citizens and they have expectations from the parliament,” Mahlouf said. ”I think the parliament should pass these bills before going to recess, which will play an important role to curb the gang violence and crime at the same time.”

The parliament is scheduled to go on recess on the first of next month, he said.

In parliament today Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Parliamentary Group leader MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik presented the Criminal Justice Procedure Bill to the parliament.

The bill consisting of 229 articles and was drafted well, said Mahlouf.

”Although there might be some amendments that should be brought, I think the parliament should shorten the preliminary debate and pass it,” he said. ”Such bills often get politicised, but these are bills that need to be passed soon.”

He added that he fully supported any bills presented to the parliament if it will benefit the citizens, regardless of whether they were submitted by MDP.

Mahlouf recently resubmitted a resolution cutting a controversial Rf 20,000 committee allowance for MPs, which had originally been submitted by MDP Chairperson and MP Mariya Ahmed Didi. Mariya was forced to withdraw the amendment after the MDP Parliamentary Group voted that she do so.


13 thoughts on “Mahlouf submits resolution to delay parliament’s recess until critical bills are passed”

  1. Though I'm from mdp I salute for the great job Mahloof is doing. This is what we r expecting from MP's. I will give my vote to u in the next election. Good luck

  2. Mahulouf should go independent, and work solo, he will gain more support and respect from the public for the good work he does.

  3. Fully support this action by Mahlouf. Though i am no supporter of Zaeem DRP, i think Mahlouf is doing some good work.
    he really should go independent.

  4. This is the best resolution ever to be submitted to parliament. In fact, this resolution almost rivals the Bills that they are trying to get pass in its boldness and audacity.

    And now, no MP can give any halfway decent reason for why these things should not be done considering their importance and that that these bills not being passed have directly led to the increase in violence and inability to protect our citizens and keep criminals in jail.

  5. Oh, except that the Amendment to changing children's age from 18 to 16 is a complete violation of our international agreements and norms of common decency. The other four bill will allow for juveniles to be prosecuted and there is absolutely no need for this amendment to be passed.

    If they do pass this amendment, it will be a huge disservice for every citizen in this country and will make us look horrible to the international community. The way to fix the youth is not by treating them like adults, but rather looking after their developmental needs - allowing for the possibility that they are made better citizens through rehabilitation.

  6. Good job Mahlouf!! About time these bills got passed. So good to see you making a stand for justice and security of our people. Thank you

  7. Ah, yes, so what do we lack now? More bills! Let's have a barrage of bills through Parliament. I'm sure that'll sort all the violence on the streets! Yeah right!

    This is a stupid gimmick by Mahlouf to make himself look relevant. A gimmick is a gimmick and no one's going to fall for that.

  8. and yeah great job Mahlouf! are you sure you still like Gayoom though?

  9. It is not possible to see Mahloof dancing to any other tune other than he is used to!

    A gimmick or not; let us hope it works to the best of the nation!

    But, these MPs pulling salary and recess as and when they want (to go for vacating with their families abroad) is @#$%&!? crazy!

    Surely something aught to be done to stop this daylight robbery!

    Vote for non of these MPs any more!

  10. I feel your pain. We are about 20k in debt. (yes, that is painful to admit.) I am very new to this. Just strtead in January, but my goal is to elimate our debt by June 29, 2011. Good luck. I am sure you can do it.


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