Nasheed first president summoned before Maldives Human Rights Commission

Mohamed Nasheed has become the first Maldivian president to be summoned before the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM), in connection to his role in the controversial detention of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed earlier this year.

Nasheed had been requested to attend a HRCM hearing filed to try and understand who was responsible for taking the decision to arrest the judge. The former president attributed the initial arrest call to his Defence Ministry, on the grounds of “protecting” national security relating to alleged ethical concerns about the judge.

Today’s summons of the former president is said to be the first of three cases filed at the HRCM involving himself. These cases all relate to potential human rights abuses allegedly carried out both by and against Nasheed during the lead up and aftermath of a controversial transfer of power that saw President Mohamed Waheed Hassan installed as his successor.

The former president has since alleged that his resignation from the presidency was performed under duress.

Nasheed’s arrival today was heralded by a few hundred supporters who gathered around the HRCM building carrying banners alleging abuse at the hands of police earlier this week. Many of those gathered waited for the former president to deliver his account to the commission. Riot police arrived briefly at the area outside the commission, but the crowd later dispersed without confrontation.

The arrest of Judge Abdulla Mohamed itself occurred on January 16 in relation to a police request. The judges whereabouts were not revealed until January 18 however, leading to international condemnation of Nasheed as well as domestic criticism reflected in ongoing protests over several weeks that observers later suggested were partly linked to his eventual downfall on February 7.

HRCM spokesperson Jeehan Mahmoud told Minivan News that while additional cases relating to the former president would be focused on alleged human rights abuses against him after the build up and transfer of power, today’s hearing related to specifically identifying the party who placed the order to arrest the judge.

Jeehan added that the HRCM had previously unsuccessfully attempted to  summon former defence and home minsters, as well as senior police officials who had served under Nasheed during the time the arrest decision was taken.  However, today’s  move was taken to request that the former president explain what had occurred himself.

“If these ministers and [police] representatives would have attended [the HRCM hearings], I think thing would have been a lot clearer,” she said. “We wanted to collect more responses on this as it hasn’t been clear where the order [to arrest the judge] had came from.”

Possible outcome

The commission spokesperson said that the group had not yet decided on what methods it would look to take to readdress any potential abuses of the judge’s human rights.  Therefore she said it was too early to say whether this could include filing a case against any of the decison makers involved at the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Malé MP Imthiyaz Fahmy, who formed part of nasheed’s legal team today, told Minivan News that the former president gave testimony alleging that the decision to arrest the judge was related to a number of possible misdemeanour’s that had been attributed to him dating back several years.

In November, the national court watchdog, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), was ordered to cease an investigation into Judge Abdulla Mohamed by the civil Court under an action he himself instigated.

Amidst developments such as these, Fahmy claimed that Nasheed used his testimony to claim that he had been informed by the Home Ministry that the judge had allegedly posed a “national threat” – prompting his eventual detention.

The MDP MP added that Nasheed then claimed that the Home Ministry had communicated with the Defence Ministry on the situation, which in turn led to the decision to arrest the judge after bodies like the Judicial Service Commission has raised alleged concerns over his ethical conduct.

“I was told Abdulla Mohamed would not comply with the police’s summons to investigate allegations [against him],” Nasheed later stated at a press conference following the meeting with the HRCM.

“The Home Minister wrote to the Defense Minister that Abdulla Mohamed’s presence in the courts was a threat to national security. And to take necessary steps. And that step, the isolation of Abdulla Mohamed, was what the [Defense] Ministry deemed necessary.”

Nasheed claimed additionally that he had sent representatives to Girifushi to check on Judge Abdulla Mohamed’s well-being during his detention, alongside allowing the HRCM to visit the judge.

Fahmy alleged that it was ironic that Nasheed, a leader he said who had openly discouraged the use of torture and actively campaigned against human rights abuses, had become the country’s first former leader to have been called in front of the HRCM.

However, HRCM spokesperson Jeehan said that Nasheed would be called back for two additional cases – expected to be sat at the same time – that would look into alleged abuses of human rights against the former president. The first case would be focused on the events of February 6 and February 7 this year, the two dates surrounding Nasheed’s “resignation” from office, a decision later claimed to have been part of a “coup d’etat” against him.

