All murderers involved in 2012 murder cases found: police

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) have claimed that all murderers involved in cases last year have been found, local media reported.

In a promotional video uploaded on YouTube, police claimed that murderers who killed MP Dr Afrasheem Ali, lawyer Ahmed Najeeb, Police Lance Corporal Adam Haleem and Ayyube in Kudahuvadhoo in Dhaalu Atoll had all been found.

Local media reported that trials against some of the murder suspects are still ongoing in court, whilst others have been convicted and sentenced to death.

Cases related to theft increased last year and the seizure of drugs by MPS had reached a record high, police claimed.

Other figures from the video, as reported by local media, stated that 29 brothels have been closed down, while cases related to domestic violence against women and children sent for prosecution had increased and organised crime had been “controlled”.

In an effort to reduce crime, the Crime Prevention Department will now operate under the Public Affairs Department, local media reported.


2 thoughts on “All murderers involved in 2012 murder cases found: police”

  1. That's not the point the court will free them The criminal court Judge Addulla Gazee is very keen on thin to sentence them not Guilty.

    When police findthat this Judge is danger to the nation and report to the army to arrest him the President of Maldives has to be guilty for this

  2. Judge or the president, no matter who commits a crime will be responsible.

    President does not have the authority over judiciary and there is a judiciary commission who are responsible for the actions of judges.

    This is what Nasheed and his friends need to learn.


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