Reeko Moosa summoned by police for “disrespecting judiciary”

Chairman of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik has been summoned to appear before the police at 4:00pm Tuesday, in relation to two cases regarding “disrespect of the judiciary”.

Moosa, who was issued with an official note requesting his presence at 1:30pm Monday afternoon, told local media that he was unaware of any cases involving him.

“This is a tactic to intimidate me and the MDP members. I also believe that this an attempt by some of the parties in the coalition government to impede the current Leaders’ Dialogue,” Moosa told Haveeru.

Moosa was not responding to calls at the time of press.

The summons comes the day after Moosa participated in the first round of party talks following the publication of the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) report, which ruled February’s transfer of power to have been constitutional.

At yesterday’s ‘Leaders Dialogue’, Moosa requested clarification of the MDP’s position in the apparently-legitimised government.

Police Spokesman, Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef, told Minivan News today that the cases were lodged on March 21 and April 24 this year.

Haneef said that the cases of disrespecting the judiciary related to comments Moosa had made during political rallies.

Reform of the judiciary was one of the primary concerns of the previous MDP government, eventually culminating in the military’s arrest of Chief Justice Abdulla Mohamed in January this year.

This incident lent greater fervour to anti-government demonstrations which peaked on the night of February 6, prompting then-President Mohamed Nasheed’s resignation the next day amid a police and military mutiny.

Home Minister at the time, Hassan Afeef, accused Judge Abdulla of, amongst other things, ordering unlawful investigations, disregarding the rulings of higher courts and releasing dangerous suspects who went on to commit further crimes.

The Judge in court quashed his own summons by police, leading Nasheed’s administration to turn to the military to make the arrest. The CNI report described that arrest of Judge Abdulla as “an unconstitutional and unlawful act.”

Nasheed, former Defence Minister Tholath Ibrahim Kaleyfaan, and three Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officers are currently awaiting trial in relation to Judge Abdulla’s arrest.

After the release of the CNI report, Nasheed requested that this trial be expedited and has been reported as being keen to have his day in court.

The CNI also found that acts of brutality had been committed by the police on February 6, 7 and 8 and urged that these instances be investigated.

Moosa himself was left in a critical condition after being brutally beaten by police officers on February 8.

Despite the findings of the report that the police mutiny of February 6 did not amount to a coup, the past week has seen continued discussion of the politicisation of the police force.

“Every citizen would want to shape the Maldives Police Service in a way to make it free from political influence,” Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali reportedly said on Saturday.


9 thoughts on “Reeko Moosa summoned by police for “disrespecting judiciary””

  1. For crying out loud! The poor guy was smashed to a pulp and hospitalized by the enemies of MDP already! Whats the matter with you vengeful savages! Is that not justice enough, hospitalizing the chap! This is sick!

    This is WAY beyond the law of equity required by Shariah, this is tyranny!

  2. Keep it too simple : these are characterises of a backward society. Kept backward by an educational system which rather teaches fairy tales instead of science, which rather techies obeying and respecting who is "higher" instead of thinking and judging yourself. Kept backward by capitalists who have only advantages of strictly obeying people who don't have any rights as employees but keeping mouth shut. Kept backward by malevolent sheikhs who - like christian pastors - tell the people that the way to heaven only can lead through their exclusive relationship with God her / himself. Kept backward by a handful educated who - like the Brahmins in India - have only profits of kicking downwards.
    The young people of 21st century, Internet generation, with broader look, have to stand up - and, if not otherwise possible, have to fight and to get rid of such sick mentality, people and their institutions . Ground zero with it !

  3. Who would respect the Judiciary? CONI report is clear on the low status of all these institutions in Maldives. Effective reforms are needed fast for the Police, Judiciary and government institutions as stated in the CONI report to get the respect of the people and to prosper in the path of democracy. The problem is the current government or perhaps any government will be too weak, as evident from the recent public statement from the Government that action will not be taken on the perpetrators from these institutions.

  4. Amazing how the Judiciary which is supposed to protect the people and provide them justice is at the root of all evils in the country. And amazing how the Police which has an equally important role to play in law enforcement and justice, is focused on a witch hunt of everyone against the corrupt judicial system. If the judiciary was doing it's job right, it would not need the police to terrorize people into respecting the institution, it would happen automatically. One day, sooner or later, true and real justice will prevail in this country, Insha Allah, and the police no matter how much they hunt down people, cannot even imagine the power of faith, belief and prayers of so many people of this country, for justice against all this tyranny we are seeing.

  5. I think the proper term as understood in many other countries across the world is "contempt of court".

    Please Minivan get a life. This is way beyond low.

  6. Reeko Moosa is a prime candidate for an evaluation done by your's truly, who has a PHD in Psychology.

    See, the thing is that Reeko Moosa's past as an a film Actor and being embroiled in the intense stage that is Maldivian politics has altered his reality.

    He is now convinced that he and the MDP are freedom fighters against the ruthless Overlords, of anyone who is not associated with MDP. His loony antics in the Majlis or whenever he opens his mouuth confirms this.

    The beating he received at the hands of the Star Force, while vicious, I believe he feigned his injuries and that infamous picture of him was the product of fine make-up and acting as per his background.

    On another note, the beating was completely unnecessary because it is too apparent that he was dropped on his head as a baby. Which would make sense because he's always considered himself to be ''special''.

  7. “This is a tactic to intimidate me and the MDP members. I also believe that this an attempt by some of the parties in the coalition government to impede the current Leaders’ Dialogue,” Moosa toldHaveeru. The above statement is the most usual statement you would see from all these political leaders.

    When Moosa was found to pay millions of dollars against a financial loan he browed from an international finance institution, Caterpillar Finance, Moosa said the Judgment was issued against MDP and Judges are jealous of the progress and support MDP gaining on those days. And many MPs of MDP supported his argument. They all said the judgment was politically motivated, and Moosa decided not to appeal the case to any appellate court.

    The same reeko moosa making the same comments today but MDP members and so-called pro-democratic activists are applauding his statements.

    “Home Minister at the time, Hassan Afeef, accused Judge Abdulla of, amongst other things, ordering unlawful investigations, disregarding the rulings of higher courts and releasing dangerous suspects who went on to commit further crimes.”

    Upon “arresting” the judge, MDP government had no investigation to the alleged crimes. They all were making false allegations. If there was a case, they should commence an investigation.
    MDP home minister was unable to understand the term “Forensic Evidence”. He always says Judges do not admit forensic evidence. He was wrong, where many cases would have concluded on Finger Prints, Urine tests, and many. That was the level of the said Home minister. Sorry to say this. But no one can change the reality.

    See the details of information published on this news. Are they relevant?

  8. Purge the judiciary. Put the minor offenders to the firing squad, the major offenders in work camps.


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