MDP head office damaged in alleged arson attack

The head office of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) suffered almost Rf 1 million in damage in an alleged arson attack last night, according to managing operator Ibrahim Manik.

”Photocopy machines, fax machines, printers, huge speakers, microphones, cloths and flags were burned in the arson attack at around 12:45am, last night after the MDP rally,” Manik claimed.

The arson attack caused more than Rf 900,000 (US$70,o00) in damage to the office.

Manik said that when he came back from dinner after the rally, some of the MDP supporters present at the head office claimed to have heard something hitting the roof.

”So we checked the area, because recently some people on different occasions have attempted to attack us with petrol bombs,” Manik claimed. ”We checked but did not see anything, but after a while we started smelling smoke in the area so I went to check the depository room.”

Manik said he saw clothes in the room on fire, and ”I called the people outside and told them the place was on fire.”

”We started to evacuate the room, but everything was destroyed after we evacuated. We controlled the fire using a water tap, but it was a dangerous attack and it caused us to lose much of our valuable property.”

Manik claimed the fire was the result of an attack orchestrated by “some opponents.”

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the case was reported to police, who were now investigating the case. Nobody has been arrested in connection with the matter, he said.

Recently a group of people attacked and destroyed the glass windows of shops belonging to Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) deputy leader Ibrahim Shareef.

In another incident, a group of people attacked the house and car belonging to People’s Alliance [PA] leader and MP Abdulla Yameen.

Very recently during an MDP protest, protesters threw stones at the house of Deputy Leader of PA Ahmed Nazim, breaking the window of the house’s first floor at midnight.


8 thoughts on “MDP head office damaged in alleged arson attack”

  1. I strongly condemn such attacks. This is leading to series of violent and arsonal attacks and is great concern. Police must act hard and strong on such attacks irrespective of any political colours. This situation can escalate to more violence & civil unrest.

  2. 'Manik claimed the fire was the result of an attack orchestrated by “some opponents.”'

    So not all opponents are arsonists. Good to know that.

  3. Believe me!

    MDP is the "Most Disgusting Party"

    In local dialect this is called "balaa verikan"

    I feel that after MDP thugs have started to take the law in to their own hands and create havoc in the country by attacking judges and political opponents, corrupt or not, stopping the due process of law, creating vigilante courts and all kinds of nonsense, one way or another, they are some times forced to play the "victim" card to change public opinion.

    All this - just to achieve a SECULAR state and nothing else!

  4. If a corrupt person that has released a murderer back into a street, either with political influence or being in a position of a Judge with power, then that person should be dealt with the same type of punishment as the criminal that did the killing of the innocent person. If police cannot do it, it should be somebody. We cannot just say.. hey lets do everything by the law when the Judges that are supposed to uphold the law are the ones that are supporting the crimes that are taking place. Yes the Judges, not the police. The police have been trying so hard to do their job.

    Unless someone has a better idea. People have the right to take law into their own hands. Be it whatever party or organization. Corruption needs to be eradicated before the country goes upside down.

  5. Line 11 reads "The arson attack...". Kudos to minivan for impartiality if not for being vague.

  6. I feel that the opposition thugs want to pin down the MDP with corrupt judges, bureaucrats, etc and THEN call them "unable to deliver their promises" and call for their resignation/impeachment.

    I also feel that those who stand in the way of the rights of the people should be carpet-bombed to oblivion.

    Just my opinion.

  7. @Ahmed Aliased

    "..should be carpet-bombed to oblivion."

    Carpet bombs or tharafaalu bombs.

    They never solve any thing, instead creates more problems.

    Thank you for PROVING you are short-sighted war-monger!

    I always read in your posts words like vengeance, guns, bombs, taking the law into your own hands,etc.

    Shows your real intent given the right opportunity!

    In short you HATE Maldivians!


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