MDP “destroying the sanctity” of Adhaalath, claims religious party

The political Adhaalath Party led by State Islamic Minister Sheikh Hussein Rasheed has accused the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) of “attempting to destroy the sanctity of the Party” by misleading the public over its work.

”Although the Adhaalath Party is an institute in the current government, [it] is a party that supports justice and rights, and has expressed its opinions under the responsibility of integrity,” the group said in a statement. “Even if we were not an institute of the government, we will always keep our work to this policy.”

The party statement claimed that it was very concerned that some MDP officials were trying to misrepresent its work as the ideas of just a few specific individuals rather than an entire party in a manner that could damage the “sanctity and honour” of the party.

“Adhaalath Party will never just follow the decision of individuals, we will always follow the decision of the party’s discussion committee,” the party stated. ”All the opinions the Adhaalath Party has expressed and all the work it has conducted was done according to the decision of our discussion committee.”

Officials of the religious party have also advised politicians to avoid personal confrontations and stick to political discourse instead.

Unnamed government officials recently described scholars like Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed and the vice leader of the Adhaalath Party’s religious council, Sheikh Ilyas Hussein, as “hate preachers” in an interview with India-based magazine The Week.

The party has claimed that senior officials of the current government, including former Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed and Home Minister Hassan Afeef, made false allegations against a number of the country’s religious leaders, including the vice leader of the Adhaalath Party’s religious council, Sheikh Ilyas Hussein.

Minivan News attempted to contact MDP’s parliamentary group spokesperson and MP Alhan Fahmy, who was unavailable for comment at time of going to press.


77 thoughts on “MDP “destroying the sanctity” of Adhaalath, claims religious party”

  1. Adhaalath are hate preachers who distort Islam to gain more power for themselves. They are trying to create a new clergy. Screw them.

  2. what? adhaalath is a sacrosanct entity? must we start worshipping adhaalath party to preserve its sanctity? may allah curse Adhaalath Party and it's blasphemous leaders for attempting to raise it's status to the divine.

  3. plx join

    No cowardice comments r IMP

    thank u for the co-operation

    please check the dictionery "hate mongers"
    ull find u r dumb enuf to get ur own humility where it belonged

    thank u gain

  4. Adhaalath is not a party. You want to preach hate and intimidate the shit out of general public. And then you Sheikhs want to be like kings.

    In a democratic system, you do have options. If they do not violate constitution. And constitution can be changed with majority votes.

    In adhaalaths case, you want oppression, fear, hand-chopping, beheading, etc. I don't care if this is savior for the world, or the galaxy, this model does not work for me now. If I had lived in 600ad. then maybe. Not now.

    Previously, my reason to vote for mdp was to bring down the 30y rule, because that was the biggest threat. Now, I will vote for anything that cripples adhaalath

  5. you are doing a great job Adhaalath. do continue doing your work. there will be few people who will try to destroy the image of the party, but dont give a thought abt them and move forward. Maldivian citizens are with you. and you know it. the massive turn out of people protesting aginst alcohol and zionists proves the point.
    the sanctity and honor and the good name of the party cannot be destroyed by a bunch of MDP people. we will see how they fail in the up coming local council elections.
    long live Adhaalath party, long live islam, long live islam in maldives!

  6. Such sanctimonious bull coming from these hate preaching leeches. Is it MDP that reads aloud thier vile propaganda every Friday for the whole city to hear on loudspeaker as well as the entire nation?

    They are damned as the Naik person, damned by their words and deeds, they should fear the judgement that they are pushing at the rest of us. Their is no place for these idiots in the governing of our nation, throw them aside until they speak sense, which is probably never.


    U think u all can go like this!

    what u think of ur creator a paly thing....
    where is ur manner and sanity?

    come to sense and talk productive talk not menace things outta ur stinks

    u know u r cowards....!!!! come outta shells and show ur face off k then talk! Hiding behind things cant help u or any of ur diseased followers/leaders 🙂

    ALLAH will only accept islam as a TRUE religion no matter what the zionists or so-called democratist says thats what we call 'secularism'

    here we have islamic ruling, if u have any shame remaining out with u! please come to the terms and join some hypocrist community there u all will find cowards like u all r.... LOOZERS sour loozerz

    juz live 4 the tym being there will come a time that ALLAH will give us the victory soon insha ALLAH
    that day isnt far....and verily ALLAH speaks the truth

    NO need to shout at ur DBs voices....

