Island security not a concern despite resort robbery, say police

Police have confirmed that a safe containing thousands of rufiyaa was taken during a burglary at the Kihaadhuffaru resort in Baa Atoll on Tuesday, but insist that security at other lucrative tourist destinations in the country should not be a concern for staff and visitors.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that a safe containing around Rf5,000 (US$390) had been stolen from an office area at the resort and that “no serious injuries” had been reported by staff caught up in the theft.

Shiyam added that investigations were continuing into the incident and that it was currently working to corroborate “different reports” it had received regarding Tuesday’s theft.

A spokesperson for Kihaadhuffaru said they were also unable to reveal details about the incident at present, though confirmed a burglary had taken place.

Haveeru today reported that a group of masked men brandishing “machetes and swords” had arrived on the island resort by dingy during the early hours of Tuesday, before threatening members of staff and stealing the contents of a safe on the site, citing an unnamed source.

“The masked men tied the hands of the male receptionist with a cable tie and kept him inside after taping his mouth and whole body,” the paper reported.

Shiyam said that he was unable to confirm the details of the report, but added that no guests were thought to have been attacked or robbed by the intruders on Tuesday, with only the resort’s safe taken during the heist.

Although Shiyam said that the police were remaining vigilant concerning any follow up robberies, the sub-inspector said that he did not believe resorts would need to review existing security measures in light of the Kihaadhuffaru theft.


14 thoughts on “Island security not a concern despite resort robbery, say police”

  1. more use of electronic surveillance for resorts suggested.

    also harsher treatment for serious criminals urged.

    We are too lenient on our criminals which gives them no reason to be any better than they are. Our prisons are not a lot worse than 5 star resorts, so the criminals see a win win situation in both ways;

    Since the war was won in neighbouring Sri Lanka, they have clamped down hard on criminals and gangs which is a good example to follow in Maldives too.

  2. It's easy to say that criminals should get harsher punishment. First, you have to catch them! I bet that the Police have absolutely no idea who these guys were and there's no chance of catching them. Even if they do find some suspects, there will not be enough evidence to prosecute them!

    Then there's the question of why we are seeing an increase in crime. This is due to a growing population with a lot of social problems. Lack of education, and access to jobs as well as easy access to drugs leads to one hell of a mess!

    Armchair pundits can easily say that we should throw all criminals into tougher jails and punish them hard. But armchair pundits don't know what they are talking about!

  3. @resort worker
    while i understand your shortterm solution suggested, the crimes is set to increase. as long as this economy where some are poor and others extremely rich people will rob. its a system, not those who rob are bad or anything.
    unless we change the rules of the game we will have aberrant individuals who are less fortunate willing to even kill for the money.

  4. pirates of the Caribbean!!!! or sea darkoos... for these kinds of situations security measures should have to be taken before!!!! always before someone like that attacks. you never know... today its dingy tomorrow it might be speed launch with guns

  5. i hope they get caught. all that work for just 5k hehehe. would like to see their stupid faces....

  6. Earthling: what r u suggesting then? That we shuld pat them on the back and say it's ok and blame the "unjust" system? Are u saying that criminality should be tolerAted under the excuse that ppl who r relatively less off Have a right to rob those who are beteer off? It's communists like u who will ruin this country. Why don't u go and hug and tree .

  7. @tree hugger
    im not talking about communism or socialism. you know its unfortunate that many are led to believe that those are the ONLY ways. there are many other possibilities.
    what i am saying is, you can not fence up, put electric fences and 42 meter high walls (in case of parliament) to protect your property as long as there are other human beings who live less than a dollar a day. arming your property, that is not true security. true security comes when everyone is provided well. the integrity of your life depends on the integrity of everyone elses life.

    Criminals are not born, they are made. made by the very society we live in. what is a criminal by the way. it used to be one who takes something that belongs to someone else. now they have changed it to one who's caught. TO ME members of parliament are criminals, most business men and politicians are criminals. judges and lawyers in todays world are criminals. you wouldn't know if a real criminal hit your face. we are led to believe real criminals are socially sick youth resorting to violence and roberry only. there are far more dangerous criminals in our society who are unfortunately most respected people. it is because of these people these our society produces lot of aberrant and wasted youth these days.

    I think i am safe to say that most people's goal is: "what's in it for me". our whole society is based on these values. our current free market system unfortunately supports this kind of thinking. profitering of others loss. hoarding on to wealth. making money off of anything. our kids are inspired in the schools to become ruthless business people with only one goal. profit. exploitation. etc. politicians are business people and they have no clue how to construct a well organized society where everyone is taken care of. (don't jump in to communismm again).

    We need to reform our education system first and foremost. our education system today is mostly concentrated on business stream. we need to shift the interest towards science and innovation. we need to create a generation of biologist, physicis, chemist and astronomist, enviromentalist, social scientist, marine biologist, engineers etc etc. we need to inspire the kids on the endless possibilities of science and technology and what tomorrow could be if we use this knowledge to enhance our lives. ANYONE can trade goods invented by science and that is what we are doing. we need inventors, artists. every country in the world, if they have progressed, its only because their education system produced lot of scientists, daring, innovative scientist. it gives them knowledge and ways to create abundance in the society. gives a chance to taste a healthy dose of a standard living. life both materially and psychologically becomes a rewarding thing.

  8. we can no longer have the darwinistic approach to our economy and society where the fittest survive! we are evolved anough to take care of rest of the community and understand that is the only way to achieve true peace!

  9. After watching Aljazeerah today, I think, we must remind ourselves never to let Gayoom come back to power. We must crush DRP and thanks to the people of Thimarafushi who showed their courage to chase the DRP leadership out of the island. We must ask the people of all islands not to allow these crooks on their islands again.


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