Palestine President visits Maldives: “Strong Palestine would enable Israel security,” Dr.Waheed

Palestine President Dr Mahmoud Abbas arrived in the Maldives Tuesday, marking the highest-level visit to the Maldives by an official from the Middle Eastern state for 28 years.

Former Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat had previously visited the Maldives in 1984.

The Maldives Foreign Ministry described the visit today as a “historic moment for Maldives-Palestine relations” and a “time for us to reaffirm the close brotherly bonds which bind our peoples together and to reassert our support for Palestinian statehood.”

As part of the visit, Abbas met with President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik this afternoon at the President’s Office.  Following official talks between the two leaders, a joint statement was given to the media in which Abbas expressed hope that the visit would “enhance the historic relations that already exist between our two countries and peoples”.

Whilst speaking on the current political situation in Palestine and in the Middle-East, Abbas noted that the “peace process in the Middle-East is facing many obstacles because of the Israeli rejection of its obligations according to the international law and quartet statements”.

“In spite of that we are confirming our dedication for negotiations as the best way to implement the two state solution – Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace and prosperity according to Arab peace initiatives and quartet statements,” Abbas observed.

Meanwhile, briefing the media on discussions with the Palestinian delegation, President Waheed stated that he had “reassured President Abbas of our strong support for the peace process” and that the “Maldives endorses Palestine’s stand that direct peace talks with Israel can only be fruitful when Israel suspends the building of settlements in the West Bank.”

The president also added that Maldives would support Palestine’s application for membership of the United Nations and any other international organisations, while noting that Maldives has been a strong supporter of Palestine at the UN Human Rights Council and had utilised every opportunity at the Council to advocate the rights of the Palestinian people.

Even though there is broad support for these calls in Human Rights Council, Waheed stated that the “world has to realise that without a Palestinian State, there can never be Palestinian rights”.

“International recognition of the State of Palestine is no barrier to the continuation of the peace talks. Rather, it helps to bring a sense of equality to both sides in the negotiations,” Waheed continued.

“The security of Israel is equally important. It is also in the best interest of Israel to see the emergence of a viable and strong Palestine. Only a viable and strong Palestine would enable Israel to achieve its own security,” he contended.

“It is therefore profoundly important, and indeed, necessary that a strong and thriving Palestinian State is established on the lands occupied by Israel since 1967. An independent Palestinian state is necessary for achieving durable peace in the region. Most of all, it is necessary for healing the wounds of the past, and achieving reconciliation based on the principles of justice and equality. These are challenging yet attainable objectives. Given the President’s own extra-ordinary life story, I am confident that these objectives can be achieved under the President’s leadership,” Waheed noted.

The floor was closed for questions from reporters and President Abbas was immediately escorted to the jetty to leave for Kurumba Resort.  Upon arriving at the resort, the Palestinian leader met with Former President and Leader of the pro-government Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and Abduallah Shahid, Speaker of the Parliament.


Following the talks with Abbas, Maumoon told local media that Abbas had aired grievances over the Maldives absence in a vote taken in October 2011 to grant Palestine full membership to the the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

He claimed that Palestinian delegation had noted that Maldives did not vote in the UNESCO meeting and it was a “big shock” to Palestine and it had “deeply upset” them.  The former president noted: “I was very embarrassed to hear that. Maldives should not have done something like that. I told the [delegation] the Maldives did it [not vote] because of the government at the time was under overwhelming foreign influence. But in future, it will not be repeated.”

Minivan News asked whether Abbas had shared any concerns over the former Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government’s ties with the Isreali government.

Whilst in power, the MDP were repeatedly criticised by the then-opposition claiming the government was conspiring with “Christian missionaries” and “Jews” to “wipe out Islam” from Maldives.  The former government has continued to deny the charges, adding that it held the same diplomatic and business relations with Israel that it has with countless other nations around the world.

The Maldives was amongst the nations that were openly critical of the Israeli military response in 2010 to a so-called “Freedom Flotilla” bound for Palestine that reportedly led to nine people being killed aboard the MV Mavi Marmara vessel during an assault in international waters. An estimated 60 activists and 10 Israeli soldiers were also injured in the scuffles that the Maldives’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned “in the strongest possible terms”.

However, Gayoom also said that he had been informed by the visiting Palestinian delegation that they do not want Maldives to establish ties with Isreal.

“They do not want Maldives to do something like that. Because Palestine is still a country which has not acheived its people’s rights and Isreal is the one blocking it. Therefore, the Palestinian government does not want at all for Maldivian government to foster relations with them [Isreal]. Neither do the Maldivians want that,” Gayoom further claimed.

The former president contended that Maldives had always shared good relations with Palestine apart from the last three years of Mohamed Nasheed’s rule, which he described as having “supported Isreal”.

However, Nasheed’s administration contended such claims were “slanderous allegations” and in a visit to Palestine last year, then Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem announced that the Maldives would work towards the establishment of a sovereign state of Palestine by garnering international support.

