Maldives speaks in favour of Palestinian statehood at UN Human Rights Council, General Assembly

Maldives Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Iruthisham Adam, has urged all states to support Palestine’s right to self-determination and self-government.

Speaking during a Council debate on human rights in Palestine, Adam said the Palestinian bid should be viewed in light of the US’s own declaration of independence, citing its drafter Thomas Jefferson.

“We surely cannot deny to any nation that right where on our own is founded – that every one may govern itself according to whatever form it pleases and change those forms at its own will,” Adam said.

“These words are as relevant today, as we survey Palestine’s brave push for independence and statehood at the United Nations, as they were in the 18th Century,” she told the Council.

“The Maldives and hundreds of other countries support the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination. We do not do so because we are against Israel – the Maldives is and always will be a strong supporter of a two-State solution. We do so, rather, because it is right and it is just.

“If we value and enjoy our right to self-determination in the Maldives and elsewhere, if we applaud its assertion across the Islamic world, then why should we deny it to the people of Palestine? People who have been waiting for dignity, freedom and independence for 6o long years?”

Palestinian statehood would not diminish the chances of a negotiated peace, Adam argued, but would rather enhance them by resolving the unequal power relationship between the two countries.

“In our opinion,undermined the negotiation process – a relationship between the occupied and the occupier. How can a fair and lasting peace be forged under such conditions? The short answer is: it cannot. Far better then for negotiations to take place between two States sitting down together as equals,” she said.

Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan meanwhile told the UN General Assembly that “demands for human rights and democratic values are universal” and “the time for Palestine to join the international family of nations is long overdue.”

Dr Waheed said the Maldives was committed to protecting human rights, both domestically and internationally, and noted that with the Maldives signing the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court the country”joins a growing alliance of states which stand firmly against those who believe they can violate human rights with impunity.”

The UN Security Council is currently considering the proposal put forward by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Key issues include Israeli settlements, the status of Jerusalem, and securing rights of return for Palestinian refugees.


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  1. This probably has nothing to do with the headlines. I am so happy to see young diplomats of the Maldives now get a chance to speak for Maldives. All these years (the famous 30 to precise) you always here president Maumoon this and president Maumoon that. No one and nothing else mattered.

    He has ruled the country without giving a chance for 3 generations of well meaning citizens. It is the people (then kids) who were in Grade 5 and below when Maumoon came to power in 1978 who finally got a chance in our political forefront; be it the ruling party, the opposition or simply the carrier diplomats. So much for a dictatorship.

  2. @Hmmm! What a big bloody load of bull crap! Gayoom was one helluva dictator - no doubt about that. But your attempt to glorify this is pathetic. You seem very impressed that a 'young diplomat' got the chance to speak for Maldives. Do you have any idea of this?
    1. There are 7 Maldivian diplomats based in Geneva - their work? working to advance and to engage with the international community on human rights, democracy and environment? WTF?
    2. One Mr. Marc Limon has been there since Gayooms era. His salary? a fricking CHF12,000 (thats like over Rf200,000 a month - the cost of running a school in an island for six months)
    3. Iruthisham Adam is paid a state ministers salary in Rf. Given allowances an perks. Total cost is over RF200,000 a month again (there goes another schools expense for 6 fricking months).
    4. There is a deputy ambassador and 3 other staff. Just imagine their costs.

    Ok. i agree. Gayoom was a big bad dick-tator. But what do we have now? So the next time you feel like opening your mouth to glorify these wastes try soaking a thumb somewhere in a tight hole.

  3. For your kind information, it is Majlis with DRP (and current PPM) majority who appove Ambassadors and the Embassy budget. So who exactly are you blaming?

  4. @ haleema fulhu

    I didn't know Iruthishaam is paid Rf 200,000 per month.
    How can I be the next ambassador?

  5. JJ, you are so late in bringing some news on the platform? I don't why you do that, perhaps some news doesn't interest you much !

  6. The cost of maintaining an office in Geneva and all the expenses it is obvious that the expenses would be high.
    Is it worth it? I of course it is. The salary of a State Minister is not that high and do you the average wage of someone in Geneva? do you expect our Diplomats to live in YMCA and eat at MacDonalds? The salary they get is not half as much as most other countries pay their diplomats and I have to say that our Diplomats are doing a very sterling job in these difficult times and it is during Gayoom's time that most of them became Diplomats. The difference is that the current government give them the responsibility and the stage for them to deliver for their country.
    The Mission in Geneva also represents Maldives in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Turkey. They are one of our biggest customers in Tourism. So it is better to get the full knowledge and perspective of this issue.

  7. What we see from the comments is the jealousy. If all support the cause of Palestine then what is the problem? Haleema fulhu seems to have a personal issue. you not geting a job u want.

    Manik is right Embassy of Geneva represents Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Turkey. Every man or woman want to become Ambassadors ? They do not know it is only one salary paid. If one compares to other Ambassadors salaries geneva gets low salary. Ambassador were approved by Majlis (DRP) majority then. Salary approved by Majlis. Who is blaming who?

  8. Haleema fulhu are you dumb? We checked registry of Geneva mission today. Can you count numbers. I think u need glasses

    iruthisham adam
    Abdulla Thoufeeg
    aishath loosha Zahid
    murthala Musa
    Mark Limon

  9. I really dont see the relation between the news Article and the Comments above. Minivan News really needs to strengthen its editorial policies.


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