    I know I know truth is bitter d00d...
    but u shall taste options
    that day ull cry cry cry

    ALLAH is the greatest

    Insha ALLAh we ll be among the patient ones....

    thank u for the accord and co-operation


  8. first of all do u ppl know what "hate preach" is? i bet no. its a word u came across frm some western BS.
    if anyone is hate preaching its u secularists, with all the s**t abt going to stone age n oppression, etc..
    What Adhaalath party n the other scholars are doing is telling people what is in islam. and maldivians are grateful for that and accepting their message, cox we r muslims, except some few self-hating "maldivians"

  9. The main problem is that the secularists are feeling increasingly threatened by the rise of Adhaalath party and other Islamic NGOs in the country. Thats the main reason for all these name calling and scare mongering techniques frm them.
    well, secularists have a good reason to be scared of. because their anti-islamic plots are being defeated by the brave warriors in Adhaalath and others in the religious front. The reason for their increased success is because God is with them and the citizens of maldives are also with them. The largest demonstrations ever held in maldives (i.e those held against the legalization of alcohol, n the visiting of unregistered israeli doctors) are led by Adhaalath. with tens of thousands of men, women and children of all ages gathering in each of these demonstrations, its natural only for the secularists to feel threatened and to resort to more desperate measures like calling names (such as "hate preachers", "islamists", "extremists", "fundamentalists", "terrorists" etc ) and trying to destroy the sanctity and honour of the party. but these measures are bound to fail, as we will see in the coming days.

  10. May Almighty Allah curse all those are talking against the religion of Islam and may them fail in every attempt they make to destroy Islam. Ameen.

  11. Guidance is not attained except with knowledge and correct direction is not attained except with patience.......

  12. careful!!!! Adhaalath Party is not a single person like u....Don't talk s&*t to a society bcoz u cannot do anything u want in public...u can do it in the toilets like your colleagues do....Don't try those secret agendas to be legal and Islamic...Do u think by shouting or disgracing Adhaalath u fool can legalize what u are upto..Forget u Buffaloes!!! U guys are destroying our beautiful country by failing to learn Theological education in the Pre-schools!!! Itz not u guys who are responsible for that but itz Maumoon who did not facilitate it during yr pre-school age

  13. In the year 1573, Mohamed thakurufaanu, our national hero, fought against the christian Portuguese and defeated them. He restored our Islamic faith and independence from the Portuguese who were trying to convert everyone by sword to Christianity and forcing everyone to drink alcohol.
    In the modern era, our Islamic faith and our nationality is being protected by the brave warriors of Adhaalath party and other islamic NGOs. If they were not present i shudder to think about our situation today. Bars would have been opened to serve alcohol in inhibited islands and churches, temples & synagogues would have been built on our islands. All of these evil have been stopped by Adhaalath and other islamic scholars.
    My heartfelt gratitude to them all. May Allah reward you for what you have done to Maldives, much like current day mohamed thakurufaanus.

  14. Secularists are doing the only thing they know to do. Hide behind a computer screen and write some nonsense. And print more nonsense and (when no one is looking) dump them in the streets or write some nonsense in a wall or in a banner.
    Oh how timid these people are!
    I challenge all these secularists, aesthetics,non-muslims, anti-muslims, and whatever to come out in the public.
    You people have 'connections' with each other, dho? So why not hold a demonstration? so that we know how many of you are out there. I bet, you cant even make a thousand or even half of that.
    See the number of people attending the religious activities, like the demonstrations held by Adhaalath, or the sermons given by Sheikh Fareedh, Sheikh Ilyas, or Jamiyatul Salaf, or the massive turn out in Dr. Zakir Naiks speech.
    See, we, the religious are in the majority in this country. so why not accept it and stop all of your nonsense propaganda and fear mongering?

  15. naju, all that hate will destroy you. if ur beliefs make u hate then that path cannot lead to god. perhaps a falsegod like darklord of adhaalath. hate leads to anger and anger leads to suffering.all these negative emotions lead to the darkside.

  16. hey can anyone post a link to last night's holy ceremony? apparently shaheem declared ilyas a 'mujaddid' and there was a conspiracy theory about ilyas being a target of some attacks, and then shaheem said anyone targeting ilyas should go through him. :O anyone?

