Moosa criticises government for leaving Gayoom at large

Parliamentary Group Leader and MP Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)  last night criticised the government at a rally where President Mohamed Nasheed was present, for not arresting former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Speaking at the rally held to celebrate Social Liberal Party (SLP) President Ibrahim Ismail rejoining MDP, Moosa said that blame for failure to provide justice for those allegedly tortured by Gayoom’s administration did not only lie with the judiciary.

Moosa spoke little, but before he left the rally he said he would go to Gayoom’s residence “and disturb him no matter if I have to go to jail.”

President Mohamed Nasheed also spoke at the rally and responded to Moosa, saying that there was “no one who understands Moosa’s feelings more than I do.”

However, Nasheed said it would be impossible to provide  justice before upgrading the judicial system, a process he said would take a long time.

Nasheed said he had in the meantime given high priority for other necessary things such as providing sewerage systems and shelter for people.

In the special rally last night, first President of MDP Ibrahim Ismail ‘Ibra’, who resigned in 2006, rejoined the party along with other political figures who had belonged to the SLP including Youth Minister Dr Hassan Latheef.

Speaking at the rally, Ibra said that he decided to leave SLP and rejoin MDP because he wanted to take part in the reform movement begun by the party.

Today the MDP website said Moosa had left the rally early because he had to fly to China on official business.

According to the MDP website Moosa said he had no issues with the party itself, but had criticise state institutions for failing to investigate the torture allegations.

Meanwhile, former Deputy Leader of the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) and now close ally of Gayoom claimed that Gayoom had not tortured Moosa, but ”Moosa injures himself by getting drunk and thinking Gayoom did it.”

Naseer also claimed that Nasheed was not interested in establishing justice and must have been mistaken.

”He’s still in the 1940s. It;s for the judiciary to create justice, why does not he go to the courts?” asked Umar. ”We know why. It’s because he does not have any evidence. How can there be evidence for something that was not done?”


21 thoughts on “Moosa criticises government for leaving Gayoom at large”

  1. Moosa is the toothless Labrador of the current Government.

    A dog. Nothing else.

    And he is doing exactly what Anni is commanding him to do.

    But, All compared, Anni is still a better leader than Chasmeen can ever be.

  2. grudges!! they wont be of much help to transform our old ways. personal sacrifices are at times necessary for a greater good.

  3. i think that the name of the ex-President of the Social Liberal Party is Ibrahim Ismail (IBRA) as opposed to what you guys have written, starting from thre second paragraph.... and i quote

    "Speaking at the rally held to celebrate Social Liberal Party (SLP) President Ibrahim Mohamed rejoining MDP"

    I hope you guys take some action about it.

    Thank you.

  4. I agree with Reecko this government is dragging its feet on implementing justice.....Lets start by punishing the person responsible for diverting 21,000,000 dollars from publicly financed projects, the project is still not complete..i say fine him everyday its not done...The many bottles of beer found in someones car's trunk and the rights of the srilankan man whose passport is still withheld...making hate speeches and promoting violence and destroying public order....The MDO supporters are blind, deaf and dumb...Get a life people you cannot right every wrong in the last 30 years..This government promised a new beginning, by stopping corruption now..not in another 30 years.

  5. Anni government is far more corrupt than Gayoom government. We deserve better leaders.

  6. Maumoon is using Umar Naseer, leading him on making him believe he is being groomed to be Maumoon's successor. But this is a decoy to hide Maumoon's real plans to make his family succeed him. It is so obvious that Naseer is a clown, a joke, a ploy to use and make all the leaders look like fools, hence destroying the credibility of any potential opposition figure other than - Yameen, who Maumoon is now, working to restore Yameen's image as a tough yet fair, efficient administator. In the meantime, Umar Naseer is being set up to make a clown out of himself to destroy his legitimacy. Maumoon knows Naseer is a violent tempered punk, so he only has to send him to the front line in every rally to expose him as a maniac and meantime, Yameen just keeps looking more and more the one truly reliable and responsible choice for the leader of the opposition. I would actually feel sorry for Umar Naseer if it was not for the fact that he was rumoured to be a man of such cruelty himself.

    But never forget, never forget, that Yameen is the most arrogant, I mean, the most ruthless and vicious Maldivian alive, and he, if he could, will rob you blind when he comes into power, which, I am sure he will.

    Who knows, maybe when you taste the Scourge of God himslef (Yameen) you will finally come to appreciate human rights and be forced to become brave enough to do away with tyranny forever. maybe Yameen is just thedarkness you need to learn!

    Come on guys!

  7. @Ben. Don't cry like a baby. Your honeymoon in Maldives will be over soon. Real change is on its way. You go and take care of yourself and your family. Leave us alone.

    We are coming!

  8. @Ben Plewright

    "Who knows, maybe when you taste the Scourge of God himslef (Yameen) you will finally come to appreciate human rights and be forced to become brave enough to do away with tyranny forever. maybe Yameen is just the darkness you need to learn!"