According to foreign ministry officials, discussions were held over the opening of a Palestinian Embassy in the Maldives, as well as the creation of a joint Ministerial Action Group to further develop multi-sectoral relationships betwen the two countries.

Abbas is scheduled to depart tomorrow afternoon following a State Luncheon hosted by Dr Waheed.


31 thoughts on “Palestine President visits Maldives: “Strong Palestine would enable Israel security,” Dr.Waheed”

  1. Previous government of Anni never wanted relations with Palestine. They were rather more into making strong relations with Israel. One evidence of this was their absence in Palestine UNESCO membership vote. Then their FM Naseem visited Israel and met with their FM and Netanyahu conveying them Maldives support for Israel rather than Palestine.

  2. Anni is 100% Muslim too. This is no big deal, I is just a visit and PR stunt set up by the new regime and old dictatorship.

  3. Dictator Maumoon says ;
    “They do not want Maldives to do something like that. Because Palestine is still a country which has not acheived its people’s rights and Isreal is the one blocking it.

    We say ;
    We don't want Maumoon to talk about anything anymore. Because Maldives is once again a country which has lost its peoples rights and MAUMOON is the one blocking it.

    Hell awaits you dictator.

  4. Maldivians should stop obsessing about Palestinians. We have enough trouble ourselves that we have to deal with.

  5. @Ziyan on Wed, 18th Apr 2012 12:48 AM

    "Previous government of Anni never wanted relations with Palestine."

    Do you know who invited Abbas to this country? It was the deposed government of Anni that invited the Palestinian President to this soil!

    As ever Gayyoom is trying to promote himself as the defender of Islam and the Palestinians. Gayyom, can you please anwer the simple question of what happened to the "Qudhs Fund" money?

    During his 30 years, he maintained the same level of relations with Israel that the previous government did. This guy is just unbelievable and is lying through his teeth at every opportunity.

  6. @Ziyan.
    You are correct. This was one of the biggest foreign relations blunders Anni did. Israel does not need Maldives support to survive, but Palestine needs all the diplomatic endorsements to build the Palestininan state.

  7. Palastinians & Izrael they don't beat and torture own people but Waheed, Gayoom regime is worse tham these two states.
    Maldivians are not surviving but talking quality of life. No fresh drinking water in most of these tiny islands, no septic proper systems, no health care and no housing facility. mosquito and police are same in the Maldives. After visit of president of Palastine Waheed may accounce giving awards to mosquitos because of sucking blood from islanders.

  8. President Abbas dose not know how many Izrael visiting the islands of Paradise and Bandos of Maldives. more hundred of Izrael are arriving to boost Maldivian acconomy and Maumoon Gayoom was invited 40 Israel and treated more than Waheed dose to Abbas. Its a joke of talking Izrael and Palastine. what happen to the island resort that Maumoon gave Palastine in the Maldives? where is the resort now, is it Bandos or Paradise island? who can give explanation to the mattar.

  9. "Minivan News asked whether Abbas had shared any concerns over the former Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government’s ties with the Isreali government."

    Where is the answer to this question?
    Hawwa Lubna, you are cunning.

  10. Nasheed government was more friendly with the Israelis than Palestinians. They did not hide this fact until there was a public uproar after their absence in the UNESCO vote.

    Nasheed's cronies tried to cover up their absence in the deciding vote. This cover up was no better than being absent itself.

    Now, Minivan News might like to cover up by stating our then Foreign Minister Naseem visited the Palestine when he actually went to Israel. Visiting Palestine was not the purpose of his visit. His visit was to Israel and as a sidelined addition to his visit, he visited the Palestine.

    Why? Are you ashamed, Hawwa Lubna, to talk about Naseem's visit to Israel?

  11. Anni has confessed to his close relations with Israel during his visit to the US. He claimed in the media that he was unhappy that the US accepted Dr Waheed's government in spite of Anni's commitment to establish closer ties with Israel. So why deny this in the local media?

  12. shocked? i would believe that if it came out of president abbas, not the dictator gayoom

  13. the meeting was organized and finalized by Nasheed's regime fyi

  14. I saw a red jinn at the table when Mahmood Abbas and his delegation were holding a meeting with our President and Maldivian officicals.
    Who was she?

  15. Are we not forgetting something here, that the Maldives co sponsored the resolution that pushed for Palestine membership in UNESCO when NASHEED was President of the Maldives?

    And yes, the absence of the Maldives delegation at the vote after all the work done by the President Nasheed's government to lobby and move the vote for Palestine membership in UNESCO was a shock and a mystery to all of us.

    We are told Minister Shifa and Dr Nazeer, Deputy Minister of Education was at the meeting. That they both returned before the vote because that's how their travel arrangements were. What rubbish.

    The explanation given by Minister Shifa is ridiculous and just does not add up when you consider that President Nasheed was one of the primary movers of this vote. Whether it was her aides who botched up, she as Minister should have taken the rap for this. She should have in my opinion resigned over the matter.

    Equally odd that Dr Nazeer who travelled with Minister Shifa did not know when the vote was scheduled. Minister Shifa trusted and relied on him in the Ministry.