  17. Did Seikh Ilyas last night admit there are athiest in this country? he went along these lines:
    "and those young boys(male projections again) who think god does not exist should think about the creation. look around etc etc".

    its funny one day they say we are hundred percent muslim country and another day say those who believe god does not exist. why no one said "but we are 100% muslim"

  18. @ BS *&@#$ PS MFLATOUS




    OH MAN OH d00d!

    thats gonna happen if guys like u r here at present in maldive...
    shame shame <<>>
    m so afraid that wat ix gonna hapen to new generations
    but i do believe ALLAH will giv us victory no matter what u all dum heads r gonna plot out against us :p

    ROFL oh man now whats on earth x up with that BS MPS pre school dum dummyyyyyyyy



  19. @ light ray (sweety) 😉
    ur right abzolutly %=101 pure truth that some BS LS WPz cant digest it...i think drum stick leaves be useful for them 🙂

    we r not alone ALLAH is with us

    insha ALLAH ALLAH will prttect the man on earth can challenge ALLAH 🙂

  20. @ Ahmed

    u r very true in ur words...and ALLAH knows best

    Some peeps cant digest the light ray of the truth even a bit so their blood comes out of their weak vains. So sometimes out of pressure they juz dunno what they do or do not! LOL

    some BS FS r in maldive too and now their lil group of blindness x geting weight slowly cux of secularist and masonric plots......
    but anyway some day we hope that they come to know and taste the truth.

    we can only pray for those who left izlam as their religion 🙂

    insha ALLAH theyll come ALLAhumma aameen!

    there No religion accepted except islam by ALLAH the owner of magnificent throne the mighty one GOD
    there is no God but ALLAH only ALLAH

    I truly hope oneday that evryone x a muzlim and they remember u in everything they do....

    Oh ALLAh am waiting 4 the call

    ALLAh akbar

  21. Point to be noted here is that we muslims, are not against Islam...we are against Adaalath. Adaalath is not equal to Islam. Adaalath is a political party which has its own Ministry and which therefore brings into questions their motives, cause all politicians have self interested motives and agendas! We can't stand Adaalath as a political party and their use of our beautiful Islamic religion as a tool to further their own agenda. Saying that doesn't make me or anyone else a lesser muslim. If Adaalath wants to teach Islam, then it should first, give up its status and power as a political party, and secondly make sure that it uses truly educated and qualified people who are not judgemental of others, but who are patient and acknowledge that Allah only really knows how deep or shallow a person's faith is. So instead of preaching about who's going to go to heaven and hell, they should first try to make sure that they themselves are fortunate enough to get a place in heaven!

  22. the comments i sent are not published in your "independent" news website. why? cox its too pro-Adhaalath?
    you are selectively publishing comments frm secularist nut jobs & few others.
    well, the connection between you ppl and christian missionaries are proven - at least to me.

  23. QFT, Mariyam. QFT.

    And even if we are labeled as laadheenee or whatever for standing against the corrupt adhaalath parteys, we shall not be deterred; we have a responsiblity to all human beings to never allow the suffering and injustice that comes with their so-called 'wanna be islam'.

  24. s#$%*y website. totally biased and unworthy news which deliberately target certain group of people in the society. well, if u keep on bashing and unfairly targeting only a certain group of people, it will have repercussions.

  25. @ Mariyam
    you kept on talking of a "we" when dealing with Adhaalath. for example: "we" are against Adhaalath. "we" cant stand adhaalath as a party.
    Simple question, who is "we"? who is there to back you up on those comments?
    I will say this to you. "we" are with Adhaalath. "we" stand shoulder to shoulder with them... well the "we" i am referring to is the majority of the maldivian citizens...
    The point that maldivians are with the Adhaalath was nicely explained by the person commenting as 'challenger'.
    As you told "Adaalath is political party using Islamic religion as a tool to further their own agenda" well i've got news for you. Islam is a comprehensive religion which involves everything including politics. unlike any other religion there is everything in islam; from the very basic things to how to run a country.
    so your suggestion of confining Adhaalath to mosques (and letting the secularist run the country) is absurd.
    and lastly who do you think you are to tell these esteemed scholars what to do before they preach? do you think you are better or more pious than them? the very fact that you didnt know the inter-link between islam and politics prove otherwise.
    one more point: how can you tell a Muslim scholar not to preach about heaven and hell (and its characters and the type of people going to each place)? Are you out of your mind to tell like that?
    At the end, the advise you gave is the same one i will also give to you "first try to make sure that you yourself is fortunate enough to get a place in heaven!" because to me you appear terribly misguided.
    wallahu aulam (Allah knows best)

  26. @cruxer de humane... i would love to engage you in a battle... my place... you know where to find me!

    P.S. adhaalath ge popularity will be known when this election is over... i wonder how many seats from male' they will get!

  27. why don't secular people come out? you know why. because you threaten them, with murder, chopping off heads and stoning etc. nazis had popular support too.

  28. Adalath wants Kilafath. Mr Baree would be the Khalif.Those around would plot to get to the top even if they had to murder the ruling Khalif. The socalled pristine days of the Khalifate was like that.Except old Abu Baker no one had a normal death. All others were murdered just like Roman Caesars.

