MP Muthalib re-joins Adhaalath Party

Former Adhaalath Party MP Ibrahim Muthalib, who resigned from the party and joined the Jumhoree Party (JP) until August this year, has re-joined the Adhaalath Party.

In a statement, the party said that Muthalib resigned from the party due to differences in opinions between the party’s then leadership.

‘’Many citizens hope that other MPs in parliament who love the nation and the religion will join Adhaalath Party,’’ the Adhaalath Party’s statement said. Muthalib was the first treasurer of the Adhaalath Party.

Muthalib resigned from JP – led by local business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim – claiming that his dreams of making the JP the country’s third most active party had been “shattered due to lack of cooperation.”

‘’I resigned because I did not want to remain depressed with these thoughts. For now I just want to relax and remain independent for the time being,’’ Muthalib said at the time. Newspaper Haveeru quoted Muthalib as saying that his resignation came following Gasim’s vote in favor of the appointment of Dr Ibrahim Didi for Fisheries Minister and Thalhath Ibrahim for Defense Minister.

Until Muthalib last night joined Adhaalath, the party had no MP representing them.

Today Muthalib told Minivan News that he decided to join Adhaalath because the party was in need of his assistance and ‘’I have always said that I would join Adhaalath when the change I needed to bring to the party was brought. I resigned from Adhaalath Party on November 2011, and although when I was elected to the parliament I was registered in the Adhaalath Party, I was elected as an Independent MP,’’ Muthalib said.

‘’I had to resign from the Adhaalath Party because of some issues I don’t want to talk about right now,’’ he said. ‘’After resigning from the Adhaalath in November, I joined the Jumhoree Party at the request of some persons, and I worked to make the party a strong opposition party. But it did not work out that way so I had to resign from JP.’’

‘’I want to work with the scholars, I think that is the only way we can set this country the right way – by working with the scholars,’’ he added.

The Adhaalath Party recently terminated the coalition agreement made between the government, and asked Islamic Minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari and State Islamic Minister Sheikh Hussain Rasheed to resign from their positions.

Dr Bari respected his party’s decision and resigned from the position yesterday, while Sheikh Hussain has said that he will not resign unless the President requests him to do so.

Dr Bari meanwhile withdrew his resignation from the Adhaalath Party’s religious council, of which he was formerly chairman.


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  1. Is Ahmed Nazeer the same guy running the hate blog named moyameeha. I want to clarify.

  2. "‘’I want to work with the scholars, I think that is the only way we can set this country the right way – by working with the scholars,’’ he added."

    That is an admirable goal! Among the Adhaalath, there are many who are well knowledgeable in all things, from religion, to science, to economics and war - and remain unswayed by bizzare and new-fangled economic and scientific theories - such as liberal capitalism, evolutionism, special relativity and neurology - that have been popularized by the fervent ramblings of the consensus of madmen that make up the Western "scientific" and "economic" communities.

    It is not just the Adhaalath I refer to now, but the broad spectrum of religius conservatives that safeguard our values and promote our interests against Western hegemony. As the intellectual and philosophical backbone of our country - their scholarly erudition and skills of critical enquiry will prove an invaluable asset to those who seek to understand all things in their proper religious context - but, will bring down fatal wrath on those of odious persuasions, who promote debunked ideologies such as evolutionism and secularism. The Ayatullah Khomeini, may his name ever be praised, would have garroted them on the spot!

  3. Today i am proud to say that i am a member of Adhaalath. I see a bright future for my party.
    May allah grant more success for those working in the right course of islam and fail the works of those spreading corruption and mischief in the land. Ameen.

  4. All Mutholib has done at the parliament was wasting precious time by proposing unrealistic solutions. He is one of the least productive in the parliament and his constituents need to take account of his irrelevant performance.

  5. Make up your mind already, Muththalib. Why is he jumping parties so much? Are these unstable people fit to be parliamentarians?

  6. Minivan news being a registered newspaper, falling under maldivian jurdistiction has been breaking the existing laws and regulations of maldives. They have been selectively targeting islam in their news covergae. They are continuously publishing islamophobic opinion pieces from people running hate blogs and anti-islam facebook pages. Their comment section is filled with hateful, degrading and threatening contents against islam. We believe that by publishing those, the editorial board of minivan news has broken certain laws of Maldives. We will be making formal complaints to the Maldives Media Council, Maldives Police Service and Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Our lawsuit against minivan news will also be submitted to the criminal court in a short period.

  7. i wonder why you people have taken off the story about the resignation of islamic minister from your home page. it happened on octobe 3rd and all the other stories from that day are still there on your home page.

  8. In my view you cannot be an Islamic Scholar and a Politician at the same time!

  9. Adhaalath party is too much politicised and only losers are joining them.

  10. "doubt"

    There's no "hate blog" called moyameehaa blog.

    Not everything that you disagree with is a 'hate blog'. Moyameehaa's blog is the opposite of 'hate'.

    Check a dictionary for the word 'tolerance' - which is what he preaches.

  11. "..."

    Looking forward to see the outcome of Minivan News vs "..."

    Because anonymous lawsuit threats are simply the most convincing kind.

  12. Muthalib come, Muthalib goes and he comes back again. some kind of political orgasm?

  13. @Dhivehi Haguraama

    Do you actually believe the nonsense you are posting here? Trying to wrap it in some fancy words and making yourself look like a pseudo-intellectual might convince some, but it won't help you look any less a fool than you do already.

    Neurology a bizarre theory? Religious conservatives making up the backbone of the country? Their skills of critical inquiry? The debunked ideology of secularism? Which tree did you fall out of? Your comments are so ridiculously stupid and quixotic that I honestly think I should stop laughing and start feeling sorry for you.

