MDP activist sentenced for contempt of court

A well-known activist of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Hussein Ilham of Happy Side in Galolhu, and his brother Abdulla Irushad, have been sentenced for contempt of court by Judge Aisha Shujoon Mohamed.

Ilham was sentenced for three months while  his brother received one month under Article 88(a) of the Penal Code for disrespecting the court.

The judge said that Hussein Ilham and Abdulla Irushad disrespected the court during an ongoing case involving real estate, and that there were people who had entered the court without being presented.

The verdict does not mention whether they both interrupted or if they were presented to the court.

Chairperson for MDP Mariya Ahmed Didi did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

Vice president of opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Umar Naseer said that he was not surprised to hear that an MDP activist was sentenced.

”I am surprised to hear that they have been free all this time,” Umar said.

He said the judicial system was a very independent system and claimed ”MDP is trying to hijack it.”

He also accused all MDP members of”drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.”

Press Secretary for the President’s Office Mohamed Zuhair said he was sorry to hear the news, but said he did not believe that it would bring the party’s reputation into disrepute.

”The judiciary system needs to be reformed,” he said, ”it needs more qualified and disciplined judges.”


16 thoughts on “MDP activist sentenced for contempt of court”

  1. Can someone please take Umar to court for his baseless slander?! All MDP members are alcoholics and potheads? Really?

    Even the conservative Islamists who are in the party? His comments are just way too unprofessional, without basis, too radical, and a complete embarrassment.

  2. please for God sake! minivannews why on earth you guys writting this pathetic umar naseer comments, how can he accuse all MDP senior's are "drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.” this isn't any freedom of expression to me!!??
    if MDP senior's decides to sue this idiot the way Yaamin abdul then we'll come to know how the juduiciary is .. he would stop gossipping mad dog ..

  3. Yes Juha, it needs to be reformed until it has the judges that gives verdicts in favor of MDP isnt it? otherwis it will never be reformed.

    Why dont you get some judges from UK (David Cameron will be glad to offer you some, he has some unemployed ones)

  4. Dear Press Secretary, Judiciary system has been reformed it is you gyz who claim we have the full democratic system. The only problem I see is that you gyz needs to be reformed.

  5. Mr Zuhair, still you're saying judiciary system needs reform. Are you kidding? Are you kidding? Are you kidding? Don't you know that your activist Ilham had disrespected Civil Service Commission and the Ministry of Tourism. Zuhair, this is too much. It's like you guys are fightings only the rights of your members.

  6. Press Secretary Zuhair, this is too much. I think the president's office should be reformed, by sacking the dirty MDP activits. Also, Ilham, congratulations for finally winning your true home.

  7. Well all we need is guideline and law with regulation in professional ways,

  8. I fail to understand why the headline is so in the first place. The news does not say anything about the guy being taken to court because of something he did as a MDP activist but it is a case about a real estate.

    The reporter might as well write MDP activist sentenced by the daughter of a MDP activist.

    With these kind of reporting I do not really blame Umar Naseer for saying what he said. I do not see the difference between Umar Naseer and reporter Ahmed Nazeer.

  9. ”it needs more qualified and disciplined judges.” juha said. the judge who handed out this sentence is judge aisha shujoon who finished her studies abroad and became a judge just last year. i wonder what is juha's definition of 'qualified and disciplined'. i'm so proud of her judgment since she isnt afraid of this activist guy who happens to storm into civil service commission and threatened the staff there. the matter was reported to police and video was released. the police is still investigating. well how on earth can they send his case to PG when mdp mps maria, eva and musthafa were there to force police to release him at an illegal demonstration in front of the parliament. that video too is there. now he messed with the wrong person. the government should be encouraging young judges like shujoon if they seriously want to have 'more qualified' judges to work in the judiciary.

  10. Funny. When you reported this the guys are already at their homes in house arrest... Health conditions it seems... Is there any difference between Maumoon's government and Anni's.. Name one?

  11. Lol! [Ahmed] Perhaps that the names are different! Hahha... Sad thing is, even the youngsters today have nothing else to talk about than politics.. It's sad that politics have become the only entertainment in Male' now! Really sad!

  12. Why don't MDP members, one by one, press charges against Umar Naseer and show him how good the justice system is? MRF5000 per member for each of 32,000 members will come to MRF160,000,000 (One-Hundred and Sixty Million Rufiyaa). That would be fun. Why don't MDP members try that?

  13. It seems Minivannews has become a mouth-piece of DRP. Soon Minivannews and DhiTV group will be merged. This article's title says MDP activist!!! come on, he did nothing in his MDP capacity. If you are claiming to be independent, then do not twist news so that more people will read and you will certainly get support from DRP thugs like Ali Waheeda and Umar Naseer. Are they paying you large sums of money, like Hill & Knowlton used to be paid by previous government?


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