The third and final case would then concern any claims of human rights abuses against Mohamed Nasheed by police on February 8, the day after he tendered his presidency ended.


35 thoughts on “Nasheed first president summoned before Maldives Human Rights Commission”

  1. Global human rights codes requires freedom of conscience (or freedom of religion). That is totally incompatible with Maldives society and state. Despite championing democracy in Maldives, those liberals who have stressed too much on human rights have diverted the attention from the real cause: democracy and freedom.

  2. Hellow human rights 🙂
    Looking for some one??...... Its me who ordered the arrest of the mad man Abdulla Ghazee....... Catch me if you can..... Ta da 🙂

  3. Incredible! Naheed was tackling the corruption of the old rotten judicial system that hides and protects the mafia and old regime. He did not act outside the constitution as this judge is proven tobe incompetent, bias and not fit to practice under the new rules.

    This is abuse that we have to live with now under the new spitful regime and Gayoom's team.

  4. "Nasheed first president summoned before Maldives Human Rights Commission".

    A very apt heading no doubt. Isn't it such a contradiction that it the Champion of our human rights who was summoned to answer for the arrest of a judge appointed by the previous Dictator Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

    Dictatorship is a sick contradiction itself!

  5. Insha-allah Nasheed will be found guilty and this terrorist will be lokced away forever before he can bring more damage to the country. Arrest all MDP scum including Minivann writers. I hate them very much.

  6. I admire Nasheed's courage and confidence! All members of HRCM did not even have the guts to face him! Perhaps a sign of guilt!

    HRMC investigation against a President removed by coup d'e'tat does not give them much credibility when the rights of voters has clearly been violated but ignored.

    If President Nasheed was suspected to have violated the Constitution, in isolating Abdulla Mohamed, then the matter should have been submitted to Majlis as stated in the Constitution!

  7. Why didn't the HRCM summon Judge Abdulla when he deliberately allowed a convicted murderer loose free in the name of making a minster responsible. Why wasn't he questioned for the release of drug lords and infringing court standards. All this had negatively affected the human rights of the whole society. I never knew HRCM working for individual rights, especially the rights of a corrupt judge. If individual rights prevail the rights of all citizens, HRCM members should resign and stay at home instead of hogging our money

  8. 30 Years of "JUSTICE" "FREEDOM" and "PEACE"....? Now the present Regime is trying to bring it all Back...!!!! If Nasheed was clever like Judge Abdulla would not have been arrested... Liquor and Drugs would have been found in his car and house...and what not.... Fair is Fowl and Fowl is Fair..!!!

  9. I do not belive in human rights, as these go against the teachings of the Ayatullah Khomeini, may his name ever be praised, but this is an admirable goal!

    Nasheeds devious and relentless attacks on the true religion of Islam, the divine force of which has for 800 years preserved the bonds of love and unity and the prosperous condition of our citizens, and his deplorable bullying of those upstanding men such as Ablho Ghaazee, who was ever vigilant in upholding the tenets of our dheen, the dignity of our citizens, and the modesty of our women, cannot go unpunished.

    I urge all Maldivians to desist from violence, and to pledge allegiance to President Waheed, may Allah be pleased with him, as he has become a man of great stature amongst the Muslims, for he has revealed himseld to be lofty in knowledge and pious in charachter.

    I wish him success in his efforts in repelling injustice and quelling the insolent attacks of those wicked men and women, who clothe themselves in yellow and know no religion; may the wrath of Allah striketh at them and put terror into their wicked hearts! Amen! Alham-du-lillaah!

  10. Can someone please translate to me what the title of this article says?

  11. Next, we will hear Nasheed is summoned to the International Criminal Court.

  12. How can these people not see that few years from now they will definitely look like some idiots. How long can this masquerade hold? Such short term views...

  13. Nasheed is a sick man, a liar and memory loss. Champion of global democracy..huh..trully he is a champion of hipocracy.