    Religious scholars better stick to teaching religion instead of meddling in politics!

  29. They all are in heaven now. Tickets were confirmed few days ago by government money, But poorers like us have no money to get a ticket.

  30. @Mariyam

    Give up the power you say?

    That is hilarious! That undermines the whole purpose of their being. they made up all the stories, about god, messenger, paradise, hell etc, just to get it.

    All was formulated so that they could be like kings with a harem of women (and boys), to serve every whim of their twisted minds.
    As the Saudis currently do. As their kings did for centuries.

    Unfortunately for ladies, the whole concoction of religions was perceived just so that men can enjoy women (and not necessarily with their consent) and power.

  31. @Challenger.

    Secularists come out? So that you can chop our head off and you enjoy the jihad-feeling as being in heaven?

    No. Secularists and non Muslims are doing what they are good at. Destroying the credibility and exposing the poison of your so called way of life.

    us destroyed Iraq. Israel destroyed Palestine and Lebanon. Uk made sure palestine was divided. Chechnya is kept at bay by Russians.

  32. @ Ali Hashim
    you twisted nut job.
    do u knw that islam is the fastest growing religion in the whole wide world. especially in britian where more women are converting to islam than men.

  33. @ Ali Hashim
    u cant live here in maldives with those perverted ideas. according to our constitution all maldivians are muslims. anyone opposing islam loses their nationality. in effect u are not even a maldivian, so y dont u go settle in US, Israel, UK or russia which u described and take part in their genocides, rapes and ethic cleansings.

    its not only Adhaalath who wants a khilaafath. its all the muslims who know about their religion that wants to re-establish an islamic caliphate. and it has been promised by god that it will be established before the end of time. there is nothing you or other nuts can do to stop it.
    the comment about our beloved sahaabah and hulafaa-uh raashidhoon is outright offensive, and i dont think the laws in maldives allow minivan news or anyone to publish those kind of expressions.i advise people running this site to remove it and other blasphemous libels before we decide to take legal action.

  35. @ Smoky Lungs
    we will be seeing the popularity of MDP (which is currently trying to destroy the sanctity of Adhaalath), in the coming local council elections too.
    i'm sure they will loose lots of their support cox of their anti-islamic actions in the government (such as flats on Arabiyya, coziness with zionists, mixed sex education, optional islam subject in schools, and trying to legalize alcohol in inhibited islands, etc..)
    we will wait and see..!

  36. @ Ahmed Alia-sod
    "we have a responsiblity to all human beings to never allow the suffering and injustice that comes with their so-called ‘wanna be islam’".
    oh how braaave, its as if i can picture you with a sword in your hand, wearing a shining Armour & on a horse, fighting like hell... but with christian crusaders!

  37. "Religious scholars better stick to teaching religion instead of meddling in politics!"
    well, islam is politics and politics is islam, those two things are in-separable. and neither of them can be fully completed without the other.
    this is even thought in A level Islam subject. Is there anyone who studied that? anyone? no one! well, its shameful to know that these people commenting against islam are some O level drop outs!

  38. @ mazhar
    what the heck is that?
    tickets for heaven are not bought with money, rather its 'bought' with good deeds.

  39. @ Kalhuohfummi on Fri, 28th Jan 2011 4:42 PM
    a very good comment!
    indeed, today's muhamed thakurufaanus are Adhaalath party and other islamic sholars.
    Oh, how brave they are!
    Do carry on, my heros! Defend islam and defeat evil from this beloved country.

  40. @ All muslims on this thread,

    You all are delusional if you think islam is devine, god is on you side, caliphates are good BS.

    first of all the constitution of this country is discriminatory towards non-muslim maldivians. this results in a large group of maldivians being oppressed. they are in fear constantly of being killed, jailed,tortured, being deprived of citizenship or worse...

    do you realize what that means? did you not witness in the world past and present that an oppressed people will rebel for their freedoms sooner or later? and ultimately do they not win? even with lives lost do they not get back their freedom? african americans come to mind first. gandhi era india comes to mind second... the list is endless..

    us athiests maldivians, agnostics maldivians, christian maldivians, LGBT maldivians and maldivians of other faiths right now are being suffocated by your oppressive islamic laws and ways... and our day will come when we will rise up and re-claim our nation as ours and the invading muslim hordes (for the last 900 years) will be kept at bay (we do not want to eradicate you, we just want equal rights).

    and you will hear us...and eventually listen to us as well... we are humans too and we have rights... if you are not going to give us these rights... we will surely take it by hook or crook... sooner or later...

    that is my promise to you...


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