Nasheed “will not be allowed to assume power” even if he wins election: PPM running mate Dr Mohamed Jameel

Running mate of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)’s Presidential Candidate Abdulla Yameen, Dr Mohamed Jameel, has declared that opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s Presidential Candidate and former President Mohamed Nasheed “will not be allowed to assume power”, even should he emerge as the clear winner in the run-off election scheduled to take place on September 28.

The provisional results of last Saturday’s presidential election showed the MDP finishing the race on top with 45.45 percent of the popular vote or 95,224 votes. The PPM came second with 53,099 votes – 42,125 votes less than the MDP – while the Jumhooree Coalition led by resort tycoon Gasim Ibrahim came third with 50,422 votes and incumbent President Mohamed Waheed Hassan finishing the race at the bottom with just 10,750 votes – 5.13 percent.

The results mean that the winner of the election are to be decided through a run-off election – contested by both the PPM and the MDP – scheduled to take place on September 28. Both parties have since commenced their campaign.

During the PPM’s first campaign rally since the first round of the election, Jameel asserted on Tuesday night that his party was not prepared to hand over the country to Nasheed, whom he described as an “evil, wicked, radical and especially a mad man”.

“We will not hand over this country to an evil, wicked, mad man. We will not hand over through an election, [we] will not hand over even if he gets elected,” Jameel said.

The sacked Home Minister also vowed to “imprison Nasheed for a lengthy period” should a PPM government come to power.

“I am still saying that [Nasheed] will go to jail, by Allah’s will he will go to jail, we will do it, we will do it with Allah’s beneficence. We are waiting for the moment. At the right moment, we are certain that you [Nasheed] will be in jail,” Jameel told supporters.

He also promised free housing and healthcare for every police and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officer under a PPM government.

Clarifying his remarks to Minivan News on Wednesday, Jameel stated that his comments during the rally reflected the “criminal charge filed against Nasheed” and other possible charges.

“As there is an impending [criminal] charge on him, he would be facing the outcome of the trial that would stop him from holding [the office of the president]. That is what I meant [at the rally],” Dr Jameel explained.

“Also, audit report exposes budget misappropriation of MVR 4.7 billion in addition to several corruption allegations which ultimately former President Nasheed will have to face. That is what I meant. So as a result of these charges he would not be able to hold the office,” he added.

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) blasted Jameel’s remarks stating that he was “unfit to hold public office”.

Speaking to Minivan News, MDP Spokesperson MP Imthiyaz Fahmy claimed that Jameel’s remarks showed how desperate the PPM were, and indicated that it was expecting a “bad election day” on September 28.

“He is openly refusing to obey the constitution and the laws of the country. He has openly announced another coup. This is a very serious remark,” Fahmy told Minivan News.

The MDP spokesperson also accused the PPM of not understanding how to campaign, only how carry out anti-campaigns against Nasheed.

“If this is a free democratic country that upholds the law, I am sure the police would have arrested the man while he was on the podium. I believe the police must investigate the statement and the Prosecutor General should press charges against him,” Fahmy claimed.

The government-aligned Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Parliamentary Group Leader Dr Abdulla Mausoom also criticised Jameel on local media.

Mausoom claimed that Jameel’s remarks meant that he was preparing to “break the laws for a lengthy period of time”.

Jameel – who played a central role in toppling Nasheed’s government on February 2012 – had previously repeated his claim in the press, both before and after Nasheed’s controversial step down, that he would make sure the former president is “put away for a long time”.

Last March, during the PPM’s presidential primaries, Dr Jameel declared that it was both a “national and a religious Farḍ (obligation)” to prevent Nasheed from contesting the presidential election.

“Nasheed of Kenereege does not have any chance to come to power. We would not give that chance [to him]. That is something we ought to do. It is both a national and a religious Farḍ (obligation),” Jameel said at the time.

During the lead up to the mutiny by the police and the military on February 7, 2012, that forced the change in government, Jameel publicly announced in an anti-government rally that an Islamic jihad (struggle) against Nasheed’s government was an “obligation” to all Maldivian Muslims.

Jameel while he was a member of the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) was one of the co-authors of a “hate-pamphlet” released against Nasheed’s government, in which it claimed that Nasheed was participating in “an anti-Islamic conspiracy”.

“Since 2006 Gaza where many millions live has been blocked from land, air and sea and all its inhabitants enslaved and locked up. Nevertheless after coming to power Nasheed’s main priority was fostering ties with Jews,” read the English translation of the pamphlet.


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  1. Who the hell is Jameel to defy the will of the people? He's now in full retreat and preparing for defeat. The only option left is to stop Nasheed taking his oath.