    The world will still turn tomorrow, whether you like it or not, and your kind will be nothing but a foot note of history. I just hope you don't have any children as they would be the real victims of your delusions.

  14. Muthalib is a brainless Islamic monkey no doubt about this.
    He would like to send all Maldivians to haven which I that exist.

  15. Bad English, needs to improve. Especially this line: "I resigned from Adhaalath Party on November 2011,"

    How come in November 2011, as we are in October? And also it is written "on November", instead "in November".

    Poor English. Poor English.

  16. oh my god you paranoid little mofos living in your little imaginary alternate universe!!! *facepalm* i am not Ahmed Nazeer. and i dont have any HATE blog. and i havent blogged for ages now.
    but when i did blog, my personal blog went through all different phases that i went through. there are posts covering a range of topics from socio political issues to religion, music and entertainment. and no, i am not a christianjewnazizionistgayatheistislamhater. whatever the frack that is. and it is my PERSONAL blog, so why should it bother anyone anyways?
    and thank you yaamyn for wasting your precious time trying to tell them their alternate universe is not real.
    you knw what,we should probably meet up sometime to discuss our christian athesit zionist gay agenda to steal the islam from maldives, and ofcourse humiliate them sometime. how about this weekend? in the presidential residence at 1230 on friday? i hope ud be done with your maakanaa show editing by then. i have some very interesting proposals to spread idol worshiping and other religions here. with detailed maps and all. cya then. tc! jai hind! we shall win this zionist crusade for bigbang atheist evoliushunz.

  17. "Deecay"

    Kaleya Halaaku huri!

    Are you seriously going to try and convince me that neurology makes ANY sense. For one thing, it is in complete and utter contradiction to free will just by dint of its assumption that the Mind is synonymous to a material Brain, and that its activity is soleley determined by neuro-physical activities that, within their worldview, we should have no control over! I reject this entirely! Furthermore, there's the very simple consideration that if it WERE electrical activity responsible for the working of the mind - as opposed to a soul - our brains would overheat, catch fire and melt if we spent too much time thinking!

    How fortunate that we have qualified people who will stop individuals such as yourself from trying to market such ludicrous theories to our Children!

  18. @Dhivehi Haguraama

    It is apparent that you would never be in danger of any brain melt, rest assured. But I'll certainly be jealous when that spaceship lands on your front porch in 2012 to save you and your qualified people from the evil spirits of earthly failings.

    Honestly, you remind me of the mutterings of a young Charles Manson, though in a sense he was certainly less dangerous to society than you are. Have you ever considered seeking professional help? The kind that doesn't involve electrical activity? Just be glad you live here and not in an orderly society, you'd wear a straight jacket for the rest of your days if you would.

  19. @Dhivehi Haguraama

    P.S.: Your comments seriously crack me up, keep em coming. 🙂

  20. Dear Adaalath my sympathies from the bottom of my heart. Please RIP.

  21. Where in the world have you seen religious zealots solving national problems. The last place was Afghanistan. Any one knows what it was like under the Taliban?

  22. Adalat seems to incite such heated debate among a small segment of the youth.

    Most in their mid-years feel the party is not worth mentioning and that its membership consists of nomads and evangelists.

    The truth is, those are our people in there. Maldivians. Down to their socks and underwear.

    The reason for their political and religious stance lies in socioeconomic factors.

    While young whippersnappers like Yaamyn pretend to understand "stuff" and blog and rant about "things", we adults need to adjust to the reality that a certain brand of thinking is here to stay.

    If we are truly tolerant, one must coexist with the other. To do so, we need to cast certain prejudices aside and stop debating religion at every turn. Private affairs are private affairs and if certain people are willing to buy certain things that Adalat preaches then let them do so.

    There is no such thing as free will. We are all conditioned by society and by our own personal experiences to be one way or the other.

    Stop reacting to gung-ho youth and their pompously normative statements. Sympathize with them. Who knows. It is these impressionable opinionated people who change in the blink of an eye.

    Yaamyn might sport some serious chin-bush and a turban while calling himself Abdul Yaamen Bin Hassan Waheed Al Zawahiri tomorrow

  23. @tsk tsk

    i can imagine the kinda person whod hide behind such a comment. an old man/woman with some bitter life experiences in his/her youth, who gave up on their ideals for the fear of being accused of "too idealistic" and ended up being more than a cynic. some sort of a hedonistic opportunist. yeah these "kids" are just too idealistic they probably dunno what they are talking about. they just dunno whats realistic. but do you know why?

    these kids grew up and live among the ordinary people, trying to survive each day. their dreams dead, their future dark. we blame it on the old farts, why? coz you brought us up, u created this mess. so deal with it. atleast they are still alive inside. not hollowmen with no ideals or principles.

    ofcourse yaamyn may have to sport a beard tomorrow. because this aint a free country! you cant be who you are here. unless ofcourse you rise above the dirt to those ivory towers and sit around observing the mess.

    the ultimate argument of these armchair liberals in our counrty is that extremism and social issues will vanish once we tackle the so called socio-conomic factor. yeahh, there are these issue. the crowded male', employment, education, economic conditions etc.

    but will such a fulfilled society give birth to national values and ethics? why then is extremism rising in the developed counrties , inthe middle and upper middle classess too? why in the rich families of saudi arabia? why in the europe and americas?

    ape america in your economic policies and ape saudi arabia in your national values and culture. because thats where they are both most successful!! duhh.

    it is alright to guide the younger generation if you have better life experiences and a better education. but please dont let that get to your head. a wiser man could be bringing you that cup of tea in that cafeteria. we were all born butt naked, crying and knowing nothing. and we all defecate and we all will die. you too. me too.


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