Five MPs will join DRP when parliament resumes, claims DRP Deputy Leader

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Deputy Leader and Spokesperson Ahmed ‘Mavota’ Shareef has claimed that “four or five” members of parliament will join the DRP when parliament resumes.

Speaking at a DRP press conference, Shareef said next month there will be a ceremony to celebrate the joining of the new MPs, however he declined to provide further information.

Shareef also told the press that “about 1000” people had expressed interest in joining DRP in the future.

He further claimed that five “hardcore Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists” had joined the party.

DRP Parliamentary Group Leader and MP Dr Abdulla Mausoom today told Minivan News that he did not wish to disclose any information on the matter.

‘’Due to the current political environment in the country, MPs and supporters will keep shifting parties for the next three or four months,’’ Dr Mausoom said. ‘’It will go like that until the major political parties elect their presidential candidates.’’

Dr Mausoom predicted that after the major political parties elect their candidates, the shifting of MPs and supporters would settle.

Former MDP MP Abdulla Abdulraheem recently shifted to the DRP.

“I, on March 27, 2012, have decided to rejoin DRP as the principles of MDP contradict the principles I believe in,” he claimed. “I’m quitting MDP and resigning for the DRP as I know the party will always welcome me,” Haveeru quoted him saying during the signing ceremony at the DRP office.

Earlier this month MDP MP for Fuvamulah central constituency Shifaq Mufeed joined former President Maumon Abdul Gayoom’s Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).


5 thoughts on “Five MPs will join DRP when parliament resumes, claims DRP Deputy Leader”

  1. DRP is a spent force, a used shell. PPM sucked the juice out of it and there's just a skeleton left. I find it rather strange that DRP should form a coalition with its arch enemy, i.e. the members of the pink group, PPM.

    By the time this coalition falls apart, which will be pretty soon, DRP will have to be buried, since there'll be nothing but a skeleton left.

  2. Does it matter? People like Abdul Raheem, Alhan, Mariya, Rekko, Mahloof can be bought for power, money and sex! Look at these people more carefully! MDP, DRP, PPM are all an animal farm! rather a monkey cage!

  3. well, not so difficult to rob state coffers to buy MP's.
    But running to another party, is not like winning the seat again ... voters will decide, they dont like traitors

  4. This is against democracy! Because WE voted for particular person for a reason!


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