    After September 28th Jameel will be back on the streets again; having been thrown out into the gutter by PPM. Him and his mater who hold PhDs in "Fitna" will go back to their usual ways; i.e. running back and forth between various Courts to try to disrupt the functioning of the government.

    More hate pamphlets will start pouring out. Yep, Jameel has resigned himself to failure!

  2. Now that Waheed knows that Yameen is prepared to violate the will of the people for power, Waheed will have no more credibility as a technocratic democrat in anybody's eyes if he supports Yameen.

    I wish MDP Anni and Waheed could forgive each other - to join forces against Yameen.

    Waheed - Anni, please do that.

    Waheed's condition could be, no more calling him a baaghe and giving him a good position somewhere. Anni's condition could be - support him to make sure one who is willing to violate the will of the people (Yameen) does not come into power.

    Please do that.

  3. In simple words, Jameel is a disgrace to the whole country, he will be the biggest reason that Yaameen will lose on the second round!

  4. He is not only a disgrace to the country - he is an actual danger to Nasheed, the whole country and democracy.

    Let´s see when and what his boss Yameen will say ...

  5. I think people decide the best for them.Why should anni cannot take office if he elected??? That´s democracy. because of he is coming from normal family and no wealth or a not a family background like he not competent to do his job as a President????? I think he is the best of all candidates and do the best of his to Maldives.Let the Democracy live and don´t put the maldives in to HELL. PLEASE.

  6. yameen and maumoon work hand in hand, and no one likes them. The ideology and moto of nasheed is far more better than yameen's one. Anni wants to bring more housing projects and jobs in which Male' is really lacking from, there are a lot of youngsters doing nothing in streets wasting life, giving them a second chance would help the country. Well lets see the results on 28th, even this election is also a game decided by the nation and not the parties

  7. If we are allowed to vote to choose a president for 5 years how can any individual be allowed to say something like that?
    Yameen should ask his mate to shut up and reaasure Maldivians that he will accept the choice of the majority.
    That's how things should be in a democracy!!!
    We respect the people's choice whether we like it or not.
    If the people make a mistake and the elected party does not carry out its program satisfactorily, they will correct it in 5 years.
    We don't need a coup, violence,...election is the tool!!!

  8. This Jameel is as mad as the so called Sheiks the religion selling prostitutes for a living, and would deprive even Allah of His greatness if possible in order to live a comfortable life with young girls in their harems. Yamin is a capable person but , unfortunately believing that he has no chance, is falling to Maumoon's trap by allowing these crazy lunatics to join him. I or anybody in my family will never vote a party who make use of these radical Hippocrates and Yamin will realize in reality he will lose more having those lunatics around. Come clean Yamin, world is not over for you

  9. What a democracy and how the parties selecting the crooks like Jameel as compaign runners. What happen this kind of people come to power? How the country will prosper even he is in opposition? These kind of people should be in Jail or in Mental Hospital.

  10. After listening to those comments from Jameel,,who himself was wanting to be president,,I think you have only one option,and that is to give your vote to Nasheed..The alternative is a power crazy individual who is only thinking of himself...

  11. Good, good. War is wonderful... and profitable.

    ... Money? I dont need money! The only currency I accept is revenge!

  12. I do believe the fellow is not just mad but highly dangerous and needs to be psychologically assessed. This man is out of control. Screeching and screaming like a hyena. Not what you would expect to see of a running mate in the 2013 Presidential election!!

  13. This crazy Jameel was a judge once...I wonder how many people were victimized by this guy...from the way he talk I get the feeling his phd is on hit men. His language is horrible no diplomacy.He is a waste for his parents, his wives and the nation.

  14. I am just enjoying it. The more he raves, the more we realise why Yameen cannot become the president.What a dick this man is. Kuria. Kuria. Kuria

  15. Angry bird Jameel has gone mad after realizing that he has no chance of winning the election on the 2nd round.

  16. Its clear that PPM has accepted defeat early on by way of proxy through kraazi jameel

    Now Mdp can truly go it alone to pursue unrestricted refprms.

  17. @Waheed Anni... Was never meant to be advice, never believed anyone would actually consider my crazy wishful thinking! Just my completely ludicrous dream!

  18. Did I miss anything during the last 24 hours?

    Is this guy now kept locked up in jail or any mental institution after launching threats and intimidating people?

    Is this assaulting covered by law or is the prosecutor been active already?

  19. IF you fight among yourself with mud slinging each will be ruled by other country...same is happening in middle east...dear fellas..wake united as a not fight each other and pave way to other to rule u...learn from history present and past..with good wishes


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