MPs vandalise Speaker’s Office

MPs belonging to the government aligned Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) and Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), and one MP of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), trashed People’s Majlis Speaker Abdulla Shahid’s office this afternoon.

According to Majlis secretariat staff who witnessed the scene, the MPs led by DQP MP Riyaz Rasheed and MDP MP Abdulla Jabir first shattered a picture frame and broke the name board outside the Speaker’s office. They then broke through the security system on the door, entered the office, damaged furniture and a laptop on the Speaker’s table.

Shahid was not present in the office at the time.

In addition to Riyaz and Jabir, PPM MPs Ahmed Amir, Ali Arif, Thimarafushi,Ahmed Shareef, Ahmed Saleem, and Mohamed Rafeeq Hassan participated in the vandalism, the secretariat staff said.

The attack comes after the Majlis’ Sergeant at Arms Mohamed Haleem told Housing Minister Mohamed Muizz to leave the parliament building. Muizz had come to the Majlis to attend the parliament’s Finance Committee, of which Jabir is the chair.

The Majlis secretariat issued a statement today saying those summoned to the Finance Committee had been summoned in violation of the parliamentary committee procedures and hence had been asked to leave.

Jabir was the only MP who had attended the Finance Committee. He had summoned the entire cabinet to the committee, but Muizz was the only minister who had attended.

According to parliament regulations, the majority of a committee must agree to summon any individual to a committee. But such a motion was not passed by the Finance Committee.

According to local media, after Muizz was sent away, Jabir called and threatened Shahid that he would remove him from the position of Majlis Speaker.

“If you challenge me and do things that way, today will end very badly,” Jabir told Shahid, local newspaper Sun has reported.

Jabir is currently facing criminal charges for possessing and consuming alcohol. If found guilty, he may lose his seat.

The attack comes on the day of the end of the current presidential term. The Majlis in October passed a resolution authorising the Speaker to assume the presidency in the absence of a president elect.

However, the Supreme Court on Saturday struck down the motion and has declared President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s administration will continue until a new president is elected.

Waheed has declared he will continue in his position until the second round of presidential elections are held on November 16.


11 thoughts on “MPs vandalise Speaker’s Office”

  1. Tut tut - and somehow this will be blamed on the usual suspects. Typical behavior from the brats who can't stand losing. Just grow up will you? Incredibly embarrassing and looks like you guys need to go back to school with your Democracy for Dummies booked tucked under your arm. Shame shame, you ar not fit to be in the same room as your Speaker!

  2. "Jabir is currently facing criminal charges for possessing and consuming alcohol. If found guilty, he may lose his seat."

    (1) The best thing for MDP is to immediately throw this guy out of the party along with Hamid. Jabir puts his self interest first and foremost ALWAYS. His running from party to party is like the proverbial Maldivian's marital history (which by the way is a world record). Those runs have always been to protect either his business interests or personal interests. He's now trying to figure out which political establishment will allow him to escape a potential jail term.

    (2) Cleaning the party of these characters will show that it takes these things very seriously and do not tolerate such behaviour even at the top.

    "If you challenge me and do things that way, today will end very badly,” Jabir told Shahid,"

    (3) Lolly was either high on some narcotics or alcohol or both probably. He may not even remember what he said!

  3. This news reaches the 'sensational' standards apt for UK sun or News of the World

    Good one

  4. Jaabir is truly a 'siyaasee randi' a political prostitute.

    Jabiruganefa wanted bail out from his court case, he probably invited the masquerading so called finance minister to give some form of legitimacy through Parliament questioning.

  5. @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb

    I am disappointed that you have called for Hamid to be thrown out of the party. Hamid has worked incredibly hard for the MDP and for his constituency. He has been loyal to Raees Nasheed and to the party. As for Jabir, I will reserve my opinion, he has a high flying lawyer for his wife.

  6. @private tourist
    usually I agree with your comments but....don't think you understand anarchism at all.
    The ideally non-violent state will be an ordered anarchy. That State is the best governed which is governed the least.
    -Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

  7. As a tourist, this is disgusting to see and read.

    My daughter says, Dad you are in paradise.

    Yes, it is a paradise of evolving animals.

  8. MPs behind such behavior are not fit to be an MP and hold peoples trust and faith.

    This is no less than a scandal and to the outside world, Maldives should feel ashamed and embarrassed of such behavior conducted by their elected representatives.

    And yes - the outside world look at Maldives with a mix of disbelief and laughter.

    It is now the responsibility of the front figures of all parties to publicly condemn such behavior and reprimand their MPs being involved now and onwards in such uncivilized activities.
    If Nasheed, Yamin, Qasim and other leaders of their parties condemn this and ensure that they will take actions to their representatives doing this in future, shows responsibility and leadership - something this country desperately needs.

  9. I would think the people of the constituencies to which these MPs belong (who I am sure must be unaware of the politics and reason behind these actions), must question them and do justice to themselves and to the rest of Maldives!

  10. All Political parties must stop providing asylum to these crazy politicians. Its a shame. But more shame goes for the people who have elected these people to the parliament. It is just to say that WE CITIZENS HAVE FAILED THE NATION by continuously electing people of such character to office.


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