MDP “destroying the sanctity” of Adhaalath, claims religious party

The political Adhaalath Party led by State Islamic Minister Sheikh Hussein Rasheed has accused the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) of “attempting to destroy the sanctity of the Party” by misleading the public over its work.

”Although the Adhaalath Party is an institute in the current government, [it] is a party that supports justice and rights, and has expressed its opinions under the responsibility of integrity,” the group said in a statement. “Even if we were not an institute of the government, we will always keep our work to this policy.”

The party statement claimed that it was very concerned that some MDP officials were trying to misrepresent its work as the ideas of just a few specific individuals rather than an entire party in a manner that could damage the “sanctity and honour” of the party.

“Adhaalath Party will never just follow the decision of individuals, we will always follow the decision of the party’s discussion committee,” the party stated. ”All the opinions the Adhaalath Party has expressed and all the work it has conducted was done according to the decision of our discussion committee.”

Officials of the religious party have also advised politicians to avoid personal confrontations and stick to political discourse instead.

Unnamed government officials recently described scholars like Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed and the vice leader of the Adhaalath Party’s religious council, Sheikh Ilyas Hussein, as “hate preachers” in an interview with India-based magazine The Week.

The party has claimed that senior officials of the current government, including former Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed and Home Minister Hassan Afeef, made false allegations against a number of the country’s religious leaders, including the vice leader of the Adhaalath Party’s religious council, Sheikh Ilyas Hussein.

Minivan News attempted to contact MDP’s parliamentary group spokesperson and MP Alhan Fahmy, who was unavailable for comment at time of going to press.


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  1. Hmmm so before Adhaalath party was formed, this country didn't have Muslims? Before Adhaalath Party, people weren't pious? Before Adhaalath Party, this country was run by Christians? Well, from the comments of wahhabi apologists, this is what I'm getting here. Adhaalath Party is NOT divine, sacred or ANYTHING of that sort. They are just a bunch of corrupt politicians, who have nothing else to sell than calling other people Laadheenee, or taking them to court for being "non-muslim" (Maumoon case). Yeah, the true influence held by Adhaalath will be known during the elections. As far as I know, majority of seats would be won by DRP or MDP. Adhaalath? Haha!

    Oh, and to those of you who think that Adhaalath = Islam, why don't you go worship Ilyas then?

  2. @Ainth on Sat, 29th Jan 2011 10:59 AM

    I am the twisted nut job? May be. For pointing out what really goes in Adhaalath-heads minds? If so, by all means I am so.

    Assuming you are a logical person with whom a conversation can be made.
    At least I do recognize and respect you and others for what you/they stand and believe. I would not judge others on their beliefs.
    I referred to the fact that non-muslims are not particularly scared. The countries which rule the world now, are non-muslim nations. And to get to the top, they practically destroyed anything and everything on their path. I dont particluarly condone that. But that is history and was what really happened. And believe me, even those governments are very wary of the growth of fanatism on their soils.

    The reason why non believers do not voice their opinions, here, is because of the irrational behavior of some of the Maldivians. You saw what nearly happened to Nazim.

    The so-called muslim brothers in Maldives. I know a lot of Maldivians drink alcohol, a lot. I also know for a fact that most do not drink (alcohol), the only reason being, the access to it limited. And those that do drugs? and murderers? and adulterers? How many Do you honestly believe need to be stoned to death for fornicating? So, please dont rant about the cleanliness of Maldivian muslims, or should i say hypocrites?

    I do acknowledge there are clean and white muslims in Maldives. I congratulate them and wish them best here and hereafter.
    But I also do acknowledge that there are a lot of hypocrites, who pretend they are muslims, even attend all necessary sermons, at the same time take a week out, every now and then, in Bangkok for internal cleansing as well.

    Yes, I am a nut job, and you can be the all knowing and blessed. But mind you, i you are married to a beardee, you would really see it, experience it first hand, some of the horrendous crimes, and suffocation forced on to women, by the so called angels of best religion.And if you happen to have a modest husband, I would thank heavens, for giving you a lucky break.

  3. @ Adhaalath

    Why continue with the government if U have problems with it. Nobody is compelling U to be there. Break the alliance. But U wont. Because, truth is AP leaders know that they will lose their identify if they break alliance with the government. So stop complaining

    By the way, how many AP candidates are contesting local council elections?

