MDP publicises text messages allegedly received by Defense Minister Nazim on Feb 7

The ousted Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has publicised a document listing a series of text messages allegedly sent to Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim’s phone following former President Mohamed Nasheed’s resignation on February 7.

The retired colonel was a central figure in Nasheed’s downfall. Video footage on February 7 show Nazim addressing police and military officers gathered in Republican Square, saying he had delivered an ultimatum on their behalf demanding Nasheed’s resignation.

Nasheed subsequently held a press conference at 1:30 pm on February 7 and publicly announced his resignation. Video footage shows Nazim accompanying Nasheed into the press briefing. Shortly afterwards former Vice-President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan was sworn in as President. Nazim was among President Waheed’s first cabinet appointments.

Nasheed later claimed he had left office “under duress” in a coup d’état orchestrated by remnants of the former dictatorship, funded by several resort interests and carried out by mutinous police and military units.

The text messages, publicised on Sunday night at a MDP rally at Usfasgandu, were allegedly sent to Nazim’s phone between 9:52 am and 4:44 pm on February 7. They appear to offer congratulations from security forces, family members, prominent businesses including tourism tycoon Ahmed Nazeer of Crown Company Pvt. Ltd., and prominent politicians including Deputy Leader of the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) Umar Naseer. The document also claims Majlis Speaker Abdulla Shahid sent a message to Nazim at 1:42 pm stating “Need to talk urgently.”

Nazim declined to comment to Minivan News, stating that his lawyers were in the process of verifying the document’s authenticity. Minivan News’ cross-check suggests a match between the phone numbers and their registered owners as listed on the document.

According to the document, three phone numbers registered with the Crown Company Pvt. Ltd offered congratulations to Nazim. Tourism Tycoon Ahmed Nazeer allegedly said at 1:28 pm: “Congratulations. Once a soldier, always a soldier. Keep up the good work, but don’t go overboard. Thanks and regards, Nazeer.”

A Malaysian number which the MDP claims belongs to retired MNDF Lieutenant General Anbaree Abdul Sattar at 4:39 pm said: “Heartfelt congratulations. I pray Allah gives you the patience and wisdom as you proceed to be magnanimous and be mindful of the vow you have made to uphold the constitution and the constitution of the Maldives, Anbaree.” Anbaree had also served as former President and ruler of 30 years Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s Ambassador to India.

Deputy Leader of PPM Umar Naseer at 2:51 pm allegedly says: “Extremely grateful for your service in saving this country and its religion, thank you, Umar Naseer.”

Speaking to Australia’s SBS journalist Mark Davis in February, Naseer had said Nazim had called him to request permission to negotiate with Nasheed on behalf of the then-opposition. Naseer also said he had been working from “a small command center where we do all the protests.”

Several security forces personnel also allegedly sent text messages to Nazim thanking and congratulating him for his role in Nasheed’s resignation.

A text message from retired Deputy Commissioner of Police Abdul Shakoor Abdulla said: “Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Akbar Alh’amdhu Lillah. Congratulations! Abdul Shakoor Abdulla Rtd. Dy Com of Police.”

Abdulla Junaid, an MNDF Sergeant, allegedly texted: “Was very happy to see you among the soldiers. Congratulations sir. Regards Junaid,” whilst a number registered with Lieutenant Colonel Zakariyya Mansoor reportedly sent a text message saying, “Congratulations, Mansoor.”

Another text message from a man identifying himself as “Riya” from an unlisted number said: “Moosa Jaleel’s 15 year savage reign is now over. I was one of those forced to resign. I am really proud to say I’m done STF with you in same platoon. Congratulations, Riya, five rises.” Moosa Jaleel was Chief of the Defense Forces under Nasheed. He resigned shortly after President Waheed took his oath of office.

Two text messages also appear to discuss details of then VP’s movements and logistics for a press conference. A number registered with the MNDF at 2:51 pm says: “Sir vp getting ready to move to majlis,” while a man identifying himself as Colonel Adurey at 3:21 pm asks when media briefing should be scheduled.

Family members also appear to have texted Nazim on the day. A number belonging to Abdul Majeed Ahmed says: “Dear nazim, Most welcome n prosperity I am proud of you. regards, Bappa [father].”

MDP Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Gafoor said the texts were evidence that the “coup was pre-planned and executed to stakeholders’ satisfaction.”


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  1. zaheena, u dont have a bit of journalistic integrity. you are just an mdp propagendist.

  2. This is news?

    This shows nothing but the corrupt nature of the whole country. Its a shame that we talk about democracy. This is the farthest from democracy ever possible.

    The whole country is doomed. Corrupt, insecure, Islamist, radicalized, uncivilized, baboons...

    I wonder if He has forgotten us, when He unleased the December 2004 one.

  3. Nazim's silence seems like a confession. I believe there is much more to be shown on TV or S/Media.

    Hopefully, MDP shall win the race...

  4. The circumstances leading to the chane of power was dubious. This nazim character and others had serious issues of interity. We would perhaps never know the tuth of what actually transpired at the barracks on 7th Feb. but these text messages dont prove anything. It only gives MDP and co a warm feeling.