    And what does Ms Jameela Ali UNESCO Secretary General in the Maldives have to say about approving a travel itinery that would bring the Maldives delegation back to the maldives before the vote? ofcourse she will pass the buck as she does so smoothly .....Minister noontho itinery confirm kuravvaanee alhugadu keethoa kuraanee?

    While on the subject, wonder why the ever ready to call for vote of no confidence of Nasheed's cabinet ministers DRPPA, DQP and RP MPs and Independent MPs aligned with these parties did not submit a motion of vote of no confidence in Minister Minister Shifa and to sack Dr Nazeer over this matter.

    What is really odd too is that Dr Nazeer was one of the first apointments of Dr Waheed... as cabinet secretary.

    We need to know if Dr Nazeer left KNOWING of the vote. If so he should be removed from his current position.

    The stories just dont add up.

    I think we should form a committee to investigate this matter. The public has a right to know what really happened in Geneva.

  16. Gayoom, give us a break. You can yak all you like, but did you know we have the social media now and you cannot manipulate us with your media any more.

    President Gayoom supported Israel all his 30 years. oh yes the fancy speeches were always there... but he was a very close ally of President Husni Mubarak who we all know the US kept in power to protect Israel.

    Masthah thila vanee dho.

  17. Maumoon hit a jackpot……! Helpless Maldivians are becoming sympathetic for fellow helpless Palestinians, The only thing old man hoping is to discredit Anni and become a champion of Maldives. Good move, because crazy Maldivians are only worried about a Palestine who will never be recognized as a country in a foreseeable future.

  18. Oh puleese someone muzzle Gayoom please, we have had enough of his bullshit. Nasheed's government invited President Abbas, and Waheed allows this joker Gayoom to say such filth in the Palestinians name? Gayoom brings shame to Maldives and to the entire muslim community with his non stop lies

  19. "Following the talks with Abbas, Maumoon told local media that Abbas had aired grievances over the Maldives absence in a vote taken in October 2011 to grant Palestine full membership to the the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

    He claimed that Palestinian delegation had noted that Maldives did not vote in the UNESCO meeting and it was a “big shock” to Palestine and it had “deeply upset” them. The former president noted: “I was very embarrassed to hear that. Maldives should not have done something like that. I told the [delegation] the Maldives did it [not vote] because of the government at the time was under overwhelming foreign influence. But in future, it will not be repeated.”" -

    Hahahaaaa! This was not discussed with Dr. Waheed! Not alarming!

    This is how Maumoon portray he is Dr. Waheed's BOSS and Waheed is his "boy", who has waited all his life for one moment! To address the Parliament of the Maldives as President; even as a rebel!

    Next - could be the ANIMAL FARM!

    Story about delegation returning before voting took place for Palestine to become fledged member is questionable. I am sure President Nasheed is not a coward to relent to any pressure to the cause he believe!

    This case need to be investigated as commented by @ Ayya!

    President Nasheed would be a better leader to the people of Maldives than his predecessor, or his rebel VP, combined!

  20. As Minister Shifa was the head of delegation she should take all the responsibilities, and not her deputy

  21. @Clarify

    Sure, I said that, didn't I?

    But it still does not explain Dr Nazeer's role in this fiasco unless of course he reminded the minister that they had to stay for the vote and she said no I am going home. I wanna go home. I wanna go home. Is that what happened in Geneva?

  22. Are you talking to yourself? Coz the world isn't hearing what you expressed... .

  23. Even if Palestine gets all the diplomatic endorsements from all friendly countries in the world, it does nt really matter. All it takes is a veto-wielding United States in the UN Security Council to prevent the Palestinians from having their own state.

  24. No Minister would leave a high level conference suddenly without giving the vote unless specifically instructed from the top. It is common sense

  25. Am I missing something?

    There is a State of Palestine that exists today which became a member state of UNESCO on 31 October 2011.

    All 194 member states of UNESCO have accepted that decision. Not one has sought to protest or have it reversed on the basis that Palestine is not a State.

    The two-state solution is now alive and kicking.

    Why pretend it has not happened?

  26. @Ayya

    Yes, that's what seemed to have happened!
    Heard that it was totally Dr Nazeer's idea to co-sponsor the resolution.

  27. His Excellency Dr.Waheed Hassan, As you visited the deprived people of the The Maldives Islands, the inhibatants of those are were never visited by ex-prisidents before that shows your pity and excellent feeling, every one appriciate and praying for you further success. We are very pleased for this kind and best serving the pope of the Maldives.
    M.Arab Hamidi Afghanistan

  28. Maumoon and his military dictatorship doesn't care about about Palestine and it's people. Anni did invite Mahmoud Abbas while he was in office. Now that Maumoon and his flesh eating barbarians are in power, they grabbed Mahmoud Abbas's neck to brainwash Maldivians as much as possible, making them believe these thugs care about Palestine. They are using Mahmoud Abbas to bring disgrace to President Mohamed Nasheed, and loot every single credit that Mohamed Nasheed deserves.


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