  4. @ smoky BS lungs

    U man!! how tame lame....ohhhhhhh whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    come if u r so willing to come to the terms and lets see whats on earth is gonna take u...

    we patient muslims will not do anything harm to u....

    the curse of ur evilness will prove u wrong then plx dun say that ALLAh or His messanger din warn u!

    the message x clear and worthwhile while u worthless dumheads and feeble peepz shout at their weak lungs and blood stream it......
    why u Not all u come out and face the reality and be a man of words ?

    what u say d00d 😉

    from My side PEACE and hermony x alwax showned

    insha ALLAh summa insha ALLAH we would be among the patient ones

    Muslimz r de gr8est nation ever seen in dx history of earth have seen

    even the athiests and xtians also believe that islam duxnt preach nything bad

    PS: no corwards comments r IMP 🙂

    where the heack on this 3arth will I b able to find U "smoky Lungs"

    x he a divinfied sacred holy spirit.......
    Oh d00d!!

    thank u for the co-operation

    cowards can only blotch blotch MPS FLATOUS

    u can plot Evil plots against us but insha ALLAH ALLAH will protect us against ur all evil devilish games trapz
    ALLAhuma Amen

  5. @ Smoky Lungs

    Atheists, LGBT (which i presume u r the leader/member of), secularists,and all of the other nuts, just go somewhere else. because this nation belongs to us. Heros like muhamed thakurufaanu, ali rasgefaanu and others sacrificed with their blood to make this country as it is today and to safe guard its faith. and we, in today's generation, intends to do the same...

    and you are the delusional one here with all the talk of 'taking over the country'. r u hallucinating??
    "we will surely take it by hook or crook…" do u even know the diarrhea of words coming out of your mouth? if you do, and you mean what you say, you are just threatening maldives and its people & way of life.

    do you knw that the constitution which you were talking about was passed by the elected representatives in the maldivian parliament. dont u knw a little something called democracy? does that ring a bell?

    with those threatening remarks frm u, i do hope that u dnt go out and blow the islamic centre & other religious symbols in the country or carry out other devious plans.

    my advise to the secularists, athiests, LBGT, n the rest of the nuts is start being like the rest of faithful decent maldivians or stay in the closet with your perverted ideas or else move to another country. because this country belong to us and we will make it ours- even with our blood

    thats our promise to you...

  6. ur promise x worthless!!

    but Anyway we accpet ur not worth promise!
    cux we know that ALLAH x with us and alwax we wud be patient!:)

    our love for ALLAH will never be gone even if we have to get killed Insha ALLAH...




  7. @ Ali Hashim

    Good that you explained your earlier comment in more detail. With all these blasphemous libels against islam i may have taken a wrong context frm your earlier comments. reading your comments what i perceived was "religion, god, paradise was a myth just to get laid" and "religion was a poisoned way of life" which is very offensive and only a nut job would tell such things.

    However, i do stand by the stance i took for islam.
    The constitution in our country is very clear. it explicitly tells that "a maldivian citizen must be a muslim" so anyone who leaves the faith is also leaving the citizenship and has nothing to do with maldives after that. Thats the reason for the reaction some people had for Nazim. Faith (no matter what religion it come from) is a deeply emotional things, people wont sit back when their faith is being insulted.
    However, it is worth noting here, that it was the scholars of adhaalth who advised people not to 'over react' when that nazim incident broke out. they were telling frm the microphone not to harm him and people listened to them, otherwise it would have turn much uglier.
    Not only in maldives, but in each and every country there are laws and regulations made. there are some boundaries in the legal framework and when people cross them, they are dealt with. In maldives since our constitution says that nationalty is exclusively for muslims and freedom of expression should be withing the limits of religion. that should be respected too.
    in no where in the world there is 100% freedom to do whatever you wish. otherwise there would be absolute chaos. for example, in certain european countries its by law forbidden to deny Holocasut because they have deep connections and emotions with that issue. suppose a 'nazim' suddenly appeared in a jewish public conference and started ranting that it didnt happen, etc.. people will naturally react to it and he will naturally be arrested. its not only in maldives thses things happen.
    Humans by nature make mistakes and no human is perfect. We try to achieve this 'perfection' by following the religion as best as we can.
    I have no intention of defending madivians here. I know some of them drink, fornicate and do all the bad things in the world. but its their human nature which compels them to do it and it has nothing to do with islam. A case in point is that the roman catholic priests who abuse children, its because of the evil in their selves & not that their religion compels them to do it.
    I also congratulate the "clean" muslims in maldives. even though they face labeling and name calling day in and day out, how they go on with their life and faith is amazing.
    Lastly, how a husband treats a wife has no connection with his facial hairs. there may be "bearde-es" who treat their wifes like angels and "shave-es" who treat them horrendously or vice versa. Islam tells man to treat their wifes decently and with love thereby raising women stature. I dont knw any other religion which has such high priciples and set of values. As a last thing i will say "islam is the best"