    Nasheed is suffering from Antisocial personality disorder

    Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others. This behavior is often criminal.

    A person with antisocial personality disorder may:

    Be able to act witty and charming

    Be good at flattery and manipulating other people’s emotions

    Break the law repeatedly

    Disregard the safety of self and others

    Have problems with substance abuse

    Lie, steal, and fight often

    Not show guilt or remorse

    Often be angry or arrogant

  14. A good example set by president Nasheed!! If it was dictator Maumoon who was summoned before any law enforcing agencies he wouldnt cooperate and will try evrything possible not to show himself there......

  15. The Judiciary, the Media Council, The Armed Forces, now it's the HRC and Elections Commission's turn to make a mockery of themselves.

    Soon we will be a failed state, the indoctrination of the proles complete. The lackeys ever so obsequious and grateful to the masters. "Terrorists" and other dissenters beaten to submission.

  16. @markaz on Thu, 22nd Mar 2012 6:12 AM


  17. @radhun, you description of Antisocial personality disorder suits Yamin(the mafia man) very much and best i could say hehehe

  18. Truth cannot be scuttled in a small country like Maldives and theories and advice being applied here to fool people have been backfiring to my knowledge ever since I have come of age. Any Presidential Election could be the worst nightmare for the betrayers in the government.

    Democratic values can be digested by those whose minds are free from prejudice and liberated from subservience to their greedy masters.

  19. Anni is the worst dictators we have seen in this century and he is corrupt like hell and he has sold all our assets for benefit of himself .

    Country is deep shit and worse than dictator Maumoon.

  20. @markaz

    why do you call members of the MDP scum?

    And why do you hate them?

    What did they do to you or to the counry that you would hate them so much?

  21. I call them scum becuase they are terrorists who waste valuable Male' income building gigantic hospitals in Addu. Because they attack policeman and property and when they are attack back, they complain about "police brutality."
    May of them are also not religious and want to sell alcohol and soft drugs on the street. I am tired of their noisiness and their insulting of Islam. I have seen many of their girls who dress like westerners and not like Muslims. that is not how I want my children to grow up to be.

    I think it should be a crime to belong to MDP and anyone who joins it should be put in jail forever because I hate them very much.

  22. President Nasheed has done many "first" things if anyone wants to list them.

    He is a courageous president and I am sure it will pay off.

    He could have made mistakes and blundered. He also could have taken wrong decisions which calls for question as to how and why he took them.

    But on the over all, he is a good president.

  23. @GOOGLE I agree part of the description suits Yameen but every single point fits Nasheed very well..:)Infact he was examined by a psychic therapist on his own request during a short visit to Singapore and is under medication. Ask Kotte Saeed if you dont believe me.

  24. @markaz

    Are you for real..for a moment i thought you were explaining the 30 year autocaratic rule..'attack people, police brutality, drugs, alcohol, intoelrance to freedom of any kind.."

    Were you able to express this unfounded 'hatred' in a news paper online or otherwise earlier..where you were allowed to criticise ..did Nasheed throw you to jail everytime something against him is being said you written.. NO HE DID NOT.

    So do thank Nasheed - for opening the doors to express your thoughts - so like a true believing muslim you must atleast show him appreciation and respect & be non judgmental as our beloved Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) said: ‘Do you love your creator? Love your fellow-beings first"

  25. @mode

    maldives was 'in shit" (as you so eloquently put) when Nasheed came to power after a 30 year dictatorship...

    So is the current government already making ways to rectify it - they were so critical of GMR saying they will be kicked out if they were in power, their will be no taxation system etc etc have they asked GMR to withdraw? is taxation put on halt.,. NO THEY HAVE NOT.
    I guess it your turn to question your government why they have not done things they said they will do when in power!!
    We know for sure they won't kick GMR & Taxation also will go on as MDP govt. under Nashid proposed...these were good policies everyone knew it..but there were some people who were unable to digest the prosperity & infrastructure developments that were to come..! Change is difficult, but its something everybody has to adopt..!
    My advise read the book " WHO MOVED MY CHEESE"...!