    You're absolutely right. How soon we forget what a real dictatorship feels. If these so-called "youth" were out on the streets for even half an hour during Gayyoom's regime, most of them will now be serving life in solitary confinement, with physical and psychological injuries they'll carry for the rest of their life!

    Indeed, another taste of a totalitarian regime may be just what Maldivians need to really appreciate freedom and democracy.

  9. Reeko Moosa has a personal vendetta that he needs to settle with Gayyoom. He is going about this completely the wrong way.

    People like Gayyoom benefit from the antics of Moosa. Moosa keeps hurling accusations at Gayyoom without any evidence. He keeps forgetting that only makes Gayyoom look stronger in the eye of the man on the street.

    There are a lot of people who'd love to see Gayyoom stand trial in a court of law backed by substantial evidence linking him to the crimes that were committed during his 30 years of iron fisted rule.

  10. Zeena, did you say Anni was more corrupt then Gayoom?? Oh I get it, the whole world is wrong and you are right!! The one thing I can not stand about freedom of speech is it allows people like you to have a say! Well done Reeko! This government should forgive but we must never ever forget!!! When the system is repaired, justice can be served, not petty revenge, justice.

  11. @Ben

    Seems you are another state-funded ally of Anni. I feel more absurd about the false political ideology of Anni, than Yameen, and his feeble policies. If I contemplate from an economic perspective, most of his plans are a colossal waste to this nation, while there is more important priorities for us Maldivians and most of his initiative are imbued with corruptive allegations.

  12. @Yaameen: bring it on i am looking forward to the fight, i will come there to male' to take up the battle myself if it looks like yameen is going to come'll be the one crying like a baby in the end... you have NO IDEA...see, unlike you Yaameen, I am on the right, you are in the wrong side and every bit of pain you can dish out to me, or any innocent Maldivians, or anyone, will come back on you ten fold from your Creator man BRING IT ON!!! Love love love it!!! See you and your ppl are NOTHING at the end of the day NOTHING burn me down n i will be laughing all the way knowing the difference between our futures...

    @Andy: I say things because I know them to be true or right, not because I am bought, got that! Neither Anni nor anyone from MDP ever gave me a cent... don't confuse me with those souless followers of Yameen who can be bought because they do not have any backbone, yeh, only the weak, the cowardly or the totally stupid would follow Yameen, and that is the damn truth! you got me wrong totally!

  13. Umar is the spokeman of Maumoon as he is going to be son in law. Bangaalhee katanee

  14. oh, Yaameen, one more thing, if you had of left me alone, i would have left you alone, too late for that... PUNK...i will be on your case till justice is done, you can kill me, torture me, and my soul is going to come back and haunt you forever... nothing, nothing that can be done to me can take away the fact that in the end I will be laughing and you will be weeping... you made your business my business a long time ago and you are gonna taste the consequences of interfering in my business first... Unlike you, I don't follow a man, i follow what is right, I don't lose my self by calling myself by someone else's name cos' i got a self...

  15. I loved reading how MDP celebrated Ibra's return in this article. One of the things I regret when I was in Male' was that I never met Ibra. I hope now that he is in MDP that Ibra can once again be a force for human rights... Really happy to read he is being welcomed back through celebration! Ibra if you ever read this man, I read all about your bringing up the torture issue in your majlis etc.. and all you did, and I love how you represent the social side as well as the liberal side, hope you will help Maldives greatly, sure you can, I am sure you are an inspiration brother and if I come to Male' please allow me the privilege of meeting you... (if Ibra's friends read this please pass on...)

  16. Dear Mr.Ben Plewright.....I have been reading what you are writing with great interest..The conspiracy involving Maumoon, Umar and Yameen...Buddy i have to say you have got all the signs and symptoms of Schizophrenia...You are delusional and confusing what is real and what is part of your imagination, ...For you everybody is baddy maumoon waiting to kill you...Or you could be suffering from the rare condition of Acute Schizophrenia with chronic"30 year syndrome" on top...You need to seek....Go to the nearest hospital..and please dont kill yourself...Thank you

  17. @Nars: Haha real slick... but you know what watching a person to frightened to face the truth that he has to hise his cowardice in jokes is rather sad...

    I mean, obviously I was making a little fun out of the Naseer conspiracy thing, but it is not far from the truth, but the rest of it is spot on... and if you are too frightened to face up to the fact that only the shallow, the mindless or the coward would follow Yameen, just admit that you need help to get some courage...

    I am not frightened of Yameen, I look forward to fighting him he drew first blood,

    you are on the other hand quite plainly afraid and trying to hide that through laughter, natural response but it has to be overcome

  18. Moosa has criticized that the government is not arrest Maumoon, as Anni said on the same night that its not an easy thing that can be done from overnight. you must have very broad mind to win the case. you can't just go and arrest him.

    As Anni has said we must reform our judiciaries


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