  8. @ Ainth on Sat, 29th Jan 2011 10:59 AM 
    "@ Ali Hashim
    you twisted nut job.
    do u knw that islam is the fastest growing religion in the whole wide world. especially in britian where more women are converting to islam than men."

    Have you ever wondered why it is the fastest growing religion in the world, though muslim countries being amongst the most uneducated, the most backward, the most hostile countries in the world?

    A few hints:

    1) marriage. a non-muslim man HAS to convert in order to marry a muslim woman.

    though female "people of the book" do not have to convert for a marriage, practically (as also in the maldives), non-muslim women have to convert too to marry their muslim boyfriends. Well, unless if you pay them a good sum of money. Ghazis can be bribed too.

    2) forced conversions in war

    3) conversions due to hostility in the country towards a minority (remember Nazim's case).

    Lots of British women get married to their Muslim boyfriends, and though Britain as a secular country will conduct bifaith marriages, i.e. does NOT discriminate either of them, if the man wants a traditional muslim marriage, his wife-to-be has to convert.

    4) children resulting from such marriages have to be muslim too

    So is there much to boast about being the "fastest growing religion" in the world? It's an illusion, dear, if you know the reasons why.

  9. 5) Not to forget the prostitution industry as in Iran f.e:

    Since prostitution is forbidden, the man gets married to up to four women in the mosque. He can then have "legal sex" with her/them, being married. for everything to be conducted in a "proper manner", he has to convert for such acts.

  10. @ Ainth on Sat, 29th Jan 2011 4:22 PM 

    Nazim didn't lose his citizenship. In fact, nobody knew what to do with him (deprive of citizenship? death penalty?) because our constitution was not prepared for such cases.

    Even though I don't solute Nazim for stiring up people's emotions and confusing the aurwtor who was apparently not prepared, he didn't say anything bad about Islam. He just stated at he, himself, is struggling to believe in religion. Zakirbe has asked his audience to ask questions about the misconception, and clearly requested non-muslims to come to the front of the row.

    You can't compare this with Holocause denial, because the Holocaust is documented, it is fact that it happened. Nazim didn't insult anyone, he didn't insult Islam, he simply asked a "professional" about his verdict.

  11. Allah Akbar....
    O Allah give the rightful punishment to these infidels and give us victory over them.Ameen.
    just remember in the day of judgment those against Islam will be thrown into the hell fire up side down as promised by Allah (SWA), n they will cry...but it will b too late for them to repent...then they will know the truth n will cry but there will b no helper for them n they will be in hell forever...just imagine......subuhanallah...

  12. We are not afraid of u...u atheists n secularist o what challenge but surely u will fail at the end.

  13. @ all muzlims who have shown the nice and faithful pure faith
    especially @ challenge, we the people, light ray, Aisha, yaseen and maryiama....
    cruxer loves u all with whole-heartedly for the sake of ALLAH! ALLAH AKBAR

    statment of "smoky lungs"
    "and you will hear us…and eventually listen to us as well… we are humans too and we have rights… if you are not going to give us these rights… we will surely take it by hook or crook… sooner or later…
    that is my promise to you…"

    This wouldnt be anything like this into life in his hallucination also!

    he can only be able to think or plan a plot outta disgust...

    nothing personel
    just look before u leap poor soul of ALLAH!