  26. @ Radhun : guess you are welcome to rumour monger and to keep up your amateur psycho/psychiatry,tiresome though it is to most eyes by now (expand your sources). I agree totally with @ Google's observation that if we are going to get personal, your usual bullet points ref Anti Social Personality Disorder match the particular traits of Mr Yaameen Gayoom (and probably his band of merry men).He displays the type of psychotic behaviour that we Maldivians have to be wary of: a scant regard for human life. If it helps, those points you mentioned apply in part to just about every human being - we are all the same, just more or less of everything. No one is perfect , not me and certainly not you.

    Also, you have just given the game away with your own words:if what you say is even remotely true, then someone who chooses to see a therapist is actually quite aware.Insanity is not knowing or questioning your own state of mind (surely as an psychologist/psychiatrist you would know that).Your rumour may be linked to the barrage of rumours this current regime has been trying to spread regarding Anni's mental state (probably as a prelude to passing off whatever they were going to do to him, as suicide)How low will they go? Answer: pretty low.Nothing they do will surprise/fool anyone anymore.

    In any case all this is beside the point ,so enough of your diversion.

    The people of the Maldives are simply asking for their right to vote: what they truly object to is a hijacking of a lawfully elected government by a group of self interested thugs. We are a small country and we know who's who. Just as you like to gossip, we like to research and experience the facts.Which attitude do you think is wiser and less ASBD.I know my answer and frankly I don't want yours.

    As for that dodgy Judge: who appointed him? Did he ever do his job well? Enough said.

  27. What about the inquiry into police brutality on February 8th - and since? What a crazy situation where the guilty swiftly condemn the innocent. Where voices are strangled and silenced. Yet there are so many that its taking time. Topsy turvy mafiosi world. What are they doing to our beautiful country?

  28. Mikalo-O, I think u have come out with the best conclusion among a number of great people who vouched for a better life for the common person as opposed to "amila edhunverikan".

  29. he has no morals at all. Now he has put his Defence Minister in the hot seat.

    Does anyone with a sane mind believe that Afeef and Tholhat would arrest Abdulla Gazee without the authority of the President is living on cuckoo land or has smoked something and is on a trip.

  30. What a coward this dictator Anni is? Now he is trying to shift all the blame to MNDF and his buddy Tholhath. He had said in so many occasions that being the Commander in Chief he would not release the judge and also he wont be able to come within 100 metres of the courts. Now that the tables had been turned he is blaming all the other Ministries except him. Typical Anni scared as hell. There is so many first's, First President to hold an underwater Cabinet Meeting & the First to instruct all his Cabinet Ministers to resign for no reason at all and First to reinstate those same Ministers hehehehe. Typical Antisocial personality disorder heheheh

  31. Radhun I fully agree with you.
    Nasheed should be tested by the psycho/psychiatry department too. He never was fit(mentally) enough to rule the country.

  32. What in the world are MDP going to agree. How can they believe to govern the country without accepting the Judicial Commission, Supreme court, Human Rights, Civil Service, Election Commission, Transparent Maldives, Parliament, Prosecutor General and most of all the Police/Army.

    This is becoming to realize as a cult of Mohamed Nasheed. I joined MDP at the early stages and Im becoming to understand that Mohamed Nasheed is creating a beautiful dictatorship. Why cant MDP take chances when they have rather than rushing things off.

    Why did he not use the parliament to resolve the chief Justice issue. He didn't even tried for once. Since there were some options for him to try Abdulla Mohamed's case rather than committing a crime against legal statute or arbitrary arrest, Though I believe the chief Justice should be tried however when there was options left. What a disgrace.

    I will remain to be a MDP member but a change within the MDP is calling in some members heart. Before it burst or divide into a faction it is better to call on for a democratic MDP.

  33. Dear Minivannews,

    Jeehaan Mahmood is NOT the spokesperson of HRCM. She is one of the five members of the Commission. Please Correct this mistake.

    Doctaru Alysha PHD

  34. Mohamed Nasheed can only speak from through action. Nevertheless democracy never meant to be through violence. Thats the different between Me. Mohamed Nasheed and peace.


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