  5. @ Ali Shiyam

    If this isn't news then surely you cannot call what they show on Dhitv abnd VTV news. hypocritical much?

  6. Nazim for president in 2013. I think we have a (potential) serious candidate in him for future.

  7. All the current violence , murder and unrest in the country is directly related to the 6 th Feb coup. The people, who supported this criminal act must be responsible for destroying this country. They must face justice . Nazim though had rcieved congratulatory messages is the biggest traitor and must be punished. The country is lawless. Human rights abuse is a daily practice. Corruption, nepotism in the Government with thugs and cronies are unbelievable.

  8. more..

    Nazim and Qasim could be a promising pair for 2013 presidential

  9. All these messages if true are a testimony to Nazim's patriotism and his good deeds. It's hard for those of you without a history of either of that to understand.

  10. This means I cant send a text to my gf nowadays.... So sad 🙁

  11. Did you think about ever consIder the aspect of right to privacy when publishing this article , I am a fan of Mdp and I feel that there is nothing much to hold him accountable or in the best interest of general public. Minivan has violated his constitutional right to privacy. Simply unprofessional .

  12. Glad to see all the sympathizers of this government getting frustrated over these leaked messages that clearly proves the devious acts by perpetrators who threw this country into chaos.

    you have become victims of your own design. congratulations. how does it feel to be on the flip side.

  13. forget Nazim's txt messages. there are plenty of other more important evidence to prove the coup if you want,. this ain't news.

  14. its just the tip of the iceberg, wait till you see the messages of 6th Feb and days leading up to the coup.

    Nazim you are not fit to be a soldier, let alone being defense minister, like your Bappa sms'ed the coupe had to do with your "prosperity" greedy B.

  15. @evidence on Tue, 24th Jul 2012 2:46 AM

    "All these messages if true are a testimony to Nazim’s patriotism and his good deeds."

    I can tell you factual "good deeds" done by this character Nazim. He was expelled from the Sandhurst military academy for serious misconduct! Not only did he tarnish his own character, but also brought a bad name to the whole country!

    So, I am not at all surprised about the revelation of these text messages. I'm certain there's quite a lot more evidence to show that Nazim was involved in organising this coup d'etat.

    For God's sake, are we taken to be fools? The guy claims that he just "helped out" in conveying messages from the crowd to the then President, asking him to resign. Lo and behold, for this act of "patriotism", he immediately gets the post of Defence Minister. Now, even a 3 year old can see through that charade!

    If, I, as a member of the public "helped out" in the same way that Nazim did, would I have been given the post that he got? Of course not. I am not blowing my own trumpet here, but dare I say that I am more qualified to do ANY job that Nazim may attempt.

    There's no doubt that the regime loyalists will come out of the woodwork now to defend the indefensible Defence Minister (pardon the pun).

  16. Navaho on Tue, 24th Jul 2012 9:04 AM

    "Did you think about ever consIder the aspect of right to privacy when publishing this article , I am a fan of Mdp and I feel that there is nothing much to hold him accountable or in the best interest of general public."

    You are talking complete and utter rubbish. These are vital pieces of information that are of very significant interest to the public. We are talking here about a case of a potential crime against the state. Any evidence in this case needs to be know to the public.

    These are not private conversations of a man dealing with his personal life. These are the converstations of a man who was allegedly involved in one of the most disturbing events of our history!

  17. @wives and concubines, where is the guy who calls himself wives anc concubines?

    You said you are in Australia and want to catch up with me, yeah brother of course, any time, are you in perth?

    email me man, [email protected]

    anytime brother i knock off from work early fridays, and knock off around 4 pm other days, after that or on weekends im am free,

    email me and i'll contact you and we'll go for a coffee brother anytime !

  18. mark davis shut the hell up, don't you know the rules in this world? Maldivians get to threaten your kids and damage your life but you have to shut the hell up and take it cos you are not a Maldivian, only Maldivians have the right to fend for themselves in this world man think you better learn your place with me man

  19. dhera velaafa thibelaa kaleymen baagee noon kudhin kolhu.. adhi konmeves dhuvahaku verikan libeyne.. but not yet..sorry!!!

  20. Hi Nazim "saw" I happens to find a bunch of text messages leaked and going viral.

  21. @Zaheena and MDP - Disgusting that MDP will stoop to such low tactics in their witch hunt due to their loss of power. Shameful that messages from parents to their children are reproduced on MInivannews. What do these messages prove..nothing more than Nazim received some messages.

  22. @Rinzy-It's not dirty that Nazim stooped to the antics he did to come into power? That Waheed and his cronies are beating the hell out of people just so that they can stay in power? Wow, you are truly delusional.

    These messages are not taken from a normal person's message database on a normal day, we are talking about terrorists here and they have no right to any privacy or any respect. We are talking about a day when a legitimate government was overthrown by a coup. And too bad that parents instead of advising their children to stop their terrorist actions are actually supporting them in the name of "prosperity".


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