    ALLAh x the one who can make dark black hearts clear and pure and guide them cux He x the dominion

    how cheap can a man b 4 such a little $$$$ ###???

    cowards can only do that, I doubt Oops sorry am sure now by his statment he x not only dum but he x blind bothwise!
    no surprise to me
    it happens but anyway

    I pray the lord of the heaven and 3arth to make the poor soul revert....ur so merciful and fair in ur will
    Ameen ALLAhumma AAmeen

  14. @ AIsha on Sat, 29th Jan 2011 5:29 PM
    our constitution is very clear, it says that "the condition for being a maldivian is to be a muslim" each and everything ought not be written in the constitution itself. follow up rules and legislature are to be made. "dhivehi rayithunge dheene ebaivwanthakan himaayah kuraa gaanoon" is the the referring legislature for that specific article in the constitution. this legislature will be gazetted very soon. insha allah.
    About Dr.Zakir Naik, he is one of the greatest orator in contemporary times. tens of thousands of youth who attended his speach will be witness to that. How he recalls exact chapter and verse not only from the Holy Qur'an, but also bible and Torah is astounding. all his speeches just drown you in a sea of information.
    by the way did you watch his complete speech to judge him or you saw only that clip where nazim stirred up that commotion? Anyways i dnt care, frankly. As it was tried to explain to that nazim that in islamic shariya there are many stages before reaching a final verdict, this fellow kept on interrupting and arguing Dr.Naik. he intended insult to everyone around. and it is a classic example of the superiority complex many have in maldives. i personally felt ashamed to be called a maldivain at that exact point.
    Anyways back to the point, after religious counseling he reverted back to religion and did even ask for an apology. thats why no punishment was given to him, but i guess the loss to his character (aburu) is good enough punishment for him...

  15. AIsha on Sat, 29th Jan 2011 5:09 PM

    just to demonize islam from which islamophobic website did you copy and past those things?
    Anyways i'll make all of your 5 points pointless.
    point-1. are muslims the only people marrying people of other faith? how about jews who convert their brides or grooms to judaism? Anyways statistically muslim- non muslim marriage is very low to make any real difference. (that answers point 4 as well)
    point-2."there is no compulsion in religion" islam says. anyone entering islam does so on their own free will. see how peaceful the religion spread. which muslim army came to malaysia, indonesia or even to maldives?
    point-3.muslims ruled different part of the world for thousands of years and there were many religious minorities under their rule. see the case of Spain, where muslims ruled for 900 years. no minority religion was forcefully converted. infact, christians jews and others lived prosperously under muslim rule.
    point-5.iran is already an islamic country. so why do they need to convert back to islam? the thing u described may happen their because they follow shia sect which divulge greatly from the main islamic education
    the real reason why such high amount of people are converting to islam is because it is a complete way of life telling man about the purpose of his creation, his ultimate destiny and it provides him with guidance to lead a balanced and purposeful life.


  17. @Ainth on Sat, 29th Jan 2011 11:31 AM

    If they want to establish khilafath (if which is the islamically permissible notion of state), why bother participating in a democracy? and why make a political party and be in a government that was elected in a kufr system of democracy?

    There are many maldivians who reject democracy and hence they don't vote. No problem with that, atleast they are consistent.

    I think Adhalath accepts that democracy is permissible, and that khilafath is not the only system for the state.

    Would you consider the last 100 years of Ottoman empire as islamic??

  18. @ ainth very right 🙂 May ALLAH keep us in the faith and make us firm.......ALLAhumma aameen

    "inna dheena indda lahil islam..*
    there x no reilgion accepted by ALLAH except islam

    hasbunallah waniulmal wakiil

  19. @Ainth
    I didn't have to watch Nazim's video clip, I have been there to watch the show live myself.

    I saw how perplex Zakir was, trying to overcome his insecurity with some blabbering about food-crap (which didn't make any sense, by the way... of course we taste different food before we decide which we like best!).

    I saw how a crowd of desert-dwellers started running after him, how they lifted chairs to throw at him. How they cursed him, asking for his head.

    I have observed how tolerant the people of our country are. I am wondering how many people agree with such behaviour.

    I have watched Zakir's speeches in outher countries as well, and observed that he really knows how to fool the masses. Maybe you never realized that he is well-trained in quoting from (first real) books, later changing their meanins, then inventing authors who don't even exist (I am not talking about religious scriptures). Anyway, you admire him, that's fine. Not my business.

    ad point 5 (Iran): I didn't mean locals converting, I was talking about foreigners converting in order to get married to a local prostitute to have "legal" sex.

