Media accuses MNDF of abandoning Supreme Court guard duty

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has not confirmed whether a decision was made last night to withdraw MNDF officers providing security to Supreme Court and High Courts, following allegations in the local media today.

MNDF Spokesperson Major Abdul Raheem told Minivan News that he had seen the media reports but was unable to confirm whether the claims were true.

‘’I have seen the media reports and tried to clarify the details of what happened,’’ Major Abdul Raheem said. ‘’But I have been unable to make sure it is true or incorrect.’’

State Defence Minister Muiz Adnan said he had no any information about the matter.

Judicial Services Commission (JSC) Chair and Supreme Court Judge Adam Mohamed refused to comment on the issue.

Local media reported that at 7:00pm last night MNDF officers watching over the outside gates of the Supreme Court left with the key to the gate.

Newspaper Haveeru reported that the keys were handed back to the Supreme Court last night and informed that they were taken by mistake.

This afternoon, the paper quoted an official of the JSC saying that MNDF officers had been watching the Supreme Court today.

“Around 10 people gathered outside the court and started shaking the east side gate. They left when the lock was broken,” the official told Haveeru.

Five hours after the MNDF officers left the court a group gathered outside the court and broke the lock of the court’s east gate, the paper reported.


3 thoughts on “Media accuses MNDF of abandoning Supreme Court guard duty”

  1. Has to be "Fahkadaa Zahiru Hussein's" media.

    Can someone please tell me "Hama mi darling fahkadaa dhintha"

  2. A smart move, MNDF should not give any security to these bunch of maniacs who cannot value the importance of police and defense team in the country. Once the people take the law in their hand and cut the balls of these so called monkey judges than they will realize what the means of rule of laws is.

  3. There you have it international community.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Rambe has summarized the sentiments of the ruling MDP. They are out for blood and out for revenge.

    The Conservative Party had sadly funded a militant party hell bent on exacting retribution for real or perceived wrongs that happened in the past.

    However the sufferings that the ruling clan complain of are personal issues between them and the former ruling clan. Why are we, the people being dragged into this?

    No amount of Aasandha or free handouts will convince me for sure. I want no part in Anni et. al.s personal war against Qayyoom and vice versa.


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