  20. @ AIsha on Sun, 30th Jan 2011 10:17 AM

    fine, maldivian muslims are desert dwellers having no tolerence and are barberic beyond description.
    now lets see, the Europeans on the other hand are the most decent, tolerent, sky scrapper dwelling people in the world.
    so lets play our little Nazim scene in one of the mighty European countries, lets say Germany for example. A speech was being given in a holocaust memorial service and you being the great nazim present there just innocently claimed that you dont believe holocaust (same like our nazim who dont believe in religion) and to complete the scene like our nazim you started interrupting in an argumentative fashion of the speaker who was replying to you. now lets see how the audience react.lets just see how many chairs are thrown, how many curses and death threats received and lastly lets see how tolerent they are both personally and on the media?
    now, both these incidents have many similarities. In both the cases the respective audience deeply held beliefs or faiths are being questioned and that too when they are in a highly emotional state (holocaust memorial in one case and immediately after a religious lecture in the other case). here i'm not defending anyone, but thats how humans are, no matter you are a cave dweller or a sky scraper dweller.

  21. @ AIsha on Sun, 30th Jan 2011 10:17 AM

    point 5. foreigners going to repressive iran to have "legeal sex" by scarificing their own faith leading to the massive increase of muslim convertees???
    well, thats strange...
    firstly why would they go and settle in a highly repressive country when we have cheap prostitutes available everywhere in the globe? then again, why would a non-muslim care about how sex becomes legal or illegal in islam? and lastly why would people give up their own faith and deeply held believes just to have sex with prostitues and that too limited to only 4?
    what is the statistics for this?
    to me this whole theory is very stupid.
    so, when you copy and past from an islamophobic website next time, just think a little bit before posting it as a comment. oks

  22. @... I don't know statistics from 5) - but I am not copying this from a website - I know it from a friend of mine who has experience it first hand. He settled there only temporarily for his job.

    I don't understand how the Holocaust could be denied. It is proven fact. Documented. Yes, Nazim stirred up emotions, which was wrong in a Muslim-dominated country, but he did not try to deny fact. He simply asked for his verdict, being a Maldivian. I'm sorry I don't see the connection to the Holocaust.

  23. @ AIsha on Sun, 30th Jan 2011 12:37 PM
    if u dnt knw how to prove something better not write about it. suppose if your friend has told that he has gone to moon and saw aliens would u believe it and go on telling others about it?
    foriegners migrating to iran at the coast of their faith & freedom for some cheap prostitutes is like telling aliens landing on the moon... i dnt knw how u believed it, but then again who am i kidding? these secularists seems to believe anything against islam without checking the facts.
    I also dont understand how God can be denied. it is a proven fact. Documented. just see at yourself and the things around you and start thinking.. with God comes religion and the only religion which makes sense is Islam. that fellow did tell that he doesnt believe in islam, or any other religion for that matter. that is denying islam, religion and God, which is a fact. So in affect, he is denying a fact...
    I'm also sorry that you dont have the mental capacity to understand the example which i gave in my earlier comment. what happened here in Dr.Naiks speech is similar to what happens in a european country when someone in a similar fashion stood up in a holoust ceremony. got it, still no?
    well, another example.. in the Vatican city, in a mass held by Pope, someone stands up & rants like that of your Nazim, reaction from the attendees? well, similar or more violent reaction frm that in maldives.
    so, you have no right to point fingers and make blasphemous libels against us.
    well the islamic scholars in Dr.Naiks speech were the ones who advised people not to harm him. for history its worth noting this as well.
    well the views held by you regarding Dr.zakir Naik is yours only. And i respect that. but even though, the massive anti campaign held by the secularists, including this website, his speech was a huge success with one of the largest number of people attending it in the history in maldives. i personally am moved to tears seeing the huge crowd in his lectures in india. with these types of seeing and i'm assured that the flame of islam will countinue no matter how much the anti-islam people tries to blow it out.

  24. yes, i also do wonder... what are these people hiding with their strange accusations against islam? (like that point 5 by AIsha). what are they so afraid of? and why are they so obsessed about it? i guess they secretly understand the greatness of the religion but still do not want to admit it.

  25. Hahaha, adhaalath. I really dont know why election commission accepted this group as a political party, it actually is a religious party and should be registered with